Serverless Computing - An Innovative Approach to Software Development

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Serverless is an approach to software development for quickly building and deploying applications as a collection of loosely coupled modules and microservices.

Software that makes us freer

David Weinberger

Dave Winer has a couple of related posts up, one addressed to Doc Searls and me, and the other broadening the point: we need to be doing more to support software that makes us, and the Internet, freer. Dave’s point is that there’s software that increases our freedom and there’s software that “siphons off and monetizes freedom.” ” People like Dave write software that increases our freedom.

Old skool influential software

Doc Searls

At least I got to play with a PC and an Apple II then, because my company did the advertising for a software company making a game for them. So I got to see first hand what Dave Winer is driving at in MacWrite and MacPaint, a coral reef and What early software was influential? How is it that wanting software to do everything defeats the simple purpose of doing any one thing well? One current victim of cruftism is Apple, at least in software and services.

What’s next for educational software?

George Siemens

Most educational software instantiates physical learning spaces. Instead of creating central spaces of learning, our focus (and reflected in Stephen’s grsshopper software) in subsequent courses turned to encouraging students to own their own learning spaces. Educational software in common use today assumes that structure exists a priori. We have run pilots with the software and have a few additional pilots planned for fall. What do you want the software to do?

Tips for using software

Euen Semple

Always assume it is you who are being stupid rather than the software. Make the effort to learn it - not by reading the manual but by tinkering. Watch kids - they keep pressing buttons until they get what they want. If it doesn't work for you it's not personal - move on and find a better app

Evolution of learning software

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

From classroom scheduling to nose counting to connecting people. Time for a change in emphasis.

Design principles in DSS software

Dave Snowden

An exciting week in Singapore with a series of events including IRAHSS 2013 all held in the Raffles City Convention Centre. That also means an upgraded corner room in the Fairmont Hotel which also has my second favourite swimming pool of any hotel in the world.

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

Not surprising, the terms most closely associated with Adoption are Adoption of Social Software and Adoption of Enterprise 2.0. There are some great resources on this such as: Ten tips for choosing & using social software Adoption of Web 2.0

Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Major Commercial PageSuite Commercial software, pricing not available, demo not functioning. ZMags Apears to be more of a commerce server, but has something they call online newspaper software. Small Commercial Flexportal Newspaper and portal software written in C (which means more installation problems but much better speed). Bondware Newspaper website software. EZY Media Services include software 'packs' (eg.,

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David Gurteen

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eLearning Software

Tony Karrer

eLearning Software posts: eLearning Software Tools Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Software Satisfaction - Satisfaction survey results for eLearning Software. eLearning Software Satisfaction (More) - follow-up on satisfaction results for eLearning Software. What is Rapid eLearning Software? Description of eLearning Software for rapid eLearning. Rapid eLearning Software - Another post looking at eLearning Software for rapid eLearning.

Poster child for open software

Jay Cross

The beauty of open software is that it gets better all the time. I’ve been blogging a long, long time. A decade. I remember the earliest versions of Blogger and the introduction of TypePad. But nothing has impressed me as much as the continuous evolution of WordPress.

The Facebook imperative for enterprise software

Dion Hinchcliffe

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, the well-known CRM and cloud computing company (and now soon-to-be social software vendor) wrote a guest post on TechCrunch late last week making the case for “why enterprise software should take its cues from Facebook and become more social.” Cloud Enterprise Software Hardware Social Enterprise Virtualization

Why Australians unfairly pay more for software and digital entertainment

Ross Dawson

Fortunately the extortionate pricing experienced by Australians for much hardware and software has abated somewhat, however some software, and more prominently digital entertainment including movies and music, is still very expensive.

Training Software License Requirements

Tony Karrer

Our customers use Crystal Reports in connection with our software. The issue from what I could read an interpret from various posts ( statement, article ) is that Business Objects requires Classroom Licensing for third party training organizations to teach using their software. They also are trying to put restrictions on any use of their software in training materials, public presentations, etc.

Webinar Software - Adoption Advice

Tony Karrer

Good question about adoption of webinar software / services - this time from someone who went to my workshop in Cincinnati - Revolution in Workplace Learning - who by the way - called it "awesome." Those are my quick thoughts, but my guess is that there's lots more thoughts out there on what to do around choosing webinar software

Enterprise 2.0 a bright spot for software in 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe

Along the way, new software products continue to emerge in the Enterprise 2.0 space, continuing the variety and innovation needed to keep lift going as the industry matures into a major component of the software business. CIO Collaboration Networking Software IT EmploymentAs some expected, the move to incorporate social media into the way enterprises get work their done has been a difficult one, yet traction increasingly appears to be at hand.

