Euen Semple

The habit of projecting onto others things we don't like in ourselves. How to respond without projection? So easy to do, so hard to avoid. There is much to find fault with in the world. Much that is clearly not working. Much that causes tension and distress. Seeing our way without clouding things with our own baggage? Suggesting solutions without the need for blame? Must try harder

Hard Fun Projects

Clark Quinn

And, it occurred to me, that’s also true for good project work. And those also define a meaningful project for solving in the workplace. The project has to have a clear benefit to the organization. We can, and should, be setting up our projects to meet these criteria.

Project Aha!

Jay Cross

I needed a short name for this project. I am open to collaboration on this project. is a set of practices I’m developing to help pull-workers learn to learn.

New Project: Digitizing Higher Education

George Siemens

The project, University Networks, involves working with a small number of universities, or specific faculties and departments, that are committed to rethinking and redesigning how they operate. We’ll provide more information at that time about the project, getting involved, and our expectation of university partners. We have an excellent advisory board directing this project: John Galvin (Intel). Casey Green (Campus Computing Project).

The perils of projection

Euen Semple

But this allows us all to stay comfortable, to project our worries onto those around us, to stay stuck. We need to understand our projections and take responsibility for them. It is interesting thinking back to the Thatcher era and how polarised we became. You can see it happening now online with the news of her death. You can see the same thing watching the current conservative government demonising people. Whether it is immigrants, skivers, it is always "them".

LibraryLab funded project librapalooza

David Weinberger

The Harvard Library Lab , which issues grants for library innovation at the University, is holding a forum in which all the projects get 5 mins to introduce themselves. The names prefacing these blurbs are of the presenters, who are not always the project leads or developers.). where they’re working on the Garibaldi Project , a way of browsing a set of related content. MIT is collaborating on this project).

Garden project - an invitation

Dave Snowden

The project allows you to tell stories about your garden and also to comment on some generic garden types. It's an innovation project which was initiated by Ferro (who have several Cognitive Edge practitioners) in the Netherlands, but is international in scope.

Adobe’s Project Rome

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Projecting Nabokov

Mind Hacks

Cynics, and especially cynics of a Freudian persuasion, might suggest that if you’ve written a novel about paedophilia, the last thing you’d want is people probing your unconscious motivations and so Nabokov’s objections could be understood as a form of projection.

Grants for education projects

David Weinberger

HASTAC and MacArthur have announced the third year of the Digital Media and Learning Competition, awarding grants for innovative educational projects. This year, the White House is one of the sponsors. Also, this year the proposals will be open for public comment. Here’s what you’ll need to put in your application; submissions begin Jan 7

My Next Book Project Has A Spanking New Book Cover

Dan Pontefract

Having gone through the process of publishing a book once before, I can honestly say one of the most rewarding experiences is when the book cover is finalized. It’s that time, again. Releasing November 10, 2015 … DUAL PURPOSE: Redefining the Meaning of Work. I hope you like it. (I

[f2c] Telehealth Project

David Weinberger

Check this project : DocBox sits on top of a tv and provides 2-way connectivity so seniors can exercise together under the eye of a trained person.

Sebastian Thrun confuses me: Thoughts on Udacity’s openness project

George Siemens

I encourage Thrun to connect with existing openness projects, consider open licensing, and evaluate the potential impact of contributing to, rather than competing with them. Sebastian Thrun confuses me. He is without a doubt a very bright person, with a resume that includes Google, self-driving cars, and Glasses. He took a bold step early in the MOOC game when he left Stanford to start Udacity.

Running SenseMaker® projects and Building signification frameworks - new courses announced

Dave Snowden

They feature some theory on SenseMaker® and narrative research approaches, but emphasise practical aspects with plenty of examples from current projects and past experiences. An Introduction to Running SenseMaker® Projects. It covers some of the key options and decisions needed for an effective project. The day is ideal for those who have overall responsibility for running a SenseMaker® project but have never run one before.

