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Barriers to Knowledge Work

Harold Jarche

Sharing is necessary in almost all work contexts today and it is through sharing that we can inspire and be inspired. project plans].

What matters in knowledge work

Harold Jarche

This Venn diagram by Oscar Berg says a lot about the nature of work and management today. ConnectedEnterprise Work

Facilitating Knowledge Work #wolweek

Clark Quinn

In the course of some work with a social business agency, was wondering how to represent the notion of facilitating continual innovation.

Personal Learning Knowledge Work Environment

Tony Karrer

world that included a post by Bill Ives - Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? adoption is getting folks to manage their personal knowledge and adopt practices like blogging for personal knowledge management (PKM) and personal learning. In it, he points out that a stepping stone to Enterprise 2.0

PWLE Not PLE - Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning

Tony Karrer

But, too much structure is not going to work. I mentioned quite a while ago (in Personal Work and Learning Environments (PWLE) - More Discussion and Personal Work and Learning Environments ) that: Knowledge work is not separate from learning. But that's the exception. Do we gain something by separating them?

There Is No Such Thing As Unskilled Labor

Steve Denning

For leadership to become agile, so must the entire workforce – not just the knowledge workers.”. In effect, all work becomes knowledge work.

Changes in Knowledge Work and Implications for Workplace Learning – The Keynote That Wasn't

Tony Karrer

The conference has a diverse attendee list and I was very much looking forward to my keynote presentation: Changes in Knowledge Work and Implications for Workplace Learning. I was supposed to be in Vancouver right now for the eLearn Conference. So, I won't be able to go and make my keynote presentation. So what do I do with the tweets?

Activate your knowledge

Harold Jarche

Most of all, PKM is a framework to actually do knowledge work. Passion at Work, page 11]. PKM is completely contextual.

Skills for Learning Professionals…Part 2 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

What’s the 5 minute and 60 minute learning piece that all knowledge workers should have to go through so they will be better at this?

Why PKM?

Harold Jarche

Here is a short video introduction on why personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ) is becoming a required skill and mindset for professionals today.

PKM 147

Work Out Loud Week

Harold Jarche

Sharing complex knowledge requires trust, but developing trusted knowledge networks does not happen over night. but it has to be shared.

the bridge from education to experience

Harold Jarche

Given the dominance of knowledge work in the modern workplace, the cognitive apprenticeship model may provide some insight. Coaching.

Why do I need KM?

Harold Jarche

Collaborative knowledge work must be coupled with cooperative knowledge sharing. A course is not the answer.

cooperation makes us human

Harold Jarche

Automation of procedural work is accelerating. We should not try to work more like machines in order to compete with them. As Steven B.

strategic transformation of workplace learning

Harold Jarche

Strategic transformation is more than changing what you work on. Working Out Loud as part of group knowledge sharing in work teams.

leadership is learning

Harold Jarche

If work is learning and learning is the work, then leadership at work should be all about promoting learning.

the future of human work

Harold Jarche

Just as few people do work that requires pure physical labour today, soon few of us will do routine, procedural, standardized knowledge work.

PKM 117

You are not the only bee in the hive

Harold Jarche

The more colleagues we can depend upon, the better we can get work done. SocialBusiness SocialLearning WorkThe time to start is now. “We

beyond the reach of automation

Harold Jarche

Here are some thoughts on how the increasing automation of knowledge work can be addressed by a new approach to organizational leadership.

Informal learning is a business imperative

Harold Jarche

These characteristics of jobs and work environments call for different approaches to training and development.” [see It is moving to the edge.

networks are the new companies

Harold Jarche

Economic value has been redistributed to creative workers, and then diffused through knowledge networks. Innovation SocialBusiness Work

Social learning is for human work

Harold Jarche

This past week I came across the theme of the changing nature of work several times. This includes knowledge work. Ross Dawson.

digital transformation skills

Harold Jarche

Oscar Berg has further developed his digital collaboration canvas that describes nine capabilities required for collaborative knowledge work.

Skills 112

Wirearchies are smarter than the sum of their parts

Harold Jarche

Work in the network era needs to be cooperative and collaborative, and organizations have to support both. – Jon Husband. Wirearchy

Management in Networks

Harold Jarche

Collaboration is working together toward a common objective. Knowledge networks differ from company hierarchies. forecasting. planning.

Fix the workplace

Harold Jarche

Tweet Higher value, paid work is increasingly complex and requires greater creativity. This is how the world works today.

It’s about value creation

Harold Jarche

Not only do these activities take time, they are highly social, as success often depends on who we work with. Innovation Work

The connected leader

Harold Jarche

They made an effort to share their knowledge and expertise more widely. . Cooperation makes for more resilient knowledge networks.

PKM 154

The right information is not enough

Harold Jarche

It has happened before with knowledge management and learning management systems. Each person is the indivisible unit of knowledge work.

Search 107

Jobs? We ain’t got no jobs

Harold Jarche

Tweet If contract work seems like the only option, then start networking with co-workers and competitors. Is anything like this happening?

Talent vs Labour

Harold Jarche

Through the 1970s, owners moved jobs to Sun Belt right-to-work states. They automated, outsourced and worked to diminish the power of unions.

Engaging Knowledge Artisans

Harold Jarche

But what about our structures that organize how people work together? Overarching knowledge work principles have to be first established.

Learning is the work

Harold Jarche

Work is learning and learning is the work. Because the nature of work is changing. Share to inspire through your work.

mastery and models

Harold Jarche

Personal Knowledge Mastery. Personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ) is a framework I have developed over the past 12 years. Mental Models.

PKM 56

Make it relevant

Harold Jarche

John Stepper describes his recent experiences in discussing working out loud in Berlin. The primary focus is on work. Start small.

Moving forward with Social Collaboration

Harold Jarche

This is a network of progressive and passionate professionals, who really want to bring about substantive change in how work gets done.

Will offices still exist in the future?

Ross Dawson

In my keynote I talk about the driving forces of change in work and organizations, the changing nature of the workspace, and the leadership required to create the next phase of work. Until recently there were two major workspaces for knowledge work: offices and field work. I’ll write more on that another day.

Freelancing means freedom

Harold Jarche

Trickle down economics doesn’t work. One of the few options for individual workers is to establish a new work contract.

To learn, we must do

Harold Jarche

Instead serendipity has surprised me with energy, thoughts, knowledge, ideas, concepts, realizations, experiences, and relationships. Tweet.

Connecting Companies and Markets

Harold Jarche

The duty of being transparent in our work and sharing our knowledge rests with all workers, including management. hierarchy-to-the-rear.