Socialist Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The answer to the question posed in this essay, therefore, boils down, in my view, to this: we build and select and use software that instantiates the four principles, and where possible, we foster and encourage the use of such software in our institutions. Ulises asks, "But how do we challenge the hegemony that has been coded into the technology?"

The Agile Software Vendor (Part 2 – Writing Good User Stories)


In our first post on agile development from January ([link] we discussed the basics of the Agile software development process and why it is good for software vendors and their customers. This article looks at what makes a good User Story – the core of defining requirements. What exactly is a User Story? User Stories are simply requirements. But, as with everything in Agile, we both simplify and specify the process.

Update on Software Simulations Tools

Tony Karrer

I'm never sure what updates people will see, but I wanted to alert people that I've made a small update to my page: Software Simulation eLearning (w/ links to Tools) The update primarily added some data from the eLearningGuilds Research at the bottom of the page - eLearning Tools Satisfaction. This shows satisfaction among tools that fall into categories related to software simulation: screen capture, electronic performance support (EPSS) and simulation.

Embedding social learning into texts and enterprise software

Jay Cross

Learning is social. Business is social. People are social. So why are so many of the forays into learning technology anti-social? Friday afternoon I had a delightful conversation with a kindred spirit, Joe Miller. Joe has been marrying people, technology, and learning since the early days. He worked on the PLATO system for Control Data. He did early stuff with Atari, EPYX, SEGA, and Leapfrog.

Webinar Software - Adoption Advice

Clark Quinn

Good question about adoption of webinar software / services - this time from someone who went to my workshop in Cincinnati - Revolution in Workplace Learning - who by the way - called it "awesome." Those are my quick thoughts, but my guess is that there's lots more thoughts out there on what to do around choosing webinar software

Software Upgrade Training and Support

Tony Karrer

Are people changing just the software version and interfaces or are process changes happening also? You can also check out my post on: Software Simulation eLearning for some other thoughts and links to posts. BJ Schone just posted a great question about a particular situation. They are upgrading their PeopleSoft implementation.

Will social software startups "collapse into the orbit" of the big vendors?

Dion Hinchcliffe

With Microsoft finally making a major acquisition move in social software, are we now seeing the roll up of the entire social business industry? Or is this just an minor story in a vast parade of change when it comes to how enterprises are moving to social software

Enterprise 2.0 a bright spot for software in 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe

Along the way, new software products continue to emerge in the Enterprise 2.0 space, continuing the variety and innovation needed to keep lift going as the industry matures into a major component of the software business As some expected, the move to incorporate social media into the way enterprises get work their done has been a difficult one, yet traction increasingly appears to be at hand.

Change and Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to: Change It's one thing to say this: "we must change existing conditions so that it is normal and possible for a majority of people to move forward." And something very different to say this: "how can I assist my institution, and others, in understanding and responding to change?" Empowering the organization is not the same as empowering the individuals within that organization, and indeed, the two from time to time work at cross-purposes.

Making Software, Making Money

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here's the question to ask: would ELGG have had any measure of success had it been subscription-based software? There should be transparency of data, users should be able to get stuck into the source code if they wish and tweak the software to meet requirements, customers should not be locked into long term contracts with vendors deliberately making it difficult for them to upgrade, change their service etc - that is in an ideal world, not the world we all operate in.

GE pushes ahead with software-defined radio … good news for civilians, too?

David Weinberger

In a press release that is barely comprehensible (or, quite possible, totally incomprehensible) to one such as I, GE has announced a new generation of components that can be used for, among other things, software-defined radios. It is unclear to me whether this technology is designed for anything except military use, but … Software-defined radios (SDRs) are not the next generation of transistor radios or boomboxes (ask your parents, kids).

7 critical aspects of Tibbr’s big step forward for enterprise social software

Ross Dawson

Marc Benioff of Salesforce once asked “why isn’t all enterprise software like Facebook?&#. When I first heard about Tibbr my first thought was about the potential for enterprise social software to integrate deeply into the nuts and bolts of enterprise applications. Tibbr’s basic structure of following activity streams from across the organization, drawing on the power of its integration capabilities, is a significant step forward for social enterprise software.

