The MIT Work of the Future Report

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The final report will be issued after conducting additional research over the next year. The report’s overriding conclusion is that the likelihood that AI and automation will wipe out major workforce sectors in the near future is exaggerated.

Report 188

The Horizon Report 2011

Jane Hart

Each year, the Horizon Report describes six areas of emerging technology that will have significant impact on higher education and creative expression over the next one to five years. The areas of emerging technology cited for 2011 are: Time to adoption: One Year or Less.

Report 285

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Educational Research in Learning Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Kerr in this recent post , about how research in educational technology could be improved, but I have disagreements around the edges, enough that I think more discussion is warranted. Here are just a few: - access - it is demonstrably true that educational technology has increased access.

questioning technology

Harold Jarche

Perhaps hierarchies are a ‘ technology ‘ we no longer need to organize as a society. Dr. Howard says roboticists and programmers need a data set that mirrors the US Census Report. Let’s speak up and take control of ‘our’ technologies. “We Technolog

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2018

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For the past several years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has published an annual list of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies that would be potentially disruptive over the next three to five years while also providing significant benefits to economies and societies.

New Mobile Report Out

Clark Quinn

I’m happy to report that the eLearning Guild has just released this year’s mobile learning research report I authored for them (after doing the same last year). similar free access to other coming research reports, Thought Leader Webinars, etc). I should admit that there’s a bias in the report, in that the membership of the Guild is largely (though not wholly) corporate, and again largely US based.

Report 166

Technological Unemployment and the Future of Work

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Few topics are as important, - and as challenging to anticipate, - than the future of work given our justifiable fears of rising technological unemployment. One such discussion took place this past September at the The World Summit on Technological Unemployment in New York.

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2017

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Earlier this year, Scientific American , in collaboration with the World Economic Forum , published a special report on The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2017. The full report includes a one-page description of each of these technologies.

Gender Diversity, Empathy and Technology

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What’s the value of gender diversity in technology-based disciplines? Is gender diversity an asset for technology-based companies? Are men inherently better than women at technology-based jobs? These are questions that have long been discussed.

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2016

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For the past several years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has published an annual list of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies that would likely have the greatest impact on the world in the years to come. The technologies on the list are not new.

Workshop report

Dave Snowden

The vertical dimension was from rigid process to no process and the horizontal from high technology dependence to low. An all day workshop today as a build in to the ARK KM conference here. A good turn out, many people I know well plus some new people.

Report 130

Technology and the Future of Media

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most everyone will agree that advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are radically transforming the business landscape. Several weeks ago I wrote about The Future of Financial Services , based on their report on the subject.

Unlock your potential with Towards Maturity’s 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report

Jane Hart

Today, Towards Maturity released their 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report: Unlocking Potential: Releasing the potential of the business and its people through learning. Unlocking Potential shows whilst L&D teams are using more technology than ever before, it is not enough.

Report 250

Technology, Resources and Innovation

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Take that base scaffolding and then wrap a learning community around it, based on great teaching, great technology, and the power it provides. I see that technology today, in pockets. We could develop courses by ourselves pre-technology. technology standards.

Payment Technologies: Past, Present and Future

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I was reminded of this dictum when recently attending a very interesting workshop, Payment Technologies: Past Present and Future. The workshop was sponsored by UC Irvine’s Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion (IMTFI).

New Horizon Report: Alan Levine – Mindmap

Clark Quinn

This evening I had the delight to hear Alan Levine present the New Media Consortium’s New Horizon Report for 2011 to the ASTD Mt. For the near term (< 1 year), he identified the two major technologies as ebooks and mobile devices (with a shoutout for my book : very kind).

Report 182

Evidence for benefits: Towards Maturity Report

Clark Quinn

An organization that I cited in the Revolution book, Towards Maturity , has recently released their 2015-2016 Industry Benchmark Report , and it’s of interest to individuals and organizations looking for real data on what’s working, and not, in L&D. The report has a number of useful sections, including documenting the current state of the industry, guidance for business leaders on expectations, on listening to learners, and on rethinking the L&D team.