Wikipedia art project

David Weinberger

Scott Kildall has posted to a public mailing list a very useful compendium of links about an attempt to create a work of art as a Wikipedia article. I have not seen the Wikpedia page and it’s been deleted but the Talk page is there. And from the Talk page, it sounds to me like the deletion was appropriate.).

Things to do at the beginning of each project

Adaptive Path

It’s been said that the two hardest parts of a project are the beginning and the end. But when you’re kicking off a project, you’re often so preoccupied trying to establish cordial working relationships and understand the nature of the project that some of the trivial but essential details get neglected. Below, I share my list of things to do at the beginning of each project. 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days) and then account for it into the project schedule.

Another angle on the Human Brain Project

Mind Hacks

An important interview with the neuroscience laboratory manager from the Human Brain Project revealing some previously unknown details about the running of this important scientific endeavour.

Feed Your Creativity: The Palate Cleanser Project

Adaptive Path

You're about halfway through your project. The project plan is going swimmingly and you've entered the design phase. The wind has left your sails—you've hit the project doldrums. I've worked on some looooong projects, some with one- or two-year long cycles.

Feed 149

NTEN’s We Are Media Project | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Jul 27 2008 NTEN’s We Are Media Project Published by Nancy White at 1:25 pm under social media Beth Kanter is stewarding a very cool project for NTEN, We Are Media. There is a veritable blossoming of projects to help people learn about and adopt social media these days.

Understanding and Project Constraints

Tony Karrer

In Understanding Project Constraints the author discusses another possible dimension of project constraints: Project teams are limited by what they understand about the project, the concerns of the clients, the interests of others on the team, and the interests of the firm. This is really making sure you understand the true project constraints along other dimensions. Found via a post by Jack Vinson.

Global Pulse HunchWorks Project: Week 3 Challenge

Adaptive Path

All the thinking and output generated in this project will be publicly available and Creative Commons licensed, and you can provide your submitted designs under a Attribution, Share Alike (CC-BY SA) license. Imagine you're a researcher working with farmers in Uganda.

Global Pulse HunchWorks Project: Week 3 Challenge

Adaptive Path

All the thinking and output generated in this project will be publicly available and Creative Commons licensed, and you can provide your submitted designs under a Attribution, Share Alike (CC-BY SA) license. Imagine you're a researcher working with farmers in Uganda.

Managing Design Projects Has International Draw

Adaptive Path

Last month we announced Managing Design Projects , a ‘grassroots’ Adaptive Path conference, coming up on February 5th 2009. He is not only author of Myths of Innovation , and Making Things Happen , but a kick-ass speaker with great stories from his experience managing projects at Microsoft. Tags: Events Project Management Adaptive Path project management event Management Product Management

Negotiating between chaos and project deadlines

Harold Jarche

Meanwhile, getting work done inside the organization has to be further constrained, and focused on projects where we can see the relationships between cause and effect. I watched Dave Snowden talk about tacit knowledge , and many other things, at the State of the Net Conference.

Project manager jobs at XPLANE

Dave Gray

XPLANE is looking for Project Managers for our Portland and Alanta offices. You can find the job descriptions for each of these positions at [link] /careers

#12DaysOfGiving Charity Project

Beth Kanter

12 Days of Giving… One Amazing Project. “One person can make a difference, and every person should try.” ” ~ John F. Kennedy.

Strategic overview of AHT Group: sharing our ventures, projects, and enablers

Ross Dawson

To help me and our team to strategize and act effectively in 2013 and beyond, I have created an overview that describes the activities, projects, and current priorities across AHT Group, which currently comprises Advanced Human Technologies , Future Exploration Network , and The Insight Exchange.

Dean Krafft on the Linked Data for Libraries project

David Weinberger

Dean Krafft , Chief Technology Strategist for Cornell University Library, is at Harvard to talk about the Mellon-funded Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L) project he leads. Dean will talk about the LD4L project by talking about its building blocks. Mellon last December put up $1M for a 2-year project that will end in Dec. Project Hydra. LD4L – the project. This is Simeon Warner’s project.

