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Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Our relationship with knowledge is changing as our work becomes more intangible and complex. Complexity: the new normal. Jay Cross.

Innovation in open online courses

George Siemens

This is a short overview of the innovations that we want to explore during the course. The innovations build heavily on community and network approaches that I and others (Stephen Downes, David Wiley, Alan Levine, Jim Groom, Dave Cormier) have used in previous open courses. Social embeddedness Social has become an abused term.

Some Puzzling Questions about Innovation in the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The bulk of the innovations in the industrial economy involved physical objects, physical systems and the physical world around us.

Diversity, complexity, chaos and working smarter

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. Seek out diversity in innovation efforts. But here’s the catch.

Big-Bang Disruptions: The Innovator’s Dilemma in the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It was later expanded into a book, Big Bang Theory: Strategy in the Age of Devastating Innovation published this past January. . The authors’ key premise is that innovation is once more undergoing drastic changes, driven by the exponential advances in digital technologies. Big-bang disruptions are often unplanned and unintentional.

Social Business in the Age of the Customer

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Starting about a decade ago with the rise of Web 2.0 , we have seen the explosive growth of social media technologies, - e.g., blogs, wikis and podcasts, - as well as platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with hundreds of millions of users. What is the primary responsibility of a business? Customer value is different.

Principles of Networked Unmanagement

Harold Jarche

Cooperation in our work is needed so that we can continuously develop emergent practices demanded by increased complexity. Cooperation.

Is management on the table?

Harold Jarche

As Umair Haque posted on Twitter back in November; “ Name a “working” institution. complexity InternetTime WorkWe kill ourselves!

Complexity links

Harold Jarche

I use Delicious to keep track of web resources and recently passed on, via Twitter, my social bookmarks tagged with complexity. Complexity is where predictability is absent, and only in hindsight cause and effect are clear. It’s the messy bits, as Shawn says, where human interaction, culture, innovation, trust are at play.

Adjusting to Life in a Hyperconnected World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the last few years, the explosive growth of smart mobile devices, cloud services and apps, broadband wireless networks, Twitter and Facebook have propelled us from a flat to a hyperconnected world. Complex Systems Education and Talent Innovation Management and Leadership Political Issues Society and Culture Technology and Strategy

We Are All New Immigrants to the Hyperconnected World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the earlier book he never mentioned Facebook, Twitter, Cloud, LinkedIn, 4G or Skype. And none of us can predict when a new golden age of innovation will finally arrive leading to many new jobs and industries. The THINK Forum included a number of talks and panels which looked at leadership from a number of different angles.

In a complex society

Harold Jarche

We only know each other through Twitter and it was a casual comment on Christian’s photo that initiated our meeting. InternetTime

The Changing Nature of Globalization in Our Hyperconnected, Knowledge-Intensive Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Microfinance platforms enable entrepreneurs and social innovators to raise money globally in ever-smaller amounts.”. By 2025, 1.8

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

Diana Kimball [twitter: dianakimball ] is giving a Berkman lunchtime talk on coding as a liberal art. MOOC on complexity. Page 1 of 2.

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

Luis Suarez

And, finally, the single one I feel would be the most threatened of them all: Twitter. I am a big fan of Twitter, as most folks know already.

Tools 107

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary

Luis Suarez

As he recently announced over on Twitter: . Please do not feel obliged to read through it all, if you wouldn’t want to. Are you ready?

Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

One wonders whether the Internet, blogging, Twitter, texting and micro-blogging, as in China’s case, has made participatory democracy and autocracy so participatory, and leaders so finely attuned to every nuance of public opinion, that they find it hard to make any big decision that requires sacrifice. That’s a good thing - in theory.

Transforming the Workplace with Radical Management by Steve Denning

Luis Suarez

But in reality what we are seeing is how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. To name Authority and Money. To name: .

