What Client Must Look for While Choosing a Virtual Repository

Adaptive Path

That is how, virtual repositories eliminated the requirement to finish the whole transaction merely throughout face-to-face negotiations. Audit reports generated on a regular basis help to follow the activity in the virtual repository. Various search and upload instruments also simplify and accelerate the project execution via the repository. Storage and exchange of the confidential data on the Internet are becoming an indispensable demand of the modern business realm.

Internet Time Blog » Living the Cluetrain Manifesto

Jay Cross

Be that person

Euen Semple

It occurred to me yet again recently how almost all successful attempts that I have seen to shift intranets from being passive content repositories to active places where work really gets done, and great conversations take place, have been down to one person.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Top Ten AntiSpyware Apps from CNET | Main | Semi-Daily Quote/Lyric/Words of Others » March 26, 2008 "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine) ( LINK ) "This article investigates the use of social software applications indigital library environments.

A Framework for the Safe Management of Digital Identities and Data

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Instead of gathering raw data into a central location for processing, the algorithms or queries should be sent to the repositories and be processed there. Raw data must always remain in its permanent repository under the control of the repository owners.

Data 162

A Few Words on ePortfolios

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

An e-portfolio is a collection of digital materials uploaded by a student to an e-portfolio repository; the repository owners can then make this material available publicly to prospective employers or clients, as requested by the student.

Blockchain Can Reshape Financial Services… But it Will Take Significant Time and Investment

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Advice for the UNESCO OER Mapping Project

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

If course, this discussion is centered around OER *repositories* and not only the resources themselves. Consequently, mappings will need to describe repository properties. I am thinking at this point that the OER initiative should be drawing from the experiences of OER repositories and repository indices that already exist. Email written as advice to the UNESCO OER mapping initiative.

What will universities monetize in the future?

George Siemens

If I was tasked with designing a course from scratch, I would start by searching repositories, rather than creating any new content. Universities do more than teach. Research is one of the most important activities of higher education.



Online learning object repository. Online Content Repository (Courses). ?. ?. Online Learning Object Repository. ?. LMS vs. LCMS: What is the difference and why does it matter? LMS vs. LCMS?

Open Education Resources bill in Brazil

David Weinberger

It also deals with repositories for such OERs. Carolina Rossini passes along the following: Today, the Sao Paulo State Legislature Representative, Mr. Simao Pedro, assisted by his team, specially Lucia F. Pinto, and the OER-Brazil Project, has introduced an OER bill to regulate the educational resources developed directly and indirectly (contracts for products or services or public purchases) by that state, and determine that an open license should be applied (CC-BY-NC-SA).

GitHub launches service for open government

Ross Dawson

The Bundes-Git service is a version control repository of German laws, and all Dutch laws are now on GitHub. Future of government seems to be the topic of the moment.

[misc] StackLife goes live – visually browse millions of books

David Weinberger

books and other items in the Harvard Library systems 73 libraries and off-campus repository. I’m very proud to announce that the Harvard Library Innovation Lab (which I co-direct) has launched what we think is a useful and appealing way to browse books at scale. This is timed to coincide with the launch today of the Digital Public Library of America. Congrats, DPLA!!!).

Second Waves

Doc Searls

Why not point to the code repositories and say, “Have at it&# ? Here’s a theory: others can make better things with Google Wave’s parts than Google made with Wave itself, the death of which Google announced today.

What is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)?


Large companies with brand guidelines, regulations, or any sort of compliance issues can’t function without a central content repository. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Learning Content Management Systems.



It is both a central Learning Object Repository (LOR) and Tin Can-compliant Learning Record Store (LRS). Online Content Repository (Courses). ?. ?. Online Learning Object Repository. . ?.

working smarter case study

Harold Jarche

Established an Online Resource Repository (Decision Support Tools, Case Studies, Tools, Job Aids, & additional information sources).

Social snake oil

Harold Jarche

The practitioners I talked to about PPI [Personal Productivity Improvement] said they would love to participate in PPI coaching, provided it was focused on the content on their own desktops and hard drives, and not the stuff in the central repositories.

David Weinberger - Untitled Article

David Weinberger

The second and third together has resulted in an enormous and public repository of questions, answers, examples, and explanations. Search engines are so damn good that we can find our way through that gigantic, unplanned repository. Remember what it was like to be dumb? No, kids, you probably don’t. I used to be a terrible, horrible, miserable hobbyist programmer. I enjoyed it a great deal, but land-o-lakes was I dumb!

Setting up PyDev on Eclipse for 64 bit Vista and 64 bit Java

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It provides outlines and templates, helps you navigate complex file trees, and connects with code repositories. The SVN repository screen will show up. Click on the little green plus to add a remote SVN code repository. Type the URL in the field (you will need to find your own SVN repository; our repository requires credentials and is not (yet) public). Right-click on the repository URL and select 'check out'.

The Power of Reflection in an Ever-Changing World

Charles Jennings

Initially started as a weekly email for new hires, the program is now firm-wide and provides a key repository of reflective stories and experiences. (I wrote the original piece this article is based on for Training Industry Quarterly in Winter, 2012.

Change 206

Assessing online assessments

Clark Quinn

I recall hearing of, but haven’t yet seen, a seriously threatening repository of such. Yes, there are learning object repositories, but they’re not yet populated with a rich suite of contextualized practice. Good formal learning consists of an engaging introductions, rich presentation of concepts, annotated examples, and meaningful practice, all aligned on cognitive skills.

