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The Chinese Test Example

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I''m going to quote at some length from David Wiley''s Facebook page to set this up (so you don''t have to go get a Facebook account to read this), and then offer my comments below. That''s a really interesting use of the Chinese Room example (it is well known as such to philosophers). The person does not know Chinese. Never.

The Facebook Research

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Facebook experiments are actually very clever. Facebook has been tinkering with this content stream since day one. Facebook is an advertising company, and therefore the product it sells is the induction of beliefs in the users. But Facebook is not doing it in secret; it''s all over ther news. Intuiitively, it should.

Facebook’s shark-jump advertising moves

Doc Searls

I just looked up facebook advertising on Google News , and got these results: More  Facebook Ads  Are Coming, Your Friends Will Finally Hit Delete.

Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Examples and Getting Started or Rebooting A Strategic Approach. Instagram Overview. Best Practices and Tips for Nonprofits. Tool Box.

Nature Conservancy Instagram Contest and Other Examples

Beth Kanter

Last week,  I wrote a post about Nonprofits and Instagram , asking if it was valuable for nonprofit marketing. Snap, Tag, and Share. Caption Contest.

What Does Facebook’s New Timeline Apps Mean for Nonprofits?

Beth Kanter

” You can read more about how it works from the Facebook developer notes. with their Facebook friends. Fundraising Networks

Six Things Nonprofits Should Know About Facebook Ads

Beth Kanter

Note From Beth: Here’s some quick tips on using Facebook Ads. Ads appear on the right hand side of the Facebook newsfeed. 002 CPI.

The rise of social shopping in 2011: 7 examples of where it is going

Ross Dawson

DoTogether creates and hosts Facebook apps that allow people to shop together inside of Facebook. ShopSocially. Watch for it in 2011.

How To Use Facebook Metrics To Give Your Audience the Content They Want Most

Beth Kanter

Here’s some tips on providing powerful content for your Facebook channel that you can improve with measurement. 1. Virility.

Forget Coffee Spoons: I Can Now Measure Out My Life With Facebook Status Updates

Beth Kanter

Here’s  an example of what it will look like and  how it will work. Changed Environment:  Facebook Becomes The Internet. Do I dare.

Message It: How to Make the Most of Your New Facebook Page

Beth Kanter

Ash Shepherd wrote a guest post earlier this week that offered fabulous templates and steps for developing the graphic images for your Facebook Page.

Facebook provides more this-like-that instead of this-oh-that! (Or relevancy, interestingingness, and serendipity)

David Weinberger

Facebook has opted for relevancy. So, I understand how this new move makes for happier users and thus makes Facebook richer and safer.

Getting Insight from Facebook Insight Requires Sense Making Skills

Beth Kanter

[link]. Sense-making is an essential workplace skill along with several others. ”- Hal Varian, Google. What does that actually mean? ” 6.

Facebook Changes for Organization Pages: Focus On Results

Beth Kanter

” The Red Cross uses a ladder of engagement to move people beyond the likes on Facebook from awareness all the way to volunteering.

A Dog Named Red Helps Best Friends Animal Society Get Results on Facebook

Beth Kanter

For several years now, nonprofits have been investing time, energy and money building Facebook pages and working to engage supporters on Facebook.

An Interview With Facebook’s Libby Leffler: Facebook and Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

What are some of the big objectives of Facebook as you work with causes and nonprofits? How long have you worked at Facebook?

How To Create A Terrific Facebook Cover Image If You Don’t Have Resources To Hire A Designer

Beth Kanter

How To Create A Terrific Facebook Cover Image If  You Don’t Have Resources To Hire A Designer  by Guest Post Ash Shepherd. Debra Askanase.

Facebook Bullying: An Open Letter to Zuckerberg, Schrage & Goler

Dan Pontefract

But, alas, I’ve recently developed petulance for one of the world’s finest creations … Facebook. Bullying and Facebook. norms in a 2.0

When Is One Million Fans on Facebook Worth More Than A Million Bucks?

Beth Kanter

the Humane Society of United States reached 1 million fans on its Facebook Page. HSUS Director of Emerging Media Carie Lewis Celebrates.

Strategic Spontaneity: How the Humane Society Got 21,000 Shares of Campaign Message on Facebook In 48 Hours

Beth Kanter

Our Farm Animal Protection campaign posted the quote in the form of an image post on  their Facebook page (275k fans). What happened? fans).

Publication Day For Scaling Up Excellence -- and Facebook's 10th Anniversary!

Bob Sutton

Today is Facebook’s 10 th Anniversary.   Facebook is an especially instructive scaling case. There was one in Columbia. 