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)

Luis Suarez

Where teams who work together may have never met, but their collective ideas and expertise melt together to create the most innovative solutions to business’ most vexing problems. There is a Twitter List out there already currently being curated by Celine herself, if you would want to start following what we are all up to. Change, Org.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Enterprise 2.0: The Prodigal.

Martijn Linssen

conference on Twitter via its hashtag #e2conf , I noticed a strange phenomenon: most tweets werent about Enterprise 2.0, Scary! Enough of that.

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence

Luis Suarez

I do know and realise that plenty of them are far too complex to digest on a single read. Welcome to the new elsua! Or both! And what do we do?

The Big Three – How To Handle Your Fragmented Social Life

Luis Suarez

Twitter. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social ComputingRather well.

Enabling Innovation Facing Global Dilemmas

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. The group decided to use Twitter for the first time and a few of us jumped in to help get the conversation online. Starting point: Innovate of die, Deutschland. paradoxolutions Squeezed between Dynamics & Complexity. via @ gcouros #cpchat.

Working Socially

Harold Jarche

For example, even though I had worked online for over a decade, I did not really understand Twitter until I started using it regularly in 2008.

Are we in for perpetual innovation?

David Weinberger

Here’s a hypothesis that emerged when talking with Henry Copeland [twitter: hc ] about a panel at Web2.0 Or will we be constantly innovating the basic navigational systems of the Net? But, if I had to bet, I’d say that we’re in for perpetual innovation, with some inventions lasting longer than others.

Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Kick-off

Jay Cross

George Siemens just moderated a discussion on complexity and strategy that raised deep questions in an accessible way. I’ll give periodic reports here for those who have yet to adapt to the Twitterization of events. In spite of some childish hacker-vandals and a few sound issues, each of the three sessions this morning worked.

IBM’s Client Experience Jam Is Now History

Luis Suarez

My self-inflicted Twitter and Google Plus silence was supposed to end up last week as well, but didn’t. And it was a massive success!

tensions of modern learning

Harold Jarche

This is social learning, and it is a necessity when working in complex or chaotic environments. Image: Clark Quinn. – [link]. Would B.J.

and what do you do?

Harold Jarche

On Twitter, my current profile says: alternative business consultant & “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”.

understanding our tools

Harold Jarche

Email can be terse, while Twitter is short and lacks nuance. “We become what we behold. Video can be all emotion and little substance.

Tools 64

Five Ways People Adopt And Love Change

Adaptive Path

His findings are complied in his tome, Diffusion of Innovations. COMPLEXITY. Oh dear Lord. The new experience. ” What a shocker.

Thoughtful filtering

Harold Jarche

Innovation is Not ‘Best Practice’ - via @hyponastic. Innovations start out as best practices, but best practices all become uninnovative.

Enterprise knowledge sharing requires trusted relationships

Harold Jarche

Businesses are increasingly dependent on complex social interactions. This is extremely important in sharing complex knowledge.

My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2

Luis Suarez

General Interest Innovation iPad Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social ComputingPriceless!

Culture or Cultures?

Clark Quinn

A twitter pointer led me to an HBR article arguing that We’re Thinking about Organizational Culture all Wrong. There is a clear value proposition about having a culture that supports innovation, and identifiable components. Abandoning the effort because culture is complex seems a missed opportunity. make it a choice.

The Seek > Sense > Share Framework

Harold Jarche

Research shows that work teams that need to share complex knowledge need tighter social bonds. Once is not enough, as most parents know.

PKM 150

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

and gets reposted to my Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. Curation can boost your profit and help your people grow. articles.

PKM in 2013

Harold Jarche

Innovation. It is quite likely that innovation in organizations can be improved with individuals practising PKM. ” Knowledge.

PKM 142

MOOCs are really a platform

George Siemens

We can officially declare massive open online courses (MOOCs) as the higher education buzzword for 2012. MOOCs are a platform.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Innovating on the Edge of Big Waves

John Hagel

Executives can gain significant insight into the innovation process by looking in unexpected places like the big wave surfing arena. Cool, Dude.