moving beyond training

Harold Jarche

Training is not enough — see the missing half of training. Working smarter means that everyone in an organization learns from experience and shares with their colleagues as part of their work.

from training to learning

Harold Jarche

While social learning may be one the currently hot new trends in the education and training fields, we have known for a while “why tried-and-true training methods don’t work anymore”, as discussed by Brigitte Jordan (1937-2016) in the mid-1990’s while working at the Institute for Research on Learning. Here are the highlights — From Training to Learning in the New Economy.


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when training is the wrong solution

Harold Jarche

Training is too often the proverbial hammer in search of nails. But training does not improve diversity. In another experiment with 10,000 employees of large global corporations, diversity training had little impact where it mattered. Training does not change attitudes.

eLearning Trends in Healthcare Training


To say it is vital that healthcare workers receive training during this time is an understatement. Without ongoing training, healthcare workers across all aspects of the industry are simply not able to function effectively in their roles.

3 Remote Training Mistakes to Avoid


The use of remote training for corporate learning is rising in 2021. This year, remote training is a necessity for most organizations that want to ensure their dispersed workforce remains skilled and compliant with industry-specific regulatory requirements.

systems thinking and training

Harold Jarche

The pilot training system outside North America and Europe played a significant role it seems. He mentioned the challenge of training pilots in Asia. The Training Challenge. My interest in these stories is how training can be either part of the problem or part of the solution. Obvious training oversight issues, such as allowing pilots to stand in the back of a simulator and have this time counted as time flying the simulator, should be addressed.

System 185

enough training

Harold Jarche

She claimed she was not adequately trained. You might have a personal perception, that you would need additional training, but the minimum standards for your position are determined by the railways.”. This is conjecture, based only on this article, but it highlights significant issues for training professionals. Would more and better training have helped this conductor? Would a longer on-job-training period have better prepared the conductor? Safer trains.

Facilitate is the new train

Clark Quinn

Ok, so I’m being provocative with the title, since I’m not advocating the overthrow of training. However, this concept also updates training. Facilitate really will be the new ‘train’ The post Facilitate is the new train appeared first on Learnlets. The main idea is that a new area for L&D is facilitation. It’s part of what I was arguing when I suggested that the new term for L&D should be P&D, Performance & Development.

Compliance Training is Critical for Today's Organizations


Compliance training is vital to the success of your organization. The benefits of compliance training are undeniable. Also: Learning Management Software Learning Management System compliance training LMS Implementation

How to Transform In-Person Training Into Remote Training Content


This means around half of all organizations still have yet to move training online. Some of these organizations have maintained in-person training, and some may have simply put training on the back burner as they dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. Companies can easily turn in-person training into remote training using a few simple tips. Employee Training remote training

Social Training?

Clark Quinn

Sparked by the sight of a post about ‘social training’, I jokingly asked my ITA colleagues whether they could train me to be social. So, joking aside, it’s not about social training (though learning can be social), but instead about creating a learning organization that brings out the best outcomes from and for the employees.

February Report: Trains

Nine Shift

H ere's our February Report: Trains. Trains are gaining on cars. -Eurostar is adding another train from London to the continent, promoting the train's 80% less pollution as a way to save the human race (it is). The Netherlands announced a 2040 plan to connect its 9 biggest cities with trains leaving every 10 minutes. California does a strategic retreat but still will do the high speed train from LA to SF, they just aren’t saying so. -

Report 100

Train Update

Nine Shift

My good friend in Tiverton, RI, home of the fastest stretch of Amtrak rail in the country, asks me every once in a while the news about trains. 2.Trains need to run on time. This is perhaps the biggest news for trains recently. The federal agency overseeing trains ordered that intermediate stops, not just final stops, would be measured for on-time performance. This is intended to improve on time performance of passenger trains, a big deal.