The Urban Forest Project

Adaptive Path

Recently, Adaptive Path was asked to take part in the Urban Forest project. The Urban Forest Project is described as an unprecedented outdoor exhibition, taking root in cities all across the globe. Christian and I were excited to take part in this project for two reasons. While that mission is often made real through consulting and design projects, we look for places to further education and idea sharing.

Libary Lab funds library innovation projects

David Weinberger

Harvard’s new Library Lab has announced the first projects it will be funding. It’s an exciting set of projects. Library Innovation Podcasts : A series of biweekly podcast interviews with library innovators about their projects and ideas.

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

Beth Kanter

When she was 14, Sejal founded the Elevator Project , an organization that aims to lift people out of poverty through apprenticeship, vocational training and job placement. She was inspired to create her project in 2012 when she met a man named Juan in a Soup Kitchen in Washington, DC.

365 Pic Project continues.

Mark Oehlert

No, I didn''t miss one Day 2 is here. I did want to mention that I''m gonna consider Twitter my ''system of record for this experiment. I''ll also be keeping a set on Flickr here. I''ll use my blog when I need more space than Twitter allows. . I''m grateful for my feet and my legs.

Project HM

Mind Hacks

He died last year but left his brain to science and Project HM has been set up to co-ordinate the scientific analysis of his brain. According to a post on the Project blog, the process of dissecting and digitally recording the structure of HM's brain will begin on Wednesday 2nd December and apparently you'll be able to watch it live via video streamed from the site. The best write up of the Project is over at Nature News who have unfortunately jailed their article behind a pay wall.

Australian regulators endanger crowdfunding by pushing assessments of project viabiliy

Ross Dawson

Website operators can help manage this risk by doing background and credentials checks on project creators to help minimise the opportunity for fraud. a risk that funded projects are not completed and the project sponsors do not receive the rewards promised. a risk that the money collected is lost due to the fraud or bankruptcy of the website operator before the money is passed on to the project creator.

University research and industry projects

Harold Jarche

The event was sponsored by UNB and started with a presentation by Ken Kent on his joint project with IBM on the improvement of the Java Virtual Machine. A presentation on the MITACS program that funds mathematical sciences research projects was followed by a description of the new NSERC Engage program, a $25K grant that fosters the development of new relationship between companies and the academic researchers. I attended the MonctonConnect business collaboration workshop yesterday.

Case study: Using project management for effective crowdsourcing

Ross Dawson

One of the most important implications of organizations shifting to crowdsourcing and crowd work is the need for effective project management structures. We cover Project Management in Chapter 14 of Getting Results From Crowds. He relies heavily on crowds in building the company, and uses tight project management processes to manage them. “It Effective project management of crowd workers is enabling his new startup to get out of the gates faster.

Advice for the UNESCO OER Mapping Project

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The most useful beginning of a needs project ought most probably to be a summary of the properties of existing repository indices, including the range of resources indexed, metadata fields used, and more. Email written as advice to the UNESCO OER mapping initiative. This is beginning to read and sound very much like the debates around learning object metadata of the 1990s. I know that approaches such as LRMI represent an improvement in that elements are aligned with data types.

What will the billion dollar brain projects do?

Mind Hacks

Two neuroscience projects have been earmarked for billion dollar funding by Europe and the US government but little has been said about what the projects will achieve. Obama has hinted at spending up to $3 billion on a neuroscience project.

Introducing the global collaboration cue card project

Dave Gray

Introducing the Global Collaboration Cue Card Project : "words are in fact models that are loaded with assumptions and values and. Dan Rose has posted an interesting exercise to demonstrate some of the differences between verbal and visual language. communicating with graphics is an effective method for conveying underlying and unspoken meaning

Global Pulse HunchWorks Project: Our Progress

Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path is volunteering our services on this project and we’re inviting you to pitch in. More about Adaptive Path’s project: [link Since you last heard from us , we have been busy tackling the many challenging aspects of the HunchWorks design. We’ve been busy tackling the many aspects of the HunchWorks design as part of our four week volunteer efforts for Global Pulse. There is a lot of work to do and we’d love some help from you, the design community.