November, 2011

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The Anatomy of an Experience Map

Adaptive Path

Experience maps have been becoming more prominent over the past few years. But I still see a dearth of quality references. model on steroids. The Lens.

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eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

Clayton R. Wright has done his 26th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year and has asked me to post again. Private? Personal?

The Non-Training Approach to Workplace Learning

Jane Hart

Social learning

The Metasociety

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The OWS people are the social equivalent of somebody running through the halls clanging on a lid and yelling that the building is on fire. Not them.

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It’s the network …

Harold Jarche

Tweet I presented on Managing in a Networked World at DevLearn 2011 today in Las Vegas. Nurturing Creativity is now a management responsibility.

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2011 Top 100 Tools List and Presentation finalised

Jane Hart

Yesterday, I finalised the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list.  In the last few days of voting  there was a surge of contributions (both online and by email) that brought the number of contributions to 531. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their Top 10 Tools and help me compile this, the 5th annual survey of learning tools.

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How to Get the Most out of a Conference

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

that leave only tantalizing glimpses. This is the case for an entry that came out today, How to Get the Most out of the Conference. Keeping track.

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A new social contract for creative work

Harold Jarche

He wonders if this is how the new economy will look for a while. Unfortunately, we still demand that people  have a job  soon after becoming adults.

Our shrinking degrees of separation: heading down from 6 to 3

Ross Dawson

In Chapter 1 of my 2002 book Living Networks I wrote: When did you last say or hear someone say “what a small world”? degrees of separation.

Jobs in the Age of Watson

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On October 31, I participated in a symposium sponsored by MIT’s Center for Digital Business on The Race Against the Machine: The Future of Technology and Employment.  The symposium was associated with an event that took place later that same day on the Harvard campus, the IBM Watson Challenge.  The Watson Challenge was an exhibition Jeopardy!

To Really Drive Enterprise 2.0 Forward We Need A Behaviour Change

Dan Pontefract

At the beginning of the year, on January 2 in fact, I wrote about reciprocity. That’s a management and people challenge, not just a technology one.

5 Trends that will Shape our Future

Kevin Wheeler

This was necessary to enable us to develop the technology and tools that make possible a new level for mankind to scale. and more. Social Business. 

The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Presented to the Best Practices in Upgrading Online,Calgary, via Adobe Connect, March 29, 2011 The very first thing I want to do is to counter thedisclaimer that frightened me as this session opened, it was very loud, andsaid all kinds of things about how this was all private and cannot be shared.You can share this presentation all you want. Not so.

So you (still) want to be an elearning consultant?

Harold Jarche

Working smarter in the 21st century requires the integration of learning into the workflow. This makes business sense. InternetTime Work

The potential in a networked world to be more ourselves, towards perfection or destruction

Ross Dawson

A nice video titled On the Brink of a Networked Society , shown below, has just been launched by Ericsson. It’s well worth watching.

The Emergence of Cognitive Computing

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On October 21 I participate in a Colloquium on the Frontiers of IT at IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Center.  John Kelly , senior VP and director of IBM Research, gave an overview of these four areas.  Here is a similar version of his talk given a week earlier at the University of Melbourne.  The work is underway. Doing well in Jeopardy!

Vancouver is Home to Several ‘Social’ Rock Stars

Dan Pontefract

Although biased, I truly believe there is something in the water at the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Let’s start first with the companies.

The Continuing End of TV

Doc Searls

Most of us are reading magazines, using our phones or tablets, or (in one case — mine) working on a laptop. So digging all that was cool. ”).

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Are “data hogs” the problem?

David Weinberger

Benoît Felten and Herman Wagter have published a follow up to their 2009 article “ Is the ‘bandwidth hog’ a myth? Read Benoît’s post for the details (or at least a fairly detailed overview of the details). So, even with their heavy consumption, their bandwidth usage is already limited. Here’s the point.

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Embracing change from both sides

Harold Jarche

Examining a business and looking at how it can be more social, innovative and agile is not really that difficult. Next comes the trickier part.

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Next year your entire desk will be a computer control device

Ross Dawson

I have long said that table tops will embed video and that we will use every possible means to interact usefully with computers. Technology trends

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Babble Joins Disney

Steven Berlin Johnson

On Tuesday morning, Disney announced that it had acquired the parenting site, Babble,com , which was founded a few years ago by my old friends Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman. But my own interests aside, I think this acquisition is an encouraging -- and important -- sign for more than just the people involved in creating the site. .

Are we addicted to the notification of notifications?

Dan Pontefract

Picture this for a minute. You’re facilitating a face-to-face meeting with about six people. You ask a question. There is silence. Am I worried?

Future of Talent

Jay Cross

Rise of social business. Connecting and sharing are how business is done. challenge is how to scale. “We are not about a product. Just Jay

The Oxford Union Debate: Coming Home With Our Shields, Not On Them

Andy McAfee

agreed immediately, even though I have no formal debate experience (I like to argue, but that’s not quite the same thing). How about China?”.

Engaging the trustworthy

Harold Jarche

recently came across a post on The Trusted Advisor that adds another twist to how we connect to each other. Communities SocialLearning

5 facets of employees’ increasing technology expectations

Ross Dawson

Earlier this week I spoke at an excellent event organized by Canon for the CIOs of major organizations. During an extended lunch, a diverse range of ‘celebrities’ including TV personalities, authors, and musicians gave short presentations. Excellence. Choice. Flexibility. Speed. Opportunity. Enterprise 2.0

Brooding Perfectionism -

Eide Neurolearning

We recently came across the topic of Brooding Perfectionism. There are different types of perfectionism (e.g.

Types 69

What is Engagement Anyway?

Dan Pontefract

Ahh, engagement. The term that means so much yet, paradoxically, so little. Is it whether an employee feels good about their boss? Their team?

Learning in the 21st Century Workplace

Jay Cross

Businesses talk about speed, but they don’t take advantage of it. There are denser and denser interconnections afoot. Don’t believe me? Drivers. Speed.

[avignon] President Sarkozy

David Weinberger

They move us into the grand hall — vaulted ceilings — for a talk by Pres. Nikolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy has not exactly been a friend of the Internet. The last time I heard him talk was at LeWeb when he was a candidate. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness.

Where Good Ideas Come From – Review

Harold Jarche

This one sentence sums up the core ideas in Steven Johnson’s book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The natural history of innovation.

Race Against the Machine

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Erik Brynjolffson and Andrew McAfee just published an excellent short (sixty pages, less than twenty thousand words) e-book - Race Against the Machine: How The Digital Revolution Is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy.  There are few more timely and vital subjects.  The U.S.

Koulopoulos Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

The afternoon keynote at DevLearn was an energizing and insightful visitation of innovation and the future by Thom Koulopolous. social strategy