Mon.Jun 04, 2012

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Pulling informal learning

Harold Jarche

Take a look at these 8 demand-side knowledge management principles by Nick Milton. People don’t pay attention to knowledge until they actually need it.

Supporting the Social Workplace Learning Continuum

Jane Hart

We need to remember, that (social) learning doesn’t just take place in a training room, but anywhere where people congregate. Social learning

Education for Misfits and Neurodiversity

Eide Neurolearning

From Schumpeter in the Economist, In Praise of Misfits reflects on how classrooms and marketplaces seem to love opposites. So it takes all kinds.

Simplifying Learning

Jay Cross

Ideas from Jane Hart’s online chat on June 4 in the Social Learning Centre. Q1) Harold in his blog post says ”For too long our organizations have suffered from the disease of complication. It’s time to simplify.” Let’s look at how we can simplify learning solutions. Design Informal Learning

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” 

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Creative Economy Dispatch #1: Work and Value

Seb Paquet

This post is part of the 100-Day Journey into the Emerging Creative Economy. Source: via Seb on Pinterest. Permalink.

Remixing the President

David Weinberger

Government license. Dan Jones places himself clearly on the side of remixing. supposedly unauthorized derivative work is headed right toward you!!

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HTLGI2012: Philosopher Kings

Dave Snowden

Bad weather and to much work prevented my taking the bike into Hay today and it was a full day anyway with the emphasis switching more to political and morality. The first session on The New Philosopher Kings saw me arrive late so I missed Philip Collins (Blair's former speech writer) opening remarks but the debate is lively. Reflections


Wisconsin Recall: Last Day Campaign Update

Nine Shift

Our area a decisive one. Tom Barrett here today. And several of the Green Bay Packers have joined in and are tweeting their support and encouragement to get out the vote. GOTV is the big effort, which stands for Get Out The Vote.  In tiny River Falls, Julie and others have recruited more than enough volunteers. 


Help? Two questions on mobile for you

Clark Quinn

In the process of writing a chapter on mobile for an elearning book, the editor took my suggestion for structure and then improved upon it. I’d suggested that we have two additional sections: one on hints and tips, and the others on common mistakes. His suggestion was to crowd-source the answers. welcome seeing what you come up with!