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Is Facebook a Narcissistic Walled Garden?

Dan Pontefract

I left Facebook. ” No, I simply stopped using Facebook and I didn’t make a big deal about it. Oh, and I lied. ” (2013).

Facebook Launches Donate Now Button for Nonprofits: Field of Dreams?

Beth Kanter

But, is the feature a field of dreams for nonprofits? This webinar will help you develop a strategic approach to leveraging this new feature.

The fabulous case study of Queensland Police on Facebook

Ross Dawson

We have just heard about how Queensland Police used Facebook and Twitter for disaster communication during the extensive flooding in January. In the first 6 months of establishing their Facebook page they gained 8,000 likes, just by sharing interesting information online. Statistics for Queensland Police Facebook page. advocate.

Two Opportunities for Nonprofits to Power their #GivingTuesday Campaigns — Facebook Ad Credits & #MyGivingStory

Beth Kanter

For years, I’ve been a vocal critic of Facebook’s policy not to provide advertising grants to nonprofits. Fundraising

How Facebook Changes Are Impacting Engagement on Brand Pages and What Nonprofits Should Do About It

Beth Kanter

Commenting on the posts in other aligned partner’s Facebook pages. Building Your Subscribers for Your Facebook Individual Profile.

The many and varied risk factors in Facebook’s IPO

Ross Dawson

To save you reading it all, here is a highly selective summary of just a few of the interesting risk factors Facebook points to in its IPO filing : If we fail to retain existing users or add new users, or if our users decrease their level of engagement with Facebook, our revenue, financial results, and business may be significantly harmed.

Forget Coffee Spoons: I Can Now Measure Out My Life With Facebook Status Updates

Beth Kanter

It is a major re-imaginging of user profiles that allows users to build a digital life book of everything they’ve done on Facebook. Do I dare.

Message It: How to Make the Most of Your New Facebook Page

Beth Kanter

Ash Shepherd wrote a guest post earlier this week that offered fabulous templates and steps for developing the graphic images for your Facebook Page.

Facebook Changes for Organization Pages: Focus On Results

Beth Kanter

So are people like me who do coaching and training on how to use Facebook effectively. It makes no sense to freak out.

A Dog Named Red Helps Best Friends Animal Society Get Results on Facebook

Beth Kanter

For several years now, nonprofits have been investing time, energy and money building Facebook pages and working to engage supporters on Facebook.

An Interview With Facebook’s Libby Leffler: Facebook and Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity have lunch with Libby Leffler who works on strategic partnerships at Facebook with nonprofits.

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How To Use Negative Feedback on Facebook To Improve Your Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

Facebook recently made a change to the EdgeRank Algorithm that increased the importance of Negative Feedback. Flickr Photo by Damian Devilla.

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Making Facebook Groups Rock for Nonprofits – Guest Post by Miriam Brosseau

Beth Kanter

That’s where I connected with Miriam Brosseau who recently shared this awesome post on Facebook profile. Photo by Laughing Squid.

Applying Avinash Kaushik’s Best Social Metrics Framework for the New Facebook Insights Data

Beth Kanter

The panel featured some previews from a recent research study “ How Strong Is Your Social Net? The panel also featured, Mary Beth [.]

To Promote or Not to Promote? (…and Is That The Question?):GlobalGiving’s Experiment With Facebook Promoted Posts

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Almost weekly, there is yet another tool, feature, or tactic that you can you try using as part of your social media tool box.

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Notes from Mari Smith Facebook Changes Webinar: Privacy Settings and A New Metric – People Talking About

Beth Kanter

Facebook Changes: A Complete Guide – by Mari Smith. Also, a few insights about the what the changes mean for Facebook pages.

Facebook Platform

Tony Karrer

Stephen Downes picked up my post on Facebook As a Learning Platform. He commented: To be clear, I do not think that Facebook itself is really a learning environment. But it is still important, because it reveals many of the features future learning environments (and personal environments in general) will need to have.

Doonesbury Slaps Donald Trump With The No Asshole Rule - Bob.

Bob Sutton

This is especially true when it comes to selfish behavior; unvarnished self-interest is a learned social norm, not an unwavering feature of human behavior. How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy| Featured HBR Article.   To my amazement, it features The No Asshole Rule , or as they call it "The No A - Rule." 

How Experimentation and Measurement Can Help Win A Little Bet with Facebook Promoted Posts

Beth Kanter

Understanding the Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes and What It Means for Nonprofits. Source: Tweet4Ok Blog. Do a content audit.

