Social ROI?

Clark Quinn

Someone was stating that talking about ROI of the social network was important but hard to do now, and essentially wondered if there was new thinking in this area. Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this, but not sure what the current state of play is. So let me ask the question. So I’m calling out L&D because they’re only measuring efficiency when they should be measuring impact.

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Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

Productivity in a Networked era: Not Your Father’s ROI. One cherished industrial age concept that is proving particularly difficult to let go of is return on investment (ROI). But like Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles, old-school ROI’s day in the sun is waning. Traditional ROI.

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Relevance Trumps ROI

Jay Cross

Excerpts from an article by CLO’s Deanna Hartley : Determining Relevance: Tangible vs. Intangible .

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The ROI On Trains: Jobs

Nine Shift

The ROI is huge. These smart planners instead are looking at ROI. Trains attract Gen Y, and thus jobs. Recently Sue Haig, a spokeswoman for a new light rail line in southwest Minneapolis, noted that in coming up with the details of the $1 billion plus line, that saving a few hundred million dollars is not the only consideration in planning the route''s details. And the return on investment is jobs, estimated to be 80,000 NEW jobs over the next 30 years.

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The 4 Most Sought-After LMS Features to Improve ROI


There are many different ways a learning management system delivers ROI to a company.

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


The good news is that there are clear-cut answers to most questions regarding the confusing subject of ROI of eLearning. Does eLearning have a good ROI? Not every type of ROI is measurable. This can have a sizeable effect on an ROI. What is the ROI of eLearning?

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Online communities learn new practices, report higher ROI

Dion Hinchcliffe

Better integration across the board and real measures of ROI are a hallmark The growing trend of supporting the activities and strategic objectives of a business through digital communities continued to mature and gain refinements this year.

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High time for ROI

Jay Cross

Following a keynote by Ed Cohen, former CLO at Booz and now head of Satyam Computer Services’ School of Leadership, we launched into a ThinkTank session chaired by Cedric Coco of Lowe’s with observations from Kent Barnett (Knowledge Advisors), Michael Echols (Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab), and Patti Phillips (of The ROI Institute). ROI is the answer. The conversation in the room implied there was one best way to measure ROI.

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How to Improve the ROI of Your Learning Management System


Investing in a learning management system (LMS) can come with a long list of benefits. It can help organizations store, organize, and access materials, as well as making it easy to track employee progress and performance.

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How Learning Management Systems Increase ROI of L&D Programs


The question is, “Are companies getting a good ROI on their L&D investments?” However, it can be a struggle to make the leap from a traditional approach to training to one that increases a company’s ROI on learning and development (i.e.,

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Increase Your eLearning ROI with Soft Skills Training


Soft skills training doesn’t merely set employees up for long-term success, though; it also increases a company’s ROI on eLearning and decreases turnover. Did you know that 75 percent of long-term job success is dependent upon soft skills?¹ This indicates that soft skills training should be prioritized in any workplace that values growth.

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Learning, Corporations and ROI

Kevin Wheeler

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ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. This level of evaluation will increase the visibility of learning and development efforts, because successful implementation of Level 3 evaluation Internet Time Blog: ROI is toast. ROI is toast. Support - ROI Calculator Training & Support Return on Investment Calculator Investing in Learning: Consider Value, Not Just ROI ROI, or return on investment, is king in today's business world.

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Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0 and internal social media

Ross Dawson

To be frank, I think ROI calculations for social initiatives are in most cases a waste of time, because so many of the benefits and costs are unknowable before the initiative. One of the resources I provide in the chapter is a table to help make ROI calculations. Not all of the items will be relevant, and you may find other items that are applicable, but it provides a good starting point to generating numbers that can be used in an ROI.

How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business – Finally, A New KPI in the Making

Luis Suarez

How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business. The dialogue has evolved, although we may at times still have the impression we are running a circus, as Carrie Young brilliantly indicated in “ Social ROI = Return On Insanity ” This happens when we stop thinking outside of the box and the inertia kicks in that’s so pernicious in the business world: only measuring the low hanging fruit.

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Internet Time Blog » High time for ROI

Jay Cross

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How Much Time Should Your Nonprofit Invest In Different Social Media Channels?

Beth Kanter

Earlier this month, the Ad Council hosted a webinar on the topic of social media ROI with three great social media minds to help us navigate these and other thorny online issues. According to David Almacy, the best five tools to measure social media ROI right now are: TweetDeck.

UX Metrics for Noobs and Skeptics: An Interview With Richard Dalton

Adaptive Path

MX: Managing Experience Management ROI/Business ValueThey say, if it moves measure it. I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot about how to measure UX lately — mainly to realize that I halfway don’t believe it’s possible. My gripe is that even if you can regularly track and look at numbers (itself no small feat), it’s hard to know what they mean exactly.

Food for thought from the “secret ingredients” for designing food & beverages

Adaptive Path

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eLearning is not the answer

Jay Cross

Business learning ROI Informal Learning Web 2.0eLearning is not a big cost-cutter. Corporations are flocking to eLearning for all the wrong reasons. It’s cheaper: no travel, no facilities cost, no instructor salaries. This sort of fanciful thinking tripped up eLearning ten years ago.

