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Google+ – fundamental misunderstanding of networks?

George Siemens

The idea of “circles&# is somewhat related to Twitter Lists and is helpful for organizing friends/colleagues and tracking different activity streams. Elgg – with its varied activity feed – is an early implementation of Circles. I’ve been playing around with Google+. Yes, I’ll remember that.

Information: What am I missing?

George Siemens

I’ve compiled a list of nine attributes or new possibilities that new technologies, especially the internet, enable. Landing (Elgg), Twitter, Facebook. What can we do now with information that we could not do in the past? What am I missing? What can we do with information that I’ve overlooked? Possibilities. Description.

eLgg 49

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

List of the top 100 Twitter influencers in Australia – Ross Dawson , May 31, 2011. The Importance of Elgg in the Future of Learning.

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Sense-making with PKM

Harold Jarche

Tag, List, File, Classify. Elgg (OS). We may learn on our own but usually not by ourselves. People learn socially. Categorize. Retrieve.

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Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

George Siemens

Over the last few months I engaged in various Skype interviews with HR and was finally short-listed as one of 3 visitors to Royal Roads for an on-campus presentation, meeting with faculty, and such. The hospitality field is very hard, however, on families and relationships as it consumes an enormous amount of time. It has been outstanding.

Beyond Institutions Personal Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

He listed the institutions - there''s something like six or seven institutions using LRMI. That''s how you start a broadcast, with dead air.

New Technology Supporting Informal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Content management systems (and before them, email lists and usenet groups) organized people and content by hierarchy, by topic and content thread. Software to create social networks is the logical successor to content management systems such as Drupal, and in the field of learning, the most prominent such system is Elgg. Akili, G.

E-Learning: Générations

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Ils consistaient d’un ensemble de documents quipourraient être fusionnés avec une liste des utilisateurs enregistrés pour lalivraison. Enl'éducation, sans doute l'acteur majeur de cette époque était Elgg, à cetteépoque et elle est encore à ce jour, une nouvelle technologie. Merci de m'accueillir á votre conférence. E-learning 2.0


Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Now - yes, it's distributed, in that I don't need to use specific software (such as ELGG) to create my friends network. Nothing against ELGG, it's great, but I use my own software. It allows me to join networks where ELGG used to cut me off. all the friends lists are centrally hosted, right? Pretty nifty. Your call.

Making Software, Making Money

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The project to which he refers, of course, is ELGG. It was crowded even when ELGG launched. Here's the question to ask: would ELGG have had any measure of success had it been subscription-based software? As open source software goes, ELGG is almost unique in its intent to create a revenue stream for its producer. Why not?

Facebook Platform

Tony Karrer

In fact, LMS, Elgg, Flickr,, Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Groups, Amazon, hmmm, the list gets long quickly. Stephen Downes picked up my post on Facebook As a Learning Platform. He commented: To be clear, I do not think that Facebook itself is really a learning environment. Linked in doesn't seem to suffer from that.

Introduction to Social Networking

Harold Jarche

There are also employment listings and an ability to receive recommendations from your connections that then become part of your profile. We are operating this class on the Ning platform [the description of how we used Ning still pertains to other social networking platforms such as Elgg or ]. Introduction to Social Networking.

Where are open source learning applications?

Tony Karrer

Fun Interactions - Hot Potato * Audio Editing - Audacity and I know there's some that do essentially PPT + audio, lots of ways to create podcasts, video, and the list goes on. Good post by Harold Jarche - Where are open source learning applications? In other words, the cost of Captivate is less than the lost time dealing with Wink.

eLearning Learning - Best of May

Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning Hot List May 1, 2009 to May 31, 2009 Here is the best stuff from May 2009 via the eLearning Learning site. Hope you enjoy. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Clive on Learning , May 29, 2009 Implementing New Learning Technology? Tony Bates , May 8, 2009 Learning 2.0

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Complacency and Web 2.0

John Hagel

and ads) with Elgg (open source with Web 2.0 Dont Count On It. A number of recent events suggest a potentially significant evolution of Web 2.0

Stager, Logo and Web 2.0

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Let me look at Stager's list, point by point, and outline how the discussion has shifted. Moodle and Elgg , for example, adopt explicitly Constructivist theories to inform their design and development. Gary Stager offers an impressive assessment of the use of Web 2.-0 tools in schools. movement. tools, including: The Web 2.0 The Web 2.0

Connectivism and Transculturality

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here's you, at the centre, it's represented in this case by Elgg because the people from Elgg created this diagram, it's a version of the diagram created by Scott Wilson, and then you at the centre are connected to all kinds of different things, different people, different applications online. We're just sort of messing around here.

Education, Technology and Myth

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And so the list continues, perhaps without end. This resulted in a system that is very different from Moodle, which developed with constructivist theory specifically in mind, and even more from ELGG, which is probably the closest thing we have today to a connectivist application. I argue that both statements are true. and so on.