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implementing network learning

Harold Jarche

In the network era , developing the skills of a master artisan in every field of work will be critical for success. Experience. Ideas. Opinions.

networked unmanagement

Harold Jarche

Jarche’s Principles of Networked Unmanagement*. said that in my experience, nobody has really figured this out.

bring your own network

Harold Jarche

The day when a single person can work alone, without any help from others, is fast disappearing. About five years. Read more » PKMastery

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diverse networks, strong relationships

Harold Jarche

Being engaged with a diverse network of people who share their knowledge makes for more effective workers. ” – Tim Kastelle (2010).

network management update

Harold Jarche

You cannot manage a network. In a network society, we influence through reputation, based on our previous actions. Management

enabling enterprise social networks

Harold Jarche

Mark Britz says that, “your organization already has an enterprise social network (hint, it’s people not technology).

Network Era Skills

Harold Jarche

Business in the network era is connecting companies to their markets through knowledge workers having conversations in communities and social networks.

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Network Era Fluency

Harold Jarche

Today, it’s all about networks, something you were most likely not taught about in school. Big data is also networked data.

network era economic shift

Harold Jarche

“The public has concluded that our 20th century institutions are incapable of dealing with 21st century challenges.” Read more on TIMN.

learning in the network era

Harold Jarche

Here are some thoughts on personal and social learning in the network era. diverse networks, strong relationships. enough training.

principles of networked management

Harold Jarche

This is a good example of networked management, as opposed to scientific management (1911), which informed the past century of practice.

Networked Professional Development

Harold Jarche

But network thinking can fundamentally change our view of hierarchical relationships. For the first time, they saw it mapped as a network.

Management in Networks

Harold Jarche

In networks, cooperation is more important than collaboration. But the new reality is that networks are the new companies. forecasting.

Leadership for the Network Era

Harold Jarche

The network era began with the advent of electric communications, though it is by no means completely established. It is not networked.

Networked individuals trump organizations

Harold Jarche

knowledge network in balance is founded on openness which enables transparency. Stowe Boyd. – Ross Dawson.

cooperation for the network era

Harold Jarche

That’s why you see it in networks. Work in networks requires different skills than in directed hierarchies. cooperation means ’sharing’.

Social networks require ownership

Harold Jarche

So Gartner states that only 10% of social networking roll-outs succeed. Social media, and social networks,  change the way we communicate.

Principles of Networked Unmanagement

Harold Jarche

In networks, cooperation trumps collaboration. As we shift to a networked economy, our organizational frameworks have to change.

networks are the new companies

Harold Jarche

Economic value has been redistributed to creative workers, and then diffused through knowledge networks. ” -  Wikipedia.

it’s about the network

Harold Jarche

” – How Networks Are Revolutionizing Scientific (and Maybe Human) Thought – Scientific American. Changing thinking takes time.

the core competency for network era work

Harold Jarche

have learned that it takes time to build a knowledge-sharing network and develop a sense-making discipline. Why PKM?

network leadership = adapting to perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

similar approach can be developed for today’s networked organizations. Leadership is an emergent property of a network in balance.

Networked Knowing

Harold Jarche

One hundred years later and we are witnessing a similar shift, from the industrial economy to the network era and a creative economy.

principles and models for the network era

Harold Jarche

But the age of oil is ending, and markets are being replaced by networks as the dominant organizing model. The End of the Market Era.

Innovation is a network activity

Harold Jarche

Are your knowledge networks large and diverse enough to ensure that collective knowledge does not get lost? No networks, no learning.

The Untold Costs of Social Networking

Luis Suarez

We, human beings, have got an inner urge to wanting to belong to a group, a tribe, a team, a community, a network, you name it. On purpose.

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Loose Hierarchies, Strong Networks

Harold Jarche

While a certain amount of hierarchy may be necessary to get work done, networks naturally route around hierarchy. What would training look like?

Social networks drive Innovation

Harold Jarche

Does this graphic stand on its own, or is there more explanation required? complexity Wirearchy

networked unlearning

Harold Jarche

Today, we can easily connect to networks that offer diverse views. Peter Evans-Greenwood. How can we avoid becoming dogmatic?

Building the network era organization

Harold Jarche

Part of the shift that organizations will have to make in the network era will be not only to add new dimensions, but to retrieve some old ones.

a network perspective

Harold Jarche

It puts too much power in the hands of individuals and blocks human networks from realizing their potential. Image: adapting to perpetual beta.

In networks, cooperation trumps collaboration

Harold Jarche

In networks, cooperation trumps collaboration. That’s why you see it in networks. Collaboration is only part of working in networks.

Networks thrive in complexity

Harold Jarche

In complex environments, weak hierarchies and strong networks  are the best organizing principle. Networks thrive in nature.

Enterprise social network dimensions

Harold Jarche

Many organizations are using social media and social networks, but how do they know if they are using them appropriately or adequately?

It’s the network …

Harold Jarche

Tweet I presented on Managing in a Networked World at DevLearn 2011 today in Las Vegas. Nurturing Creativity is now a management responsibility.

Build trust, embrace networks, manage complexity

Harold Jarche

Hierarchies, simple branching networks, are obsolete. Networks. Networks are in a state of perpetual Beta. That time is over.

Subject matter networks

Harold Jarche

He or she cannot learn and adapt as fast as a cooperative network. One cannot be effective in professional networks without contributing.

A world of pervasive networks

Harold Jarche

In pervasive networks, individual responsibility for constant sense-making becomes critical, so that we control the screens and not vice versa.

Organising Modern Learning & Networking Events

Jane Hart

Week 3: Networking Events. Next public social online workshop runs: 1 – 26 August 2016. Week 4: Unconferences and Open Space meetings.

Knowledge is the network

David Weinberger

Second, the network has evolved a culture in which there’s nothing wrong with not knowing. Now knowledge is the network. &nbsp.