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Seed, feed, & weed

Clark Quinn

Using the gardener or landscaper metaphor, yesterday I said that networks need seeding, feeding, and weeding. They may need discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and IM. Feed : you can’t just put in place, you have to nurture the network. Jay Cross talks about the learnscape , while I term it the performance ecosystem.

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The revolution brewing in the world of work: Q&A with Rod Collins

Steve Denning

Steve: The title of the book says we live "in a wiki world." Rod’s book adds important new insights. Is it also about management?

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Cloud Field. The social way.

Martijn Linssen

Therefore, Private Cloud has now been invented (no definition available from the wiki!) Business or Pleasure? - We would all be one. Coffin.

A Review of SAP Jam

Dan Pontefract

Wiki pages created – 2455. Blogs. You can easily scan all blog posts at the company, their level of engagement, etc. (

Why #VRM is Fools' Gold

Martijn Linssen

Over the years Ive seen that definition on the wiki twist and turn from outrageous Gartner lie to anonymous Integration anachronism. Bakery?

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

They have the same job but instead of paintings, deal with digital artifacts such as: blog posts and Tweets. Find and pour over the feeds.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Enterprise 2.0: The Prodigal.

Martijn Linssen

The Prodigal Parent Stranger titles have appeared on this blog. Business or Pleasure? - Following the Enterprise 2.0 Scary! Up till then, E2.0

Ensuring knowledge flow through narration

Harold Jarche

What started as forums and wikis quickly evolved into more robust networks and communities. Organizations can do the same. Courses are stock.

The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

Jane Hart

When interviewed by in 2009, and answering concerns about the use of a wiki in an organisation, Josh reported. Tweet. Summary.

Blogging Help

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

You probably want to start by following some education technology blogs, both to get a feel for reading blogs and to inform yourself about some of the different options out there. A good place to start following these blogs is through a service I offer called Edu_RSS. Can you give me some ideas and help me?

Moodlemoot – Canada 2011

George Siemens

apparently being a significant step forward in social networked learning: site-wide cohorts, portfolio support, external blog feeds, updated wiki, community hubs, etc) in education. We (as in TEKRI ) are sponsoring/organizing the upcoming Moodlemoot in Edmonton from May 1-5, 2011.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): HHS and Federal Government Blogs

Mark Oehlert

Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think" (WIRED) | Main | The e-Learning Guilds Call for Presenters at DevLearn 2008 » May 14, 2008 HHS and Federal Government Blogs Did you know that the Secretary for Health and Human Services has a blog ? federal government blogs here. of Transportation blogs.

In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled

Martijn Linssen

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2.0 is a philosophy, not a technology

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal RSS Feeds. Social Wikis. Social Blogs (written/ video). Social Micro-blogging. Internet Time Alliance spent a couple of days last week putting the 2.0 into a tedious proposal for a large, forward-facing multinational corporation. Informal OJT.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

link to your blog and bookmarks, people in your network, links to documents you frequently share, members of your network. INFRASTRUCTURE.

The Standalone LMS is Dead

Dan Pontefract

I’ll provide some feedback on that particular release in another blog posting (read Bill Simser for now) but what the conference itself got me thinking about was that, thankfully, the standalone LMS is definitely going to become redundant. This past week, I attended the SharePoint 2009 conference in Las Vegas. Dinosaur. Soviet Union.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Why is Agile hard to sell?

Steve Denning

I have described this evolution in a series of recent blog posts beginning here. It is becoming less and less productive. To learn more.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: There are two kinds of.

Steve Denning

Those organizations that are trying to delight you – and those that are trying to make money off you. Which is your organization? Excellent post Steve!

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Why customer service can't.

Martijn Linssen

Business or Pleasure? - I like to get definitions straightened out and agreed upon when they get "volatile" so to say. Coffin. Who cares? Klout.

How traditional management is killing microcredit

Steve Denning

It has happened in knowledge management, in lean manufacturing, in marketing and in innovation itself. What would delight them? Please try again.

Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It was pretty much a given that most if not all of the responses to this question , posted on the Learning Circuits blog, would be "no". Blogs, wikis, lists, voting, rss feeds, timelines, photo sites, podcasts, vlogs, plogs, mashups, etc. Why not just blog it as it comes up? They read (and often write!)