LibraryLab funded project librapalooza

David Weinberger

Makes it easy to create slideshows out of images from image repositories. It initially is using the VIA repository. This tool eases the process of adding open access material to open access repositories, including Harvard DASH. This is an issue because not all repositories have the same APIs or metadata definitions. Skip Kendall and Andrea Goethals: Zone 1 Rescue Repository: 1. Content can be exported into other repositories.

stories connect knowledge

Harold Jarche

Given the complexity of modern work and the need to share implicit knowledge, perhaps we should focus less on instructional design or knowledge repositories.

PKM 229

Dean Krafft on the Linked Data for Libraries project

David Weinberger

There’s a startup cost, but as you share more data repositories and types, the costs/effort goes up linearly, not at the steeper rate of traditional approaches. Fundamental assumption: No single system can provide the full range of repository-based solutions for a given institution’s needs, yet sustainable solutions do require a common repository. A: It’s a Ruby Gem that serves as an interface for Hydra into a Fedora repository.

[templelib] James Neal, Columbia University

David Weinberger

Managing repositories. At Temple University’s symposium in honor of the inauguration of the University’s new president, on Oct. 18, 2013. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters.

Working smarter, daily

Harold Jarche

It’s also a repository of thoughts and notes I use in my daily work. Tweet My blog functions as my outboard brain, a place to get half-baked ideas out in the open and work on them in public. I often refer to a blog post instead of writing the same email a dozen times.

eLearning Learning

Clark Quinn

As part of a Personal Learning Network for those in elearning, such a searchable repository is quite useful. Just to note that Learnlets is now part of the blogs recorded in Tony Karrer’s eLearning Learning. Tony’s made an architecture that allows blogs and articles on a particular topic to be aggregated and searched. I used it as a recommended resource for the upcoming Foundations Intensive elearning introduction event as part of the Learning Solutions conference.

[liveblog] Stephanie Mendoza: Web VR

David Weinberger

This crosses into Meinong’s jungle : a repository of non-existent entities in Alexius Meinong ‘s philosophy. Stephanie Mendoza [twitter: @_liooil ] [Github: SAM-liooil] is giving a talk at the Web 1.0 conference. She’s a Unity developer. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker.

Socialcast and social learning

Harold Jarche

We’ve been using Socialcast for a while now and for large organizations that have multiple silos of information in repositories like Sharepoint, it’s a pretty good platform.

Identifying the Internet

David Weinberger

Very much as vocalizations evolved into a universal human communications framework, or ink on paper evolved into a universal repository for human knowledge. I’ve signed onto a filing to the FCC that encourages it to continue to distinguish the Internet from the special services carriers want to offer. The Internet is only the Internet if it is open and does not prefer some applications, sites, or content. David Reed brilliantly articulates his reasons for signing.

enough training

Harold Jarche

Allison Rossett states that “ … performance support is a repository for information, processes, and perspectives that inform and guide planning and action. In a recent CBC News story, a railway conductor lost her job following a derailment.


Jay Cross

You can share folders selectively (Internet Time Alliance has a shared DropBox repository.) I am moving the My Documents folders from all of my computers to one Dropbox. Dropbox is the equivalent of a hard drive in the cloud. I’ve been using the free version (2 GB) for months without any hassles. Dropbox lets me work on files offline; it syncs when I’m back on the net. It provides a shareable folder to make files available to others.

Towards a Trusted Framework for Identity and Data Sharing

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently participated in a Treasury Identity Forum organized by the US Treasury Department in Washington, DC.

Data 244

Can the web be taught?

Euen Semple

They may use Facebook at home and share their documents in a "knowledge repository" at work but have little experience or understanding of the transformative power of the tool that is literally at their finger tips. Following on from my two previous posts on whether the web makes things better, and the great comments on them, I now find myself wondering about the degree to which the web can be taught.

Defibrillating Knowledge Management

Martijn Linssen

Efforts to improve an organization’s KM were thus focused on repositories, with entreaties to “share your knowledge.”

Knowledge sharing paradox revisited

Harold Jarche

The practitioners I talked to about PPI [personal productivity improvement] said they would love to participate in PPI coaching, provided it was focused on the content on their own desktops and hard drives, and not the stuff in the central repositories.

Open Access: Half step forward, big possible step back

David Weinberger

On the other hand, the Open Access Blog reports: Congressional Representative John Conyers (D-MI) has re-introduced a bill (HR801) that essentially would negate the NIH policy concerning depositing research in OA repositories. Boston University has decided to set up an open access archive for scholarly work produced there. This seems to stop short from mandating that academics there are required to put a copy of their published work into the archive, but it’s a good step.

Hot List - Second Half of January

Tony Karrer

Alternatives to Kirkpatrick Wiki as repository for a virtual community Wikipedia - tightening editing Remote Collaboration the Horizon report 2009 from Educause Items HP Learning Center - free online software, business, marketing and IT classes for small and medium business Keywords Social Media Work Skills Twitter Photoshop Captivate Adobe Google Articulate eBook Tools Demo ASTD TechKnowledge Notes on the list. As I was at ASTD last week, I missed doing my Hot List for the week.

List 100

[berkman] Peter Suber on the future of open access

David Weinberger

But he does want to define Green Open Access (= open access through a repository) and Gold OA (= OA through a journal). University repositories: “When most universities have institutional repositories,&# individually or as part of a consortium. In the absence of a universal repository, every university ought to have one. Today, only a small fraction is libre OA because most OA repositories depend on permission from publishers. Peter Suber, Research Prof.