Templates for good

Clark Quinn

In terms of the various ways in which we can support the gaps in our cognition, one of the terms is ‘templates’ And it’s worth discussing what a template is, and considering them at a variety of levels. I want to suggest we should have templates for good.

Templates and tools

Clark Quinn

A colleague who I like and respect recently tweeted: “I can’t be the only L&D person who shudders when I hear the word ‘template'”, and I felt vulnerable because I’ve recently been talking about templates. To be fair, I have a different meaning than most of what’s called a ‘template’, so I thought perhaps I should explain. Templates don’t have to stifle creativity, they can serve to improve quality instead.

eLearning Templates – 20 Resources

Tony Karrer

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts come through eLearning Learning that provide eLearning templates or toolkits or other kinds of interesting resources.

Fixing the quirky noQuirks blog template

David Weinberger

Thanks to Mirek Sopek, the folks at Mako Lab diagnosed why my new WordPress blog template was going all wonky in Internet Explorer 9. Even after I’d discovered that the problem was that I was declaring the HTML page with Quirks , I’d put the type declaration in the wrong spot. I put it at the top of header.php, thinking that would put it at the top of the HTML page that WordPress assembles out of various files. You have to put it at the top of the index.php file. D’oh!

SharePoint Templates for Academic Departments

Tony Karrer

I work at a University and one of our first task’s is to work on a template that might meet 80% of an Academic Departments needs. I’m wondering in your search if you’ve come across others who may have created a more customized template that better suits the needs of a department vs the out of the box templates that you might be able to share. In fact, I don’t believe these are even called templates, so … What would you call what this person is looking for?

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Charles Jennings

I read a piece written by Kate Graham of e2train on Thursday and it started me thinking about the ‘real learning versus managed learning’ debate. I found I disagreed with Kate’s view on a number of points, and stand on the other side of the fence from her argument for a number of reasons.

Template for OER Success Stories

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Outline * Participants: A note about the learners and educators involved. Who provided the solution, for whom? Context: A note about the context, e.g. socio-economic conditions, geographical region, rural vs. urban, available internet access, * Solution: Please give details of the solution here. * Key Barriers: Please give some of the key barriers to access addressed by this solution. Ideally referring back to our list of access issues.) o Access in terms of awareness.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Did You Know 2.0" (shifthappens)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « 8 Random Facts Meme (via Karyn Romeis) | Main | Random Surrealism Generator » August 03, 2007 "Did You Know 2.0" (shifthappens) MUST SEE video from shifthappens. Why must see?

How Not to Adopt an LCMS


Unwillingness to standardize your output templates. Hand-crafted content takes time, but the reality is that most learning content can be templated.

How to Save 30% or More on Translation


Xyleme further simplifies content translation by providing elearning templates in 28 languages, with built-in support for Right-to-Left languages. Xyleme templates automatically re- flow the text to accommodate the expansion and contraction that happens with language translation.

How To 151

New (Free) E-Book: Leading Systems Change Will Supercharge Your Facilitation Skills

Beth Kanter

Each method provides step-by-ste instructions, examples, templates, and additional reading links. This section includes templates for meeting processes. Lucid Meeting Agenda Templates -Lucid Meeting is a collaboration and meeting platform.

"Could you just do me a one pager on that?"

Euen Semple

Putting off doing something by writing a templated bit of business fluff. I remember the sinking feeling those words triggered. You knew that you had lost their attention and they were resorting to diversionary tactics. So many documents are diversionary. Reading yet another fictional case study rather than inspiring your own. Faffing about with formatting and fonts rather than taking the leap and sharing what you have written.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 3

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It has the out-of-the-box gRSShopper template and contents. So I need to edit the page_header template to use the course mascot image, and then to create a contents box (I could just put it in the template but I want to be able to reuse it wherever I want).

Module 159

Another model for support

Clark Quinn

My role was to develop the initial template that the rest of the content fit. Note that this isn’t a template for tarting it up, but instead a template about what the necessary elements and details around them were to ensure that the elements (e.g. In each case, we created an overall template for the learning, and then detailed what the elements for the template were, and the critical components.

Tools for LXD?

Clark Quinn

You might be using templates for good design. I’ve been thinking on LXD for a while now, not least because I’ve an upcoming workshop at DevLearn in Lost Wages in October. And one of the things I’ve been thinking about are the tools we use for LXD.

Tools 204



Content output templates. Learning teams can use an LCMS to develop content using design templates, reusing content elements across courses and learning departments, importing and integrating content from other authoring tools, and publishing the content to multiple outputs and devices.

8 Fantastic Facilitation Playbooks for Designing Productive Nonprofit Meetings

Beth Kanter

Often, we get stuck in meeting design ruts where we blindly follow the same template or recipe. Each method provides step-by-ste instructions, examples, templates, and additional reading links. This section includes templates for meeting processes.

Xyleme Named a Top 20 Authoring Tool for 2018 by Training Industry


Studio, Xyleme’s Authoring platform, allows teams to author collaboratively, create consistent branding with templates, and author once in XML and publish to any web, print, or mobile format. Feb 12th 2018 – Xyleme, Inc. was named by Training Industry a 2018 Top 20 Authoring Tool.

What is #responsivelearning and why should I care?


We discovered that the biggest barriers companies face to producing effective responsive learning content are Skills, Tools, and Templates. Tailor the responsive template to meet your branding needs, without web development skills. .

Narratives of & by the Leader

Dave Snowden

Many moons ago I developed a basic template based on the Water Engineer’s Story which we use to improve communication. It involves a workshop based approach in which teams of people assemble anecdotal data into a template and tell and retell it to different audiences until it becomes natural.