The Triple Bottom Line in India: Software, Quality Education, and Early Learning

Beth Kanter

But it isn’t a software being developed in a vacuum. The essence of this start-up (it’s not a software startup) is that Klay School profits support the Sujaya School plan and the software Enteef is being developed as a product that enables scale and an exit to attract private capital.

Do You Sociate? » Yi-Tan: Scott Rosenberg’s book on software (and Chandler)

Jerry Michalski

Applications and Theory of Educational Social Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Social Software session Terry Anderson Independent study - type I for information type study Collaborative - Distance Education - Type C Social software fits somewhere in the middle - allows collaboration, but also things like tagging, the search and sort thing that we're used to. Summary of a panel discussion at CADE-AMTEC 2007 featuring Terry Anderson, george Siemens and Dave Cormier.

Firewalls and Security in Software as a Service

Tony Karrer

Tools - A Summary - was general consensus around: Software as a Service is Great for Learning Professionals inside Corporations Firewall restrictions still pose a problem for SOME services Security is a concern, but generally should not stop use The reason that Software as a Service is so attractive is that it is often hard to get Corporate IT to spend time on getting even simple software packages set-up and even harder to get them to agree to support these packages.

Today's enterprise collaboration landscape: Cloudy, social, mobile

Dion Hinchcliffe

Cloud Enterprise Software Mobility Software Unified Comms Enterprise 2.0 While the focus has shifted over the years, as have the vendors, the enterprise collaboration space finally looks a lot more like today''s digital world. Social Enterprise

How social data is changing the way we do business

Dion Hinchcliffe

Big Data Enterprise Software Software Tech IndustryThe vast global firehose of social media today, combined with the emerging big data revolution, is now helping organizations accomplish things that were previously prohibitively expensive or even impossible.

Data 156

The Internet inside the enterprise: We don't have it, and we need it

Dion Hinchcliffe

Apps Cloud Priorities Leadership IT Policies Software Servers Networking IT Priorities Enterprise Software Emerging Tech Data Management Data Centers Consumerization Cloud Big Data Innovation It''s no longer fashionable to criticize enterprise IT as it once was. That''s because the Internet has definitively won the competition and is leading the way in tech innovation. But for proactive organizations, it doesn''t have to be that way.

An enterprise-wide vision for social business: SAP's new take

Dion Hinchcliffe

Earlier today software giant SAP unveiled their latest vision for enterprise social software, along with an integrated set of functional offerings that focus on delivering targeted business value. CIO Collaboration Enterprise Software IT Priorities SAP Software Enterprise 2.0Is it enough?

The new digital workplace: How enterprises are preparing for the future of work

Dion Hinchcliffe

Unified Comms IT Priorities Enterprise Software Emerging Tech Consumerization Collaboration Innovation As innovation in computing devices, apps, and potent new techniques for applying them proliferate in the consumer world, companies are struggling to close the gap. Social Enterprise Enterprise 2.0

Enterprises grapple with social engagement

Dion Hinchcliffe

CIO Collaboration Consumerization Enterprise Software IT Priorities Software Enterprise 2.0The latest report from the Social Business Council shows that organizations have made significant progress towards embracing social media. It's also clear that there's plenty of hard work ahead.

Report 138

How we can create open standards for social business

Dion Hinchcliffe

Collaboration Data Management Enterprise Software IT Priorities Software Development Enterprise 2.0 The proliferation of social networking silos, the growth of proprietary social media technologies, and fragmentation of digital conversation must be addressed. Here''s one way we can do it and you''re invited to contribute. Tech Industry Leadership

Ten examples of extracting value from social media using big data

Dion Hinchcliffe

Big Data Emerging Tech Enterprise Software SoftwareWhile the big data buzz is making the headlines, it's also fast-becoming a genuine force in deriving strategic insight and actionable business intelligence from social media, as we see in each of these compelling case examples.

The major enterprise collaboration platforms and their mobile clients

Dion Hinchcliffe

Cloud Enterprise Software Mobility Software Enterprise 2.0 Most of the leading enterprise collaboration platforms have mobile clients as well as social networking features. Here''s a list of the leaders as well as a look at their mobile clients. Social Enterprise

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