Report 107

Tech for Peace report

David Weinberger

Report 116

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2017

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Earlier this year, Scientific American , in collaboration with the World Economic Forum , published a special report on The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2017. These technologies, - selected by a global panel of experts , - “are expected to become increasingly commonplace in the next few years,” and are “attracting increased funding or showing other signs of being ready to move to the next level.”. Artificial Intelligence Innovation Supercomputing Technology and Strategy

Gender Diversity, Empathy and Technology

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What’s the value of gender diversity in technology-based disciplines? Is gender diversity an asset for technology-based companies? Are men inherently better than women at technology-based jobs? But, while much research remains to be done, let’s accept the conclusions of the E-S theory, and consider a different question: Are empathy and related soft capabilities important, - for males as well as females, - even in the hard world of technology?

Solow Paradox 2.0: The Lagging Impact of Technology Advances on Productivity Growth

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Which is why few topics have generated as much concern among economists and policy makers as the sharp decline in productivity growth in the US and other advanced economies over the past decade, - despite accelerating technology advances.

Pew Report Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I was interviewed some time ago ( here's how I responded , in full) for a Pew report on the future of the internet , which has now come out. I am one of the people featured in the report. The report is being picked up, and I am quoted by Fast Company and ReadWriteWeb. server technology (Opera Unite, Firefox POW, etc) as a breakthrough technology, so people can put their own data into the cloud without paying Flickr or whomever.

Report 137

Launch of 2014 Crunch Time report: 14 domains hitting the crunch and responses

Ross Dawson

Today Future Exploration Network launches our 2014: Crunch Time mini-report. The post Launch of 2014 Crunch Time report: 14 domains hitting the crunch and responses appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

Report 239

eLearning Guild Mobile Learning Research Report now available

Clark Quinn

I’ve had my head down on a couple of projects, but I can now announce one of them: the eLearning Guild’s Mobile Learning Research Report is now available. The report is free for all paid members of the eLearning Guild, with plenty of other benefits.

Report 192

[liveblog] Data & Technology in Government

David Weinberger

Part of the importance of this is that students at the Kennedy School are agitating for a much strong technology component to their education on the grounds that these days policy makers need to be deeply cognizant of the possibilities technology offers, and of the culture of our new technology development environment. Tomorrow there is an afternoon of discussions sponsored by the student-led Technology for Change group. Todd Park, White House Technology Advisory.

Data 135

Better Education Through Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

me) on seeing a sight like this is to suggest that everybody would be better off with a little more investment in technology. But they could instead higher fewer people, pay them more, and use technology to make up the difference. But third, and perhaps most critically, you don't actually get any improvements in output using the technological solution. It is in this context we need to read an article like Kentaro Toyama's Can Technology End Poverty?

Report from Denmark: Designing the new public library at Aarhus, and the People’s Lab

David Weinberger

Three and a half years ago, the Danes wrote a report on public libraries in the knowledge society, and went looking for partnerships, which is unusual for the Danes, says Knud. When they began, it was about kick-ass technology.

Report 201

Education Technology Strategies - Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

So the Achieving Excellents has four major objectives: - achieving excellence - ensuring equity - promoting well-being - competence We''ve also been partnering with the Council of Directors of Educations (CODE - ''superintendants'') - this boosts what we know about technology and enabling innovations. We also find these technologies are giving students with special needs a new voice, and to connect with their teachers and classmates. So, we see this huge growth in technology.

The Irony of The New Times Reporting on "Knowledge Jobs"

Nine Shift

4.Last month, in a story about how technology will eliminate knowledge jobs. The New York Times has only used the term "knowledge jobs," according to its own search engine, a total of four times. And, if you read the last paragraph in this post: Plus, oh my, the irony! Last month The New York Times used, probably for the first time, the term "knowledge jobs" in a front page story. .

Report 109

Technology, Capitalism and “The American Way of Life”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Much has been written about our digital technology revolution and its impact on economies, societies and individuals. Our present age of information and communication technologies (ICT), whose starting point she pegs at 1971, is the fifth such major revolution.

