Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Ross Dawson

Of all the social media platforms microblogging is the most akin to conversation,” he said. in January 2009, I included in the “Tools” section Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks, RSS and Syndication, Social Bookmarking, and Microblogging.

Should Knowledge Workers have E2.0 Ratings, Part 3

Andy McAfee

Rather than trying to summarize this debate (which I’d do poorly), let me instead try to make it specific to the topic at hand: whether it would be a good idea to measure, using some kind of multidimensional scale, the contributions of knowledge workers to emergent social software platforms (ESSPs) as well as the popularity of these contributions. Lawrence Liu (Telligent) November 22, 2008 at 1:25 am Thanks for this thought provoking series of posts, Andrew!