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Why Organizations Don’t Learn

Jay Cross

Where organic, bottom-up meets corporate top-down. Enlightened corporations trust their people to pull in the resources they need. India.

Learning Strategy Issues

Clark Quinn

The interesting thing here was the audience picking up on the need to go beyond courses and start looking at resources. The audience was clearly thinking ‘beyond the course’ They were focusing on supporting performers in learning, and resources, and leveraging the community, all activities consonant with the revolution.

Strategy Made Simple - The 3 Core Strategy Questions

John Hagel

We’re tempted to abandon long-term strategy and fall back on rapid adaptation as the only winning game – sense and respond quickly enough to events as they occur and everything will be OK.  But adaptation as a strategy is fraught with risk. What is it that makes narratives so successful to strategy? So, what’s the option?

The Big Shift in Business Strategy

John Hagel

Business strategy has evolved dramatically over the past four decades in response to the Big Shift that is re-shaping our global business landscape. Business strategy emerged in full force in the 1970’s and 1980’s with a strong focus on structural advantage. Strategy was reduced to execution, hustle and adaptation. 

Creating More Intelligent Organizations

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

organize these collaborations and enhance them with innovative IT-based. If so, is it possible to create more intelligent organizations?

Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy

John Hagel

The implications for strategy are profound, but few have explored this terrain. Strategies of position are back Strategy was once all about position – all that mattered was where you were located and whether there were barriers to entry. As structural advantages eroded, this view of strategy fell out of vogue.

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. So, what I thought I would do is go back and see what resources I could find some good resources that would help me and could be used by instructors be better prepared to teach online. No problem, right?

Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A: we''ve done it for institutions - it''s really a roll-out resource Q: are you using robots with existing science equipment? lessons scripted around 1:1 laptop); IT issues - we were a Windows network, with everything on our own domain - we needed to open eg printing etc O - consumer technology far more accessible in 2012 esp. CERN ?

Resources for Measuring What Matters

Beth Kanter

Last week, I came across this excellent deck and blog post from the Knight Foundation’s VP of Strategy and Assessment, Mayur H. Patel.

Starting Strategy

Clark Quinn

However, it occurred to me that this might change depending on the nature of the organization. social strategy So, what am I missing?

A Few Really Useful and FREE Social Media Tips Sheets and Resources

Beth Kanter

The Top Nonprofit Posting Guide: Back in 2012, I discovered Craig Van Korlaar’s Top Nonprofits Social Media Guide. You can sign up here.

Tips 49

Reflections on the Nature of Human Organizations

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For most of history, the vast majority of people lived in farms and villages, and worked in relatively small organizations. . We learned that in many cases, our human organizations are more efficient the larger they are. The larger the city, the fewer physical resources are required to support their populations. billion to 9.3

New ideas: Building the organizations of tomorrow

Ross Dawson

Organisations are built for standardization, founded on physical assets, and driven by strategy formulation. Cellular organizations – as exemplified by the form of many terrorist groups – provide an alternative structure. Hierarchy is dysfunctional, and there are better ways to bring together resources to create value.

Education Technology Strategies - Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I was at Guelph - youth job strategy, a lot went to match students with first job, but there was some money set aside for innovation. showing C)2 levels in a classroom in the UK (finding 4K ppm - concentration is impacted!) innovators of today") Q: are we looking at ways to. my grade 12 students last year built five apps. From 68%.

3 reasons to change your learning content management strategy now


Without a single-source platform as a central resource, content rapidly multiplies in a haphazard manner. billion this year to $9.3

Does Your Nonprofit Have A Wellness Strategy for Staff?

Beth Kanter

He shared an amazing story about how people in the movement self-organized individual wellness plans for each other. What does it look like?

Social Media Strategy thoughts

Clark Quinn

What is a social media strategy for outreach? If an organization is on social media, and increasingly they should be, it needs to be interactive. This is accomplished in several ways: point to what the organization is doing. point to interesting things outside of the organization. And, again, it takes resources.

A Few Good Pinterest Tools, Tips, and Resources

Beth Kanter

How is your organization using pinterest strategically? Pinning Our Lives: Pinterest and Beyond View more presentations from Aliza Sherman.