Reporting Social To Stakeholders

Beth Kanter

It was a fantastic laboratory to explore the power of peer learning and the right mix. One of the topics that constantly comes up is, “How do we stay on top of all this learning about technology when we don’t have time?” Report regularly and you will be rewarded.

Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

lessons scripted around 1:1 laptop); IT issues - we were a Windows network, with everything on our own domain - we needed to open eg printing etc O - consumer technology far more accessible in 2012 esp. dates to classical Greece How does technology change this? - Most classrooms still dominated by teachers teaching answers and students remembering them We can change the technology but if we haven''t changed the goal we really haven''t accomplished anything.

A Useful Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Technology on Jobs

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last week I discussed a recent Pew Research report on the impact of AI, robotics and other advanced technologies on the future of jobs. These activities are neither candidates for technology substitutions, nor can they be easily complemented with technology-based tools. .

Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement

Luis Suarez

Of course, there have been plenty of obstacles along the way, and there are still plenty of them ahead of us, but, if there is anything that I have learned in the last year, since my last progress report update , and even more so in the last few months, is that this movement is now unstoppable.

Report 270

Dr. Watson, Please Report to the Health Care System

Andy McAfee

And since Watson is constantly trolling the Web, he would perhaps bring to my attention a case report published the previous night in a Swedish journal describing a new interaction between two of the drugs my patient is taking. Current speech recognition and natural language processing technologies are so good that I could give this description over the phone.

Report 206

Bridging the World’s Knowledge Divide: Technology + Competition, Skills and Institutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This year’s event was focused on the impact of digital technologies on economic development in emerging and developing countries. It was organized around six different sessions , each of which explored the links between technology and development through a different lens. .

Skills 215

How the next generation of display technologies will transform mobile computing

Ross Dawson

This morning I was interviewed on the Morning Show about next generation technologies including holograms on smartphones, machine to machine (M2M) communication, neuro-hacking and brain implants. Mobile Technology trends Uncategorized

5 facets of employees’ increasing technology expectations

Trends in the Living Networks

I spoke about how the evolving intersection of technology and society is shaping employees’ expectations, particularly in the technology they can use. I wove a broader story about social change and its implications, though I briefly brought out five points on what employees expect from technology. When people go into organizations, they have extremely high expectations of the technology they are given to use. Social trends Technology trends Web 2.0

Impressive startups! Report from PushStart Australian accelerator Demo Day

Trends in the Living Networks

They have made a sale in South Africa, and will be trialling the technology in Sydney CBD later this month. . Incubators and accelerators are blossoming all over the world, with in Australia the seed accelerator space represented most prominently by StartMate , PushStart , and Melbourne-based AngelCube. I wrote about the Australian accelerator scene when PushStart was launched. Yeseterday afternoon I went to PushStart’s demo day for their first intake.

Report 111

Report: Insights from the Google AI Impact Challenge

Beth Kanter

Partnerships with technology companies are driving AI4Good, providing their expertise, toolkits, and resources to work with nonprofits to integrate the use of AI. There are also research reports , events, fellowships, and bootcamps , and an annual AI4Good Global Summit.

Report: Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Beth Kanter

Meanwhile, digital technology has changed the game. We saw a larger number of reports and publications out there on the topic, but most felt stale and too isolated to the nonprofit sector. Could funders prioritize storytelling as a reporting and evaluation mechanism?

Everything You Need to Know About Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 in Three Short Reports

Andy McAfee

But the reports are still quite good. Enterprise Q&A is a technologically-facilitated way to achieve serendipity. Reports of our findings have just been released under the heading “ When Social Meets Business Real Work Gets Done.” ” The three reports are short, but dense with useful facts, conclusions, and recommendations. technologies to help Marketing and Sales integration is the least mature of our 3 use cases.

Technology Stewardship in Learning Contexts

Nancy White

He offers some great technology stewardship advice when thinking about “traditional&# learning tech such as learning management systems and collaborative tools. Tags: learning technology stewardship