On taking personalized ads personally

Doc Searls

In the pile of comments under the post on Facebook I wrote about here yesterday, Christopher Brock writes a long and thoughtful response that pretty much represents the thinking of the adtech business today. Yes it is, because Facebook is in the business of delivering personalized ads. Or because you’re being targeted personally.

ROI 47

Facebook + WhatsApp means it’s time to double down on new investments

Doc Searls

Over on the ProjectVRM blog I make  a long-form case  for why  Facebook   buying   WhatsApp  for  $19 billion dollars in cash and stock  is a Good Thing. For example… Everything we buy and own can have a cloud of its own. Payments are headed to mobile, for real. Meet space and meat space are now one. Because they can. Both ways.

Using Facebook Groups for Deeper Engagement with Audience or Your Peers

Beth Kanter

Facebook had recently revamped its Groups, and it seemed like the perfect place to take the conversation for a spin. In fact, it was great.

Face Off for Facebook?

Martijn Linssen

Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Friday, 23 April 2010 Face Off for Facebook? Theres a lot of talk about Facebook.

Notes from Mari Smith Facebook Changes Webinar: Privacy Settings and A New Metric – People Talking About

Beth Kanter

Facebook Changes: A Complete Guide – by Mari Smith. Also, a few insights about the what the changes mean for Facebook pages.

Egypt: Cairo, tens of thousands of people protesting

Martijn Linssen

Traditional media are very quiet about it, not to say silent. Coffin. Who cares? Capgeminis comma-splice: results over people? Klout. Coffin.

Lobby for FaceBook, Yahoo, NewsCorp and Elsevier opposes the White House Open Access order, among others

David Weinberger

Peter Suber points out that FaceBook, Yahoo, Elsevier and Yahoo have joined the lobby that has issued a clarion call against open access that blurs the line between lies and gibberish. Peter blows the statements apart, leaving nothing but clean air and a whiff of ozone. But they have it all bollixed up.

[2b2k] That Facebook experiment

David Weinberger

I have an op-ed/column up at CNN about the Facebook experiment. Just as a quick example, I’m not convinced that the Facebook experiment was as egregious as the headlines would have us believe. But I made a conscious decision not to address that point in my column because I wanted to make a more general point. Just amazing.

Getting More Value from Your Social Media

Kevin Wheeler

Organizations are creating Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn groups and so on with little understanding of their goals for doing so.  Many organizations have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn page and perhaps other social media vehicles as well. Facebook Google Bookmarks blogmarks MySpace PDF StumbleUpon Twitter Yahoo!

ROI 36

Comparing Facebook influence to Twitter's: #FBRATE

Martijn Linssen

Because I think the Internet bubble was small compared to the Facebook bubble. Big time. Spread the word - let the games begin! Coffin. Klout.

New Facebook Brand Page for Beth’s Blog: With A Little Help from My Friends

Beth Kanter

Results”  that describes what people do on my Facebook page (I hope). So, what you do? You get a little help from your friends. Blogger.

Facebook Platform

Tony Karrer

Stephen Downes picked up my post on Facebook As a Learning Platform. He commented: To be clear, I do not think that Facebook itself is really a learning environment. All of that said, Facebook is surprising me in terms of how well it works as a platform. Great example, Luis. Linked in doesn't seem to suffer from that.

Online community ethics

Harold Jarche

Tweet Are you on Facebook? Here’s a question about using Facebook as an extension of work or classroom learning.

Facebook (for example) versus an LMS/LCMS: Need some technical help.

Mark Oehlert

really want to understand issues around scaling, etc. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller

Ascent from Social Media

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

As of today my Facebook page OLDaily has 638 'likes'. This item , for example, which as of today has reached 33 people. There are ways to increase the size of my audience on Facebook. I can advertise - specifically, I can 'sponsor' the post. Surprisingly, people are paying to boost their posts on Facebook.

only humans need apply – review

Harold Jarche

” A chilling example is how Facebook has automated computer maintenance. Step-in: using machines to augment work (deep thinking).

The Future of Work and Learning 2: Chatbots

Jane Hart

Examples of their use might therefore be to. virtual learning coach or assistant (see this example of a university teaching assistant ).

Learning is Connecting

Harold Jarche

Facebook: Social network. Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, was right, but not the way most people understood it at the time. Cisco: by @gapingvoid.

The Virtuous Cycle of Existing Theory and Big Data

Andy McAfee

just learned via Facebook and Business Insider (!?!?) could look at them all day. Stay tuned; this is going to be wild.

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