Detailed stats: Social networks dominate Internet usage, Australia still #1

Ross Dawson

Facebook completely dominates the social networking and blogging space, with over 70 times the next most prominent social networking site.

Book Giveaway: Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Beth Kanter

I ran into John Haydon who helped me with my new Facebook brand page. He presented me with a copy of new book, Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

Will your privacy completely vanish? It depends how we use facial recognition

Ross Dawson

” Now Google+’s photo app has just launched a feature called Find My Face. View more presentations from rossdawson.

Google+ and the Unsettled World of Social Media

Andy McAfee

What have your experiences with Facebook, Twitter, G+, and other tools taught you to want next? Visual Guide to Circles in Google+ by @ross.

LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless?

Dan Pontefract

I don’t think the skills feature in LinkedIn is critical for success in your career. LinkedIn Skills. Useful or useless?

Social tools or tools that are social?

Harold Jarche

The logic of business simply dictates it. – Dmitry Valyanov (Venture Beat). Is there a need for a wide variety of enterprise social tools?

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Jay Cross

Make it easy for me to connect with friends, like Facebook. Enable users to rate content, like “Favoriting” an item on Facebook or +!ing

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Tips and Cheat Sheets To Help Your Nonprofit Plan and Implement FB Brand Page Changes

Beth Kanter

Facebook made it official today on the Today Show no less. Facebook made it official today on the Today Show no less. Take the Tour.

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The Internet is an energy management system

Euen Semple

"My friends, family and acquaintances are all on Facebook, where they add up to a bustling community I enjoy being part of. More than any particular feature that Mark Zuckerberg and company have cooked up, it’s the people in my life that make Facebook, well, Facebook. As a social experience, it often feels perfunctory.".

Thoughts on Education in the 21st Century Organization

Kevin Wheeler

This slide show briefly highlights the changes that have occurred and some of the features of a learning system that begins to reflect the century we are living in. Send to Facebook. Old ways die hard. Corporate education is often the last to change. Brick and mortar still dominate. Current Affairs Future of Talent

The Rise of the Platform Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What do we mean by a platform ? Platforms have long played a key role in the IT industry. Their aggregate market value was over $4.3 trillion.

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We can all make TV. Now what?

Doc Searls

Now pause to dig Facebook’s 10-year plan to build The Matrix. How long before Facebook buys Meerkat and builds it into Occulus Rift ? Look where Meerkat and Periscope point. I mean, historically. They vector toward a future where anybody anywhere can send live video out to the glowing rectangles of the world. Next… 3D.

Do You Sociate? » Mini-Feed’s not in Wikipedia

Jerry Michalski

Apple’s content blocking is chemo for the cancer of adtech

Doc Searls

Here’s Apple’s tech-speak on the feature: Your app extension is responsible for supplying a JSON file to Safari. This puts them on the side of wheat, and Apple’s competitors — notably Google, Facebook and all of adtech — on the side of chaff. And Apple isn’t alone: New school publishers are avoiding adtech.

Why children (and adults) need to be on social media or get left behind

Ross Dawson

Yesterday the West Australian newspaper began a five-part series on children and social media, beginning with a feature article introducing the topic.

How To Easily Repurpose Your Content for Social Channels

Beth Kanter

Take the example from National Wildlife Federation to engage its audiences around the 2013 Green Inaugural Ball event on Facebook and Twitter.

Information: What am I missing?

George Siemens

Commenting features of most. sites, Diigo, central tools such as Disqus, Facebook Connect. Landing (Elgg), Twitter, Facebook. What can we do now with information that we could not do in the past? In this case, the “something new&# is the ways in which new tools allow us to mess around with information. What am I missing?

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RSS Changeover Day Experiences

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

If you want to sign on to Digg, you have to use a Twitter, Facebook or Google account. What next? This sort of works and sort of doesn''t.

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The Evolution of the Firm

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The elite of the elite are high-tech wizards—Google, Apple, Facebook and the rest—that have conjured up corporate empires from bits and bytes.”.

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What I Learned In London at the Future of Social Conference

Beth Kanter

The first half of the conference featured talks from three platforms that discussed future trends for social good. Kevin McSpadden, Facebook.

My 1800+ LinkedIn Network Graphically Mapped

Dan Pontefract

When it first came out I thought the LinkedIn Labs feature known as “ InMaps ” was really cool. It still is really cool.