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networks are the new companies

Harold Jarche

Nilofer Merchant wrote in The New How that, “Permission to innovate without asking happens when the strategy is co-owned.” ” - Wikipedia.

5 characteristics of how Knowledge Workers like to learn at work

Jane Hart

¦ [.]. Collaboration Social learning

Survey 155

Technology’s Real Benefits (Hint: They’re Not Economic)

Andy McAfee

This is both a really important question, and one that misses the point. And for a while there, we could. No one knows exactly why. Says “Dr.

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

In 2012, Peter Aceto, the President and CEO of ING DIRECT – a Canadian bank with 1.78 Two points come to mind from that speech.

Our future depends on the humanization of work

Ross Dawson

One of the reasons that my focus is increasingly shifting to the future of work is that it is in fact a large part of the future of humanity.

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50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Jay Cross

Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. implementing 70-20-10 is not simple. Today the series is complete. The Coherent Organization.

The Power of Networks in a Complex (Business) World

Luis Suarez

To them, social networking is just a complete waste of time. A passing fad. A wonderful opportunity to goof off at work and get away with it. Bacteria?

When It Comes To Performance Support, The Cloud Changes Everything


Post Type: Blog post. read more. Cloud

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Network Era Fluency

Harold Jarche

Today, it’s all about networks, something you were most likely not taught about in school. Yes, useless. But that is a triform society.

5 principles for a successful formal online social learning experience – and it’s not about the tools

Jane Hart

¦ [.]. Social learning

Manufacturing: Where the Jobless Recovery Is Most Evident

Andy McAfee

Over at Slate, Matthew Yglesias has a sharp post about what he calls the ‘Mythical American Manufacturing Renaissance.’

The TED of all Leadership Management Conferences – A Review of the Drucker Forum 2013

Dan Pontefract

Once in a while, you get inspired by events in your life that seem to be a precursor to real societal change. A hopeful change. A needed change.

Review 150

The immense role of national and ethnic diaspora in driving global innovation

Ross Dawson

Innovation always stems from diverse connections between ideas and people. Source : The Economist. Second, they foster trust.

Extending Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling to Experience Design

Adaptive Path

Pixar is a creative organization we often draw inspiration from. It's a really nice list. They can be very different. Seriously. Surprise yourself.

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The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: opportunities and challenges for the L&D profession

Charles Jennings

I believe the L&D profession can take some lessons from both of these Charles Dickens stories, A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol. n(d)s?t/

Survey 118

The Puzzling Technology Adoption Discrepancy Between Individuals and Institutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Since the publication of its first report in 2009, I’ve closely followed the Shift Index initiative of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Jay Cross

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10. part 1 of 5. People learn their jobs by doing their jobs. Effective managers make stretch. Acknowledgements.

Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement

Luis Suarez

Did I give up on giving up on corporate email? Did I get tired of it and moved back to email? Was the experiment a total failure? What happened?

Report 127

Content is King: The Top 5 Killer Reasons You Need to Attend the Bersin - Caterpillar Webinar


Post Type: Blog post. Content strategy. It’s not the buzz phrase du jour in L&D, but it should be! read more. Events

The connected leader

Harold Jarche

HBR: How Poor Leaders Become Good Leaders. They improved their communication effectiveness. They developed a broader perspective. 21C_Leader

PKM 154

ABC: 10 reasons NOT to create a course and 10 other options

Jane Hart

¦ [.]. Social learning

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To Understand Where We’re Headed, Read This Essay Written 64 Years Ago

Andy McAfee

Norbert Wiener was at MIT legend. So he drove to his old neighborhood instead. Due to an unfortunate series of events the essay never ran.

Apparently, Organizational Culture is Crap

Dan Pontefract

You may find it interesting to know, for example, that they “strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups.” ”

Parallel entrepreneurship goes mainstream

Ross Dawson

I loved that it generated and developed its own projects rather than looking outside for ideas. They remain company builders.

Un-Sucking the Touchpoint

Adaptive Path

A while back I was speaking at a conference and I described the role the touchpoint played in helping make sense of a cross-channel service. Success!

Strategy Made Simple - The 3 Core Strategy Questions

John Hagel

In increasingly turbulent and complex times, we understandably fall prey to a dangerous temptation – both as institutions and individuals. We’re tempted to abandon long-term strategy and fall back on rapid adaptation as the only winning game – sense and respond quickly enough to events as they occur and everything will be OK.  One more thing. 

Reflections on Storytelling

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Storytelling has played a central role in human communications since times immemorial. Storytelling predates writing. It worked.

Design 121

The principles of learning

Jay Cross

This talk had a profound effect on my thinking. It holds up damn well today. Learning About Learning: Lessons from the Trenches. It’s richer. Just Ja

TV 3.0

Doc Searls

We’re not watching any less TV. In fact, we’re watching more of it, on more different kinds of screens. Or neither? TV 1.0: So here goes.

The major enterprise collaboration platforms and their mobile clients

Dion Hinchcliffe

Most of the leading enterprise collaboration platforms have mobile clients as well as social networking features. Here''s a list of the leaders as well as a look at their mobile clients. Cloud Enterprise Software Mobility Software Enterprise 2.0 Social Enterprise

The social imperative

Harold Jarche

Robert Sapolski has been studying baboons for thirty years. The baboons started feeding from a garbage dump and many became infected with tuberculosis.

The Next Generation of Workplace Learning Practices in the Age of Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Jane Hart

Social learning

The Myth of the Myth of Technological Unemployment

Andy McAfee

He writes. Machines are replacing workers, in other words, but they’ve been doing so since the cotton gin and the spinning jenny.

An Infographic Depicting Learning & Collaboration in Action

Dan Pontefract

Some of you know I actually have a ‘real job’ where each and every day I get to work with great people and turn ideas into action.