leadership has a price

Harold Jarche

The price of being given the privilege of leadership is having ultimate responsibility for everyone under your command. Leadership has a price. I served for 23 years in the Canadian Army. As a young infantry officer, the concept of leadership by example was drilled into us.

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Two days for the price of one

Dave Snowden

The post Two days for the price of one appeared first on Cognitive Edge. Today was one of those odd days that you get in international travel. I’m writing this from the lounge at San Francisco Airport having landed before I took off from Auckland some twelve hours ago and I’ll leave for Washington before I even got the airport to drop the hire car off. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, the west-east transition over the international dateline is always confusing.

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Cheap books on learning worth the price

Jay Cross

Today I paid my $9.99 and started devouring free books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I spend on average of $40 a month on hardcopy books, so this seems like a steal. Since I’m in the midst of writing a book on solo/DIY learning, I thought I might learn something from these freebies: 45 Elearning Tips and Tricks , by John Araiza. This is an instructional designer’s record of twelve years’ experience. Advice is for building courses. Don’t buy photos until you get final approval.” “Use

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What price freedom?

Euen Semple

What price freedom? Having social tools doesn''t guarantee change. There is nothing inevitable about it. Real change requires consistent changes in behavior and often manifesting those changes in behavior in public spaces takes considerable courage. All it takes to maintain a repressive national regime is to shoot the occasional blogger. All it takes to maintain control over your corporate messaging is to make dissent a sackable offence.

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Gas Prices and Support for Trains

Nine Shift

Gas prices have had little to do with the transition from cars to trains. And moving forward, gas prices will continue to have little to do with the move to trains. Train ridership levels have set records in 7 of the last 8 years, in times of high gas prices, low gas prices, and middle range gas prices. Gas price is the holy grail for Boomers, the lingua franca, the gold standard on prices, etc. . He has never mentioned the price of gas.

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Price of Real Learning going from $2.99 to $6.99

Jay Cross

The price of the pdf version of Real Learning will increase from $2.99 to $6.99 on October 25th, a week from today. Buy enough for your team now. At $2.99 a pop, you could issue a wake-up call to everyone on your floor for a few hundred bucks. Buy Real Learning here. Table of Contents Bibliography. Book Reference Page. Learn from experience without 
instructors or classrooms. 
. Work smarter and have more impact. Learn faster and remember more. Embrace openness and learn out loud.

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Gas Prices: Americans in deep water

Nine Shift

Americans are in deep water with no escape over high gas prices. America was building trains, the answer to both high gas prices and saving the environment. In the 2008 gas price crisis, people took to light rail and trains and big plans were made to build more light rail and trains. Oh, and getting there faster. But the Tea Party has stalled the building of new trains, even though train ridership continues to set records.

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Driving Less: Boomers Don't Understand Gas Prices

Nine Shift

Baby Boomers simply do not understand the cost of operating a car. Even though they have been driving for decades. . Boomers have a big huge mathematical myth that costs them about $1 trillion a year. Gen Y understands the cost of operating a car, which is one reason they are driving less and switching to trains, zip cars, and bikes. . The actual cost of operating your car is $1 a mile.

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How to avoid high Gas Prices

Nine Shift

Think of the benefits of higher gas prices: more lives saved. In my state, my calculation is that for every penny gas prices go up, someone's life is spared. Higher gas prices help people drive less, and the fatality statistics prove it. Having voted down trains, Americans deserve higher gas prices. How to avoid high gas prices? The only way to reduce traffic deaths is to drive less.

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The price of free law

David Weinberger

The latest Radio Berkman episode has me interviewing Steve Schultze about his RECAP project that posts public domain legal records that otherwise you’d have to pay to access. And the federal courts are not all that happy about it.

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Six topics for the price of one

Jay Cross

I’m spending the first quarter of the year learning experientially by walking around and trying new things. This blog is turning conversational. It’s me to you. Informal. Personal. I’m returning to the impromptu, stream-of-consciousness style I used when I began blogging a dozen years ago. I’ll be narrating my work, describing my discoveries before I mesh them into white papers and polished posts.

