Mon.Jun 11, 2012

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The work of many

Harold Jarche

In Twitter and the Law of the Few , I mused how Twitter as a social network can be great for Connectors, Mavens & Salespeople. Communities

Reinventing Relationships with Social Business

Luis Suarez

What a rush! Yet, as a surprising fact, why am I mentioning that I didn’t blog on purpose  this time around, you may be wondering, right?

Tapping the Power of Crowdsourcing for marketing: Free webinar on June 14

Ross Dawson

I will be presenting a free webinar on June 14 at 11am US EDT, organized by Ketchum’s Global Media Network. Idea generation. Product development.

My Views on Learnist, the latest ‘social learning’ venture

Dan Pontefract

wish I could turn my eyes away from these calorie-induced sites or applications, but I just can’t. How It Works. Quite elaborate if I do say so myself.

Yes, smart phones are actually underhyped

Dan Pink

Techno-bluster? Maybe not. mobile phones sold that year. Today, “smart phones represent more than two-thirds of all U.S. mobile-phone sales.”

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Creative Economy Journey, Dispatch #4: Selves-Interest

Seb Paquet

This post is part of my 100-Day Journey into the Emerging Creative Economy. “Do I contradict myself? ” - Walt Whitman. find myself in them.

Berlin plan #2: Contagious attention

Mind Hacks

As I’ve mentioned , I’ll be leading a ‘cognitive science safari’ in Berlin on 11th of July. We’ll be generating some experiences based on classic psychology experiments, experiments which tell us important things about how cities organise our perceptions. For my next trick, I plan to re-mix another classic experiment.

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DPLA West meeting online

David Weinberger

The sessions from the DPLA Plenary meeting on April 27 in SF are now online. More information about DPLA West can be found online at [link]. Folks from the Harvard Library Innovation Lab and the Berkman Center worked long and hard to create a prototype software platform for the DPLA in time for this event.