User Experience = $5 Million per Employee

Adaptive Path

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4 LMS Trends to Impact the eLearning Industry in 2020


Staying current and aligning your company with these trends can help you create more effective training for your workforce and get the best ROI from your current LMS. Wondering what LMS trends to expect in 2020? If so, you’re not alone.

Signs that You May Need a Strategy

Adaptive Path

You’re being asked the dreaded ROI of design question. Tags: Experience Strategy ROI/Business Value Tips & Tricks Virtual seminar Experience design is seen by most organizations as a cost center, yet those of us in the practice spend most of our days and nights developing solutions that deliver disproportionate value to the organizations that employ us and the customers that purchase our products and services. After all, that’s what keeps designers in business.

Increase Employee Engagement by Avoiding These 3 eLearning Mistakes


There is a lot of information available about how to implement eLearning correctly and in a way that yields a good ROI for your training investment, but there’s a lack of information about mistakes to avoid using your eLearning LMS.

eLearning is not the answer

Jay Cross

Business learning ROI Informal Learning Web 2.0eLearning is not a big cost-cutter. Corporations are flocking to eLearning for all the wrong reasons. It’s cheaper: no travel, no facilities cost, no instructor salaries. This sort of fanciful thinking tripped up eLearning ten years ago. In that first wave of eLearning, venture capitalists and the learning industry saw fortunes to be made by replacing instructors with computers. It didn’t work.

Strategic Numbers: Discussing the Value of Design with Sara Beckman of Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Adaptive Path

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Reflections from Sao Paolo

Jay Cross

Luiz told me a story about trying to coax a group of professionals to try blogging. He asked everyone to make a blog entry; no one did. He instructed them to take a sheet of paper and write out something interesting that had happened to them.

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4 Ways to Use LMS Reports that Businesses Don’t Know About


LMS reports can also help companies calculate an accurate ROI for training, spot problems early on in a training program and give facilitators and learners helpful feedback.

Interview with Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design and Research at TiVo (Part 3)

Adaptive Path

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Zany times at Corporate Learning Trends

Jay Cross

Sometimes things go so far off the rails that all you can do is chuckle at life’s absurdity. Today at Learn Trends , I demonstrated my ability to screw up everything technical within reach. Harold Jarche, Clark Quinn, Jane Hart, and I had planned to lead a session at noon today to explain the thinking we’ve gone through to develop a lightweight, turn-key social learning platform.

Hero Camp video

Jay Cross

Twenty of us have convened in Houston at Hero Camp to come up with ways to foster the development of everyday heroes. We don’t expect to produce legions of citizens who jump between the tracks to protect someone from an oncoming train. Rather, we hope to promote these attributes among adolescents: * bravery, risk-taking, faces down oppression. driven by justice and the greater good, self-sacrificing. extraordinary.

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Everyday heroes

Jay Cross

God knows, the world could use more heroes. What would an agenda for creating everyday heroes look like? So asks psychologist extraordinaire Phillip Zimbardo. Hi HeroCamp! From Zim himself! Everyone has the POTENTIAL to be a hero, but, for whatever reason, most people aren’t incited to practice heroism everyday.

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Informal Learning Blog » Out of sight, out of mind

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Internet Time Blog » Upcoming presentations

Jay Cross

Informal Learning Blog » The income statement isn’t

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

February Report: New Green Deal

Nine Shift

Old people say there's no ROI in saving the human race, informing their grandchildren they won't make it past 2200. Top story of the month: New Green Deal. Sorry, kids, it's just too expensive for the world's richest country to save the human race. . But Gen Y is not buying the cost.

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Could this be the Gen Y Revolt We Predicted?

Nine Shift

The ROI just isn't there, he maintains. This week AOC is getting a lot of support for her publicizing efforts to save the planet. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the 20something congresswoman from New York who seems to be representing her generation as well as her district.

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Harold Jarche » Launch and Learn

Harold Jarche

How Nonprofit Training Delivered via LXP Drives Employee Engagement


CEO and co-founder of AchieveMission, said, “In nonprofits, as in business, leadership development programs result in a high ROI, but in this sector, they also produce results such as more mission impact and stability.”

Informal Learning Blog » Get them to RTFM

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Harold Jarche » Quantifying relationships, or perhaps not

Harold Jarche

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What Does the Training Department Do When Training Doesn’t Work?

Charles Jennings

In the ROI world the perfect solution consists of a identifying a clear causal chain linking and isolating training input with ‘hard numbers’ of output. Sometimes isolating ROI is easy, sometimes it’s impossible. The global training industry is large and in growth again post-2008.

3 Questions to Ask When Picking a Learning Management System


What ROI will my company receive from this learning management system? If hidden fees are involved, you might want to consider investing in a flat-rate solution to provide the best ROI. What ROI will my company receive from this learning management system? Measuring the ROI of an LMS is something that has even eLearning experts stumped. Usually, company leaders must launch an LMS before they can accurately assess ROI. Calculating the ROI of eLearning.

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