3 Unconventional Remote Training Ideas to Drive Engagement


In August of 2020, 57 percent of Americans had participated in remote training, while more than one-quarter of people who participated in remote training (27%) said it was ineffective. tips COVID-19 remote training

Talent Development Isn’t Just About Training

Dan Pontefract

The ASTD — American Society for Training and Development — recently announced it was changing its name from ASTD to ATD , or Association for Talent Development. ATD got its start in 1943 as the American Society of Training Directors. As Wikipedia suggests , “The organization began in New Orleans during a training committee meeting of the American Petroleum Institute in 1942. Talent development is not solely about training.

4 Easy Ways to Train a Diverse Workforce with eLearning


1 Whether you are intentionally creating a diverse workforce or your staff is becoming more diverse organically, you must be prepared to train your employees in a way that is effective and supports your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. training lms training Online Learning

2014 CE training programme

Dave Snowden

As we make our way through week 3 here in 2014 we are working towards finalizing our complete CE training schedule for 2014. We have part of our programme posted on the education page of our website with training events happening in Sydney , Washington DC , London , and Copenhagen all during the first quarter of 2014.

Trains Keep Getting Better

Nine Shift

It's another train week at NineShift. . Wi-Fi is going to be available on all high-speed trains in the future, said Huang Min, the deputy general manager of China Railway Corporation, the country’s railway operator, according to a report by that was covered by The Telegraph in this story. . The stability of the internet in tunnels and mountainous areas is a major obstacle to overcome in improving Wi-Fi services on high-speed trains.

Trains' New Foe: Other Trains

Nine Shift

With both passenger and freight trains gaining more business and support, passenger trains face a new foe: freight trains. Freight railroads initially welcomed passenger trains on their tracks. But now, there''s a problem of too many trains wanting to use the same tracks. But expect freight railroads to increasingly resist allocating too much of their track time to passenger trains, as it takes away from their own freight business.

How to Gather and Use Feedback to Improve Corporate Training


Effective corporate training and development programs are key to improved employee productivity. The right training program will provide employees with technical and soft skills needed to perform at a higher level. training lms training Online Learning

Remote Training Best Practices: 3 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement


It’s vital that workers are offered high-quality remote training that engages them, helps them retain information, and ensures they are appropriately skilled. tips COVID-19 remote training

Why Tech Companies Should Reassess Employee Training Goals Now


1 While navigating the coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for tech companies, now is the perfect time for these organizations to reassess their technology training programs to determine if they are meeting the needs of the company during this critical time.

Train Humor

Nine Shift

The kids on Reddit had a blast with the photo and news that someone had stolen a train in Sweden and rammed into a house. If only the homeowners had a train to defend themselves with, this never would have happened. With that said, I believe that everyone should be able to drive trains whenever they want to. What's the purpose of stealing a train, it's not like you could hide it.

Speed Online Training for Healthcare with an LMS


There are a lot of tips on the Web about how to make online training for healthcare more engaging, but what about making it speedier? Faster online training for healthcare employees has never been more important. LMS Healthcare LMS Healthcare Training

How to Accurately Measure the Effectiveness of Remote Training


Since employees are working from home, they are also training from home. Some companies have moved all of their employee training programs online to accommodate workers’ new training needs. remote training

Why Corporations Should Strengthen Remote Training Efforts in 2021


In 2020, remote training was essential to the success of many corporations. Without remote training, businesses wouldn’t have been able to offer valuable training, including compliance training, to workers. CorporateTraining lms remote training

3 Best Practices for Employee Training Gamification


Gamification is a hot topic in online employee training. eLearning and Corporate Training GamificationHowever, despite talk of its importance, it can be easy to lose sight of what eLearning gamification is and what purpose it serves.

Why Learners Lose Interest in Sales Training and How to Re-engage Them


While all employee training is important, sales and customer service training is critical. By providing effective sales training, companies can help ensure that their sales team will perform at an optimal level. eLearning and Corporate Training Employee Training Sales Training

4 Essential Features for Your Next Remote Training Platform


Choosing the best possible remote training platform for your company can be a challenge because there is such a large variety of options on the market. 1 “With that being said, there are a few tricks to finding the best LMS for your company's training needs.”.

