Tue.Feb 14, 2017

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one person at a time

Harold Jarche

Are networks the new companies ? Can our markets shift from capitalism to cooperativism ? Can our institutions become networks? In real time.

Meta-Learning Tools?

Clark Quinn

I wrote an article for Jane Hart’s Modern Workplace Learning magazine, triggered by my thought that in her tools survey, I didn’t see a lot about a certain set of reflection (c.f. last weeks posts on diagramming) and experimentation tools: meta-learning tools. And Jane commented to me that she knew of one, and I was reminded of more.

Tools 41

Sex differences in cognition are small

Mind Hacks

Lately I’ve been thinking about sex differences in brain and cognition. Most, but maybe not all. But these differences are small. 2017). 2000).

James 2:24 & Cyborgs

Dave Snowden

One of the triads I created balanced Faith against Works against Pragmatism or possible Social belonging (I’m still working in that.