HR Doesn’t Need a Seat at the Table, it is the Table

Dan Pontefract

HR is both table stakes and a stakeholder for an organization. HR should be the table of the organization. A table connects people.

Flexible Working Works

Dan Pontefract

I am a direct leader of 25 people strong and an indirect leader in an organization of 40,000 across many time-zones and countries. Do You?

Does Your Organization Have Social Media Guidelines for All Staff?

Beth Kanter

Tweet your questions and share your resources on Twitter using #npsmpeer hashtag. YQe91n #npsmpeer. Brian Fitzgerald (@brianfit) March 10, 2013.

The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail | Dawn.


I love this description because it encapsulates what should be the crux of any mobile learning strategy. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

Using Design Thinking for A Foundation’s Investment Strategy

Beth Kanter

What if a funder got real-time input from its grantees and other partners to develop its investment strategy? Why Use One? Thanks everyone!

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

Beth Kanter

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy – Guest Post by Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3. Not so.

Are You Content Creation Impaired? Here’s Some Tips and Resources

Beth Kanter

The post includes links to studies and other material that make the case for why content marketing is the heart and soul of your digital strategy.

Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

I wanted to collect a few resources around this topic for use in these discussions. trainingwreck , January 23, 2010 Social Learning Strategies Checklist - Social Enterprise Blog , January 11, 2010 Extending elearning? I’m involved in several discussions around how to use Wikis as part of learning solutions. How about math?

Wiki 22

7 Fantastic Free or Low Cost Sources To Get Images for Your Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

Images, visuals, videos, and infographics are being staples of nonprofit’s content strategy, especially for social channels.

Cost 54

The Great Transformation of the Organization Still Needs the How

Dan Pontefract

” The ‘we’ he referred to might have been leaders in today’s organizations. We haven’t reached a turning point.

Effective Web Conferences – 41 Resources

Tony Karrer

I wanted to follow-up 19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences with some additional resources that relate to this topic. The conference organizer has put signs in the middle of each table with a topic. When developing PowerPoint slides to use in web conference training follow these guidelines: Simplify content. It’s a guess why. Uh oh.

New Playbook Resource: How To Engage Alumni

Beth Kanter

A playbook is an online resource that is basically knowledge capture around a specific practice or type of program. Engagement

ROI 10

Announcing ImpactRising.Org: Organizational Capacity Building Resource for Nonprofits and Consultants

Beth Kanter

In that spirit, I’m excited to introduce as a resource to nonprofits and the consultants they work with. A model of generosity.

How and When Should Your Nonprofit Organization Invest in Mobile

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit organizations are under the gun to keep up with current technology. Social media. Analytics. Websites. Special thanks to Nancy E.

Good News for Giving 2.0: Your Organization’s Champions Are Your Most Valuable Resource

Beth Kanter

What does all this mean for your organization’s end of the year fundraising strategy? The book’s message is simple. vkTxmL.

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes

Beth Kanter

Note From Beth: Many of us don’t value taking the time for intentional learning within our organizations. Create a Staff Engagement Strategy.

Nonprofits and Content Strategy: The Wisdom of the Network

Beth Kanter

I asked Miriam if she would summarize what she learned about nonprofits and content strategy in a guest post and here it is. Copyblogger.

How To Create A Terrific Facebook Cover Image If You Don’t Have Resources To Hire A Designer

Beth Kanter

And, you need to think about the cover image design in the context of your overall content strategy. Source: Ash Shepherd. Debra Askanase.

You need the right lever to move an organization

Harold Jarche

Human performance is an emergent property of an organization, and is affected by multiple variables. Once the steering elements have been addressed, then look at the “Enabling Elements&# – Management (again), Design, Resources and Support. A key concept in the article is that you cannot engineer human performance.

Organizing Big Data Initiatives: Lessons from the Internet

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

With few exceptions, all companies expected that these initiative will become more important to their organizations over the next three years.

If You Do Nothing Else, Use An Editorial Calendar and Measurement for Your Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

Participants at FFL Training Doing Content Strategy Brainstorm. The LightBox Collaborative 2013 Editorial Calendar is here! Content

The Talent Development Pipeline: Putting People First in Social Change Organizations

Beth Kanter

Talent Development is all about guiding those rock star staff members who are able to contribute to the organization’s impact and success.

ROI 31