Education and Training

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We're reorganizing again and I was recently asked about my education and training.

CE Training – Q3/Q4 2017

Dave Snowden

Our training programme does not break for too long regardless of season and we have a rich menu of training options available for the next two quarters. The post CE Training – Q3/Q4 2017 appeared first on Cognitive Edge As many of us in the norther hemisphere are preparing to take a break during our summer, our friends in the southern hemisphere are working through their winter.

How to Use Microlearning to Maximize Remote Training in Challenging Times


COVID-19 has presented unique training challenges for organizations. It has caused a variety of shifts in the corporate training world. COVID-19 remote training

Why Use Knowledge Checks in Your Corporate Training Program


Training is incredibly important to your employees. A survey mentioned by Your Training Edge indicated that 70 percent of workers claim training directly influences their decision to stick with their current employer or look for a new job. Employee Training Corporate LMS

The 4 Biggest Employee Training Problems eLearning Solves for Enterprises


Employee training is a top priority for many companies. Last year, enterprises spent between $1,075 and $1,886 per learner on training and development. 1 But while employee training is critical to a company’s success, it comes with its fair share of complications. For example, employee training costs can easily skyrocket, and many companies struggle to effectively train a dispersed workforce.

How to Choose the Best LMS for Healthcare Training


The value of healthcare training became more obvious than ever in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic necessitated more and different training than prior years did. Because of this, healthcare companies increased their usage of learning management systems for healthcare training.

How an LXP Can Improve Retail Sales Training


Every employee in a sales position needs training that equips them with essential sales skills. Although most retail companies offer staff training, not all training is effective. In a study conducted by Training Industry, 43.5 Retail Training Sales Training LXP

Learning in the Modern Workplace is more than training or e-learning

Jane Hart

It’s because Traditionalists see LEARNING as something to be designed, delivered and managed – in the form of some classroom training or e-learning – and LEARNERS as […]. I think I have now pinned down the main reason why some people could not understand the points I was making in my post, The L&D world is splitting in two.

3 Ways to Help L&D Teams Provide Remote Employee Training


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training in the workplace has changed significantly. Temporarily gone are the days when employees could come together for in-person training sessions and workshops. Employee Training COVID-19 L&D Team Online Learning Platform

How Nonprofit Training Delivered via LXP Drives Employee Engagement


There are many benefits to providing various types of training to nonprofit employees. Nonprofit training topics can include leadership, customer service, and fundraising. Increased employee engagement is another significant outcome of nonprofit training.

Hidden Benefits of Offering More Employee Training in the Midst of COVID-19


As COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, it’s safe to say that employee training is likely not at the top of most employers’ list of priorities. The majority of companies are simply trying to stay afloat, and for some, that has meant cutting back on training to save money.

the missing half of training

Harold Jarche

The training industry is based on models that were developed for the military. The Systems Approach to Training includes the ADDIE [analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation] model, with variations used throughout industry. Gagne’s early work was in military training. It’s a welcome change, but is focused on individual training. In the military there is much more training than individual, skill & knowledge-focused, course work.

Big Money For Trains Coming

Nine Shift

He spoke last week before passenger rail supporters trying to figure out how to fund a new passenger train route in Wisconsin. . The initial success of Brightline, a totally private passenger rail company in Florida, may be a success story that will turn on the spigot of money for trains. The question is not IF but WHEN trains will get a huge infusion of billions of dollars for updating our transportation infrastructure. .

the uncertain future of training

Harold Jarche

Training courses are artifacts of a time when resources were scarce and connections were few. The roots of training are to get a lot of people to do the same thing competently. The Roman army trained soldiers for battle and many other duties, like building roads. But the modern training field exploded after 1945. Training looks at how people currently do work and then gets others to replicate this. The training department assumed the status quo.