How long does it take to select an LMS?

Tony Karrer

Learning Strategy Defined? The first steps in my process are: Form a core selection team and define stakeholders Define business and learning strategy Agree to process with key stakeholders Bryan jumps by these. In other words, you would need to have business and learning strategy and a core team identified before you start. What often happens when you go to select an LMS is that you realize that you don't really have the strategy defined.

RFP 22

LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated

Tony Karrer

Configuration, customization Testing Pilot Communication Life with an LMS Focus will be on: LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders Size of Team and Duration based on eLearningGuild Data (coming soon) Topic #2 - Common Mistakes Missing key team members such as IT Not handling politics Favorites Incumbents Power plays Not having an overall strategy defined Not having agreement on selection process Not defining communication path during selection process. Confusing an RFI and an RFP.


The Outcome of Our Outcomes

Beth Kanter

It’s a preamble to an RFP. The Packard Foundation did find significant value in Learning in Public and has launched an effort to refresh the strategy for its Organizational Effectiveness Program in public, with crisp goals and a clear audience. Flickr Photo By Mastery of Maps.

RFP 11

LMS Selection Process

Tony Karrer

Getting agreement on strategy and process. Difference between an RFI and an RFP. What requirements to put in an RFP. How to balance making an RFP response useful to you and not too hard for a vendor. How much should you lead a vendor in the RFP requirments. I don't have good stuff on the fuzzy front-end, defining strategy, etc.


All Social is Learning | Organizational Knowledge Design

Martijn Linssen

What is your social media strategy? Or should we ask now: What is your learning strategy, and what role is played therein by social media, happy hours, phone calls, email, downtime, etc.? Learning Management Suite RFP Template | - [.]