Reinventing management: The magical power of client delight

Steve Denning

A respondent on my blog wrote recently: “That word 'delight' is both powerful and empowering. I mentioned it in passing. Find them out.

Reconciling Formal and Informal

Clark Quinn

They can unearth good practices in the organization and share them, foster discussion, etc; seed, feed, weed, and breed. design social

Documents: Dead or grizzled survivors?

David Weinberger

In 1998 blogging wasn’t yet a thing, and a whole bunch of old style document work has moved onto the Web — and has taken up webby characteristics — in that form. The task force’s web site uses blogging software. And the rise of wikis that are never fully done. And RSS feeds. But it could have.).

Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

Jay Cross

External blogs and news feeds. Content management systems, wikis, blogs, curation. Feeds, Tweets, streams. Hart).

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Online Educa (4) Opening keynotes â?? Informal Learning Blog

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning Blog. Everyone was talking blogs and wikis. Classrooms in the wild — Informal Learning Blog on 05.14.08 Business Blog & last 100 posts. Learning Blog & last 100 posts. Internet Time Ecosystem Blog â?¼ Feeds â?¼ Wiki â?¼ Site Map Informal Blog â?¼

Creating the Connectivist Course

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We had both seen them in operation in the past, and had most recently been influenced by Alec Couros’s online graduate course and David Wiley’s wiki-based course. We collected RSS feeds from these and aggregated them into a single thread, which became the course newsletter. There were two major influences. Quite the opposite.

Reinventing Management: Part 4: Coordination: From bureaucracy to.

Steve Denning

Among the most important changes being proposed are five basic shifts in management practice: 1.       4.    

I Know It When I See It : Andrew McAfee’s Blog

Andy McAfee

Andrew McAfee’s Blog The Business Impact of IT Home About RSS I Know It When I See It January 27 2009 Comments to this post More and more often these days I get asked “Does [offering X] from [vendor Y] qualify as an Enterprise 2.0 well after reading you blog i should say I Know It When I read It!!! Excellent blog post Prof.

The Reinvention of Management: Part 3: From controller to enabler

Steve Denning

Among the most important changes being proposed are five basic shifts in management practice: 1.       3.    

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Reinventing management.

Steve Denning

» January 27, 2011 Reinventing management Part 6: From command to conversation Stop shouting & start listening!   4.    

Reinventing Management: Part 5: From value to values

Steve Denning

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Is the problem with.

Steve Denning

Main | Do you want to attend a live storytelling event in Washington DC in the Spring? The solution: leave it alone - laissez faire markets work.

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#OEB14 Rheingold, Lewin, Stevenson

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

On another tab you find the blogs. There''s also the wiki, to create pages that anyone authorized to edit. We use a wiki, we meed online once a week - we can use Collaborate, Adobe Connect, Big Blue Button - it''s an exercise in multi-tasking in many ways. I created a course hub that aggregates their blogs. I did. Hello!

Let’s destroy the panopticons

Doc Searls Panoptic ism ?Jeremy panopticon ?Aug Try it on DuckDuckGo (an “anonymous browser”) and you’ll get these as well: behavioural advertising | Panopticon Blog. Read closely: The New Marketplace: Word Gets Around. It’s already happened. p=13955

Sustainability and MOOCs in Historical Perspective

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Blogging exploded. People don't talk about blogging so much now but there's a lot of blogging happening right now. When we started using systems that allowed us to create our own content like blogging systems we imported this idea. The original version of blogging was something called the blogroll. Buenos Dias.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: A genuine Sputnik moment.

Steve Denning

The science wasn’t there yet. NASA didn’t even exist. This is our generation’s Sputnik moment…. We do big things.” Yes, zero. Yes, one quarter.

Hacked: A Descent into the Malware Inferno

Jay Cross

When I tried to log on to my blog, I was confronted with this warning notice: Google issues alerts like this to warn visitors of malicious sites.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Memo to Larry Page: What.

Steve Denning

For years, book after book and article after article have praised Google as a citadel of innovation. New ideas are bubbling up all over.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Advertising - paying for our.

Martijn Linssen

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