The Power of Reflection in an Ever-Changing World

Charles Jennings

The US military four-question AAR, for example, could serve as a template for any organisation to help embed a culture of reflection. (I wrote the original piece this article is based on for Training Industry Quarterly in Winter, 2012.

Change 206

Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere


With fully customizable and mobile-ready out of the box templates, our web outputs are truly responsive — adapting the content to the specific screen size being used.



IDs can use an LCMS to develop collaborative content with design templates, reuse content nuggets across courses and learning departments, import content from other authoring tools, and publish the content across multiple outputs and devices. Content Output Templates. ?. ?.

Our new instinct

David Weinberger

This is helpful information because Avery doesn’t have nearly as many ready-made templates for Pages as it does for Word. Avery doesn’t have a Pages template for its Beige Design Filing Label, Clear, 30 per sheet (# 5029 ), so you made your own? MacWorld ran an article on how to set up Apples Pages to print out Avery labels. So the article walks the reader through the page and table settings. Excellent.

Scaling in complex systems

Dave Snowden

In a complex system you need to define your identity focal points and manage your connections, rather then get out the flow charting template and create excessive structure.

Links for 2008-07-23 [del.icio.us]

Clark Quinn

Brobst Systems - Ready-made Website Templates and Themes - Free Samples Social Bookmarking For Enterprise Knowledge Management | Intelligent Agent. Martin De Saulles » SMEs and the Web - Executive Summary. SEOmoz | Beginner's Guide to SEO - Single Page Version.

What's Wrong with Traditional Stock Photography Sources for eLearning

Tony Karrer

Access to other files, such as background images, other stock photos, and templates all formatted for eLearning That’s not to say that traditional stock sites have no value. Back in 2007, I provided a long list of sources of stock photography for eLearning.

Complexity, design and aesthetics

Dave Snowden

The picture which opens the post is by David Spencer Both published under a creative commons licence, and have been cropped to fit the template on this page. One of my better ideas last year was to put together the first Cynefin Centre Retreat in Snowdonia.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 5

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I created a page called 'Course Newsletter' and it publishes to course_newsletter.htm For templates I'm using page_header and page_footer. Again, normally I would use a specialized email template to fix this. We launched the course this week and I did a bunch of things to get ready.

Design 186

Learning Trends 2014


Or, they are "toolkits" for loading your own content into JavaScript templates. You need an integrated authoring, workflow and publishing environment, not simply a collection of tools or a framework that allows a developer to produce "HTML5" templates.

Trends 186

Preparation as brinkmanship

Dave Snowden

The position was exacerbated by time spent getting the new keynote template to work, but that is something I enjoy, sad although I know it to be. For those interested in content or template for that matter, the slides are here. I was living on the edge this morning with my keynote.

Under the ‘Content’ Cover

Clark Quinn

That’s why we create external tools like checklists and templates to support good design. Instead, we could be using checklists or templates to ensure we get the right elements. Too often I see instructional design training and tools, in addition to talking about ‘objectives’ and ‘assessment’ (which I tend to call ‘practice’, for hopefully obvious reasons), talking about ‘content’. And I think that simplification is a path to bad learning design.

How much do we love reuse? Let's count the ways!


You can see this illustrated in organizations that have created templates that can be used in multiple courses. If you''re creating a course, for instance, you just need to integrate whichever template you want and then modify pieces of content as desired.

It’s Time to Cross That Bridge: Building Learning in a Highly Regulated or Compliance-Driven Industry


Cut Wasted Time by centralizing content and using templates you will cut time spent on process, allowing more time to author courses collaboratively.

Site Redesign

Harold Jarche

For the most part I have just used templates or very simple layouts. If this site is popular, it is because of the content, not the design. I have not put much effort into the design and visual art is definitely not one of my skills.

Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?


What they did know, however, was that they had specific business problems to solve and that those problems weren''t going to be solved with a new PowerPoint template or yet another rapid eLearning course.

Design 275

Actions speak louder than words

Dave Snowden

Our work uses templates to allow large groups of people to create narratives from fragmented experiences, a very different proposition.

Twelvetide 18:05 metaphor

Dave Snowden

From this we get a range of practical techniques – the use of parables to convey complex learning in organisations is fairly easy to organise (we do it with templates) and the artwork of people like Gaping Void can throw you into a different perspective very quickly.

Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

CMS, templates, classifieds, and cloud hosting, among other features. Bulletlink Templates and allarently free hosting, $59/month. Templates would have to be rewritten, as they're not very good. Here's a demo of the newspaper template. Drupal & Hosted Drupal Newspapers Running on Drupal This is a demo site showcasing newspapers running on Drupal, a popular open source content management system.

Successful Social Media Content Strategy Is A Continuous Improvement for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Format Templates , Content Asset Organizing Tools, and scheduling software that covers this whole process. Format Templates and Cheat Sheets.

A Few Really Useful and FREE Social Media Tips Sheets and Resources

Beth Kanter

Infographic Template for Nonprofit Annual Report: Just in time! A fantastic template to create an infographic in pikochart of your nonprofit’s impact for the past year.

Tips 83

Fun Sign Generator

Tony Karrer

You give it a picture to include in the generated image, choose a template that you want to generate, choose the size of the generated image and it generates a fun resulting image. Fun way to generate signs, magazine covers, etc. at FotoTrix.com.

Signposts for the Week of April 18

Adaptive Path

Sticky note templates for web and mobile design. Signposts is back after a brief hiatus. We've got some good ones this week. Amazing video of Bach's Cantana 147 played in a forest, on a giant wooden xylophone, with gravity and a little wooden ball. Stone tables in Japan serve as warning of the risk of tsunamis across generations. Updates to iOS enable fascinating visuals and frightening implications.