March, 2011

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Infographic: Building Success in a Connected World

Ross Dawson

Last weekend I was musing about the elements of success in a connected world. Click on the image for full size. EXECUTION. VISIBILITY. RELATIONSHIPS.

A model of workplace learning

Jay Cross

My colleagues at Internet Time Alliance and I have been discussing new models for learning. What’s missing is the how. 10% from formal training.

KM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business: One and The Same

Luis Suarez

before you all go away and don’t come back again! It’s greatly appreciated, as usual. Any ideas out there folks would want to share across?

Are We Wired For Mobile Learning? (Infographic)

Jane Hart

Whether or not you agree with the term “digital native&# and what it stands for, this is an interesting infographic - from the Voxy Blog (where you can find full details of how to embed it on your blog). Because of the proliferation of new technologies, the younger generation today is outgrowing traditional forms of

Earthquake turns TV networks into print

Doc Searls

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan yesterday, and a tsunami is spreading, right now, across the Pacific ocean. anyway, in the case of BBC).

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The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills

Luis Suarez

Yes, of course, I am talking about learning plenty more about killer presentation skills. That’s right! In it, you will see J. You evolve.

The Social Learning Community

Jane Hart

Yesterday I launched the Social Learning Community – a new Community of Practice intended for those interested in the use of social media to work and learn smarter. This is a place where you can join discussions, ask questions, share links, experiences and events with others about social learning – whether it be in education or [.].

The resilient organisation: introduction

Dave Snowden

In those seminars I am exploring this subject in more detail by both teaching and discussion. by the way. Reflections

Year Zero: The Future of Communication Skills in Corporations

Dan Pontefract

Over the last 20-30 years, telecommunications providers have witnessed their revenue streams reshape in ways unthinkable in the 1980’s. How you ask?

List of the 242 most influential publications in the world

Ross Dawson

Nate Silver , the political statistician extraordinaire, has turned his attention to publishing. The full list of the top 242 is below.

List 89

Leave the cookie-cutters at the bakery

Harold Jarche

Tweet It seems that everybody wants an easy solution. They want best practices and case studies they can copy. They want a cookie-cutter solution.

Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership

Luis Suarez

for the 21st century. But, I am sure you may be wondering, what would it look like, right? I know, lots of questions, right? It’s already there!

Learning is the new work

Jay Cross

Workplace learning serves one purpose: getting the work done. Work used to be simple. Tasks were mechanical. Things rarely changed. Procedural.

The Co-Evolution of Humans and our Tools

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Tools have played a critical role in human evolution for a very, very long time. The transition from stone to metal tools roughly coincided with the development of agriculture around the 4th millennium BC. Machine tools occasioned a surge in producing new tools in the industrial revolution. The recent broadcast of the IBM Jeopardy! versus I.A. -

Anticipating the Next Wave of Experience Design

John Hagel

We live in a world defined by increasing time pressure and more and more things competing for our attention. In such a frenetic world, it is understandable that we place more value on the quality of our experience. We want to make the most of the time we have. Experience design has emerged in part as a response to this growing need we all have.

The REAL transformative package: iPad plus wireless keyboard

Ross Dawson

The iPad has changed my life. It feels like I have been waiting for it since I became conscious. However the iPad alone doesn’t do the job.

Mapping quality with VNA

Harold Jarche

One main message that came through early in the workshop is that you cannot manage a network. It’s just a start.

Community Management Fundamentals – Where Do I Start?

Luis Suarez

All of them coming pretty close to my heart as part of that passion I seem to share for each and everyone of them. But where should I start?

How to evaluate social and informal learning

Jay Cross

Dan takes the logic further than I did last week in my post on how to assess learning initiatives. Kirkpatrick is about push, not pull, learning.

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Knowledge Workers

Andy McAfee

I wrote a while back at about whether digitization was contributing to the jobless recovery in the US, and opined that it was. I highlighted that both technology substitution and facilitation were taking place. Being in India this week has made me realize that I forgot to include a third very important factor: moving work overseas. So go.

Revolution from the Edge

John Hagel

What fills you with wonder? What do you wonder about? These different, but related questions were posed often during the TED event last week.    The annual TED event that I attended was organized around the broad theme of the rediscovery of wonder. Before too much time passes, I want to step back and reflect on what fills me with wonder.

Keynote: Building Business in a Connected World

Ross Dawson

Here are event details and registration. However others may still find them useful or interesting. Building Business in a Connected World.

Emergent Value

Harold Jarche

Tweet A certain amount of hierarchy is necessary to get work done. Networks route around hierarchy. complexity Work

Jive 71

The Power of Conversations

Charles Jennings

“we tell ourselves stories in order to live” Haruki Murakami Jerome Bruner (1915- ) is one of the greatest educational psychologists the world has ever produced. He has spent his long lifetime studying learning and the human mind.

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Twitter For Business

Luis Suarez

first came about. Remember your email education and email etiquette? … No? Oh dear … Not to worry, I don’t remember it either!

The mantra of resilience

Dave Snowden

We've been involved in an interesting project on social resilience and I have been working tonight on the presentation for tomorrow. Aside from the analysis, I needed to get some of the theoretical stuff around null-hypothesis/abductive research together in an easy to explain format for economists and others of that ilk. Reflections

The Materials of Digital Products

Adaptive Path

I have the good fortune of having a number of industrial designers as friends. As is the case with most people in the creative field, we have spent a considerable amount of time discussing our work. Throughout our conversations, there have been two tracks of thinking that impressed me.

Developmental robotics: the cute baby robot who will grow up to be just like you

Ross Dawson

We are at the cusp of a new phase of robotics, where some of what has been promised to us for decades will come to fruition. year old child: the iCub.

Embrace chaos

Harold Jarche

Tweet When I discussed Emergent Value , some very good comments ensued, from Jon Husband , Gordon Ross , Peg Boyles, Ollie Gardener and Monika Hardy.

Another MOOC – this time on Mobile Learning

George Siemens

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are still a bit of an anomaly in education. However, the offers are growing rapidly – from Groom’s DS106 to the upcoming MobiMooc focused on mobile learning. As more educators join in, we have the pleasure of learning about alternative formats from each other.

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Is Blogging Dead?

Luis Suarez

Is blogging dead for you folks as well? Have you moved all of your conversations to social networking sites? Blogging is not dead! Get used to it.

Serious Gaming: 6 Tips on Using Games and Simulations for Recruiting Success

Kevin Wheeler

Maybe all you need for an attraction and sourcing strategy is a good game. The U.S. Army was one of the first organizations to pioneer video games for attracting potential recruits. A couple of years ago the Army launched its highly successful recruiting game America’s Army, which has significantly helped raise recruitments. Hold virtual job fairs.

Tips 57

Our New Website. What Took So Long?

Adaptive Path

On Tuesday, we giddily launched a new The site you saw before Tuesday afternoon, except for a few homepage tweaks here and there, was pretty much the same site you’ve been looking at since 2004. That’s like 900 years in internet time. And it’s not like we didn’t try.


The latest robots are virtually indistinguishable from people

Ross Dawson

The robot, named Geminoid HI-1 to emphasize that it was his twin, mimicked his expressions and movements. Check out the videos. Wild stuff. Geminoid F.