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Temporary price drop on Jay’s book

Jay Cross

I’m investigating the price-sensitivity of demand. The price will probably go up again next week. Working Smarter , the 2010 Edition, regularly sells for $19.98 (hardcopy) and $12.00 (download). This week the hardcopy version is marked down to $16, the download to $10. Here’s an excerpt.

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Prediction: High gas prices to further light rail ridership records

Nine Shift

This week's prediction: increasing gas prices, expected to set records this spring, will lead to further light rail ridership records. . People are already taking light rail, setting records in many cities right now. Google "light rail ridership" and see for yourself. . And the record light rail ridership will encourage local officials to plan for more light rail lines. With the economy recovering, more cities will "dare" to plan for light rail expansion. What do you think?

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A (so far) suckless printer at a good price

Doc Searls

The price is currently $59.99, which could hardly be better, since Consumer Reports top-rates it over Canons, Brothers and HPs, and gives surveyed prices from $129 to $179 (both, oddly, at Walmart). This is far below Consumer Reports’ reported prices of $127 – $199 (both Walmart). The Email sent me to me to the page where I am writing this — and the price now is $59.99. Great price, but I feel a bit cheated.

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Evaluating LMS pricing models: What is best for your organization?


When selecting a learning management system, customers find that different providers subscribe to several different LMS pricing models. Some of the basic pricing models are: LMS Learning Management SystemSome charge per learner, per use, or for a limited-time or perpetual licensing fee.

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Text-to-Speech Costs – Licensing and Pricing

Tony Karrer

Text-to-Speech Examples In this post, we will look more closely at costs of Text-to-Speech and issues around TTS Voice Licensing and Pricing. The subject of TTS voice licensing and pricing is important because it helps e-learning practitioners understand which TTS tools they are legally allowed to use for their specific applications as well as letting them estimate the costs and pricing models of using these TTS tools. Personal licenses are sold for a low fixed price.

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Price of Working Smarter Goes Up March 16th

Jay Cross

Working Smarter , the 2010 Edition, is priced like lobster in an upscale restaurant. The price is whatever we feel like. Current price of hardcopy = $16 After March 16, $20. Current price of download = $10 After March 16, $16. Enlargement. Increasing profitability Informal Learning Just Jay Web 2.0

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Value based pricing is at the heart of the future of professional services

Trends in the Living Networks

In my first book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: The Future of Professional Services the final chapter was titled Value-Based Pricing: Implementing New Revenue Models. Pricing by value rather than time is clearly a central aspect to building true knowledge-based relationships, since knowledge should be measured by the value of its application rather than time spent by professionals. Value-based pricing is not always the best approach.

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The (cut price) Narrative Escape

Mind Hacks

My ebook The Narrative Escape is available at a reduced price for a limited time. As if the price wasn’t enough to convince you, you can read an interview with me by Livia Blackburne here , or you can consult the five star reviews on amazon (three of ‘em, which gives me a higher average than The Communist Manifesto , the only book that amazon.co.uk

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Informal Learning Blog » Price cut on Informal Learning book

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

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Apple’s iPad and the importance of price

Adaptive Path

While the quality and characteristics of the product’s behavior were crucial, it’s revealing that among the top considerations was price. Also, setting a price limit is a great way to fight feature and function creep. Before iPad was announced yesterday, some industry watchers were guessing for a price tag just short of $1000. If you calculate what $299 is worth in today’s dollars using the Consumer Price Index, you get $410.)

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U.S. Drugs, Canadian Prices

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Moreover, significant demand for new drugs has allowed them to dramatically increase prices (remember, price is not set according to 'cost of production' but by 'willingness to pay'). The pharaceuticals would get their patents, open research facilities in Canada (a promise never kept), and agree to be subject to a ceiling on prices. drug prices and roll their eyes. Perhaps they believe, like the author, that a limit on drug prices is some sort of 'transfer of wealth'.

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What price sobriety (in vouchers)?

Mind Hacks

Over the past seventy years especially, the macroeconomic goals of sovereign states — for high levels and rapid growth of output, low unemployment and stable prices — have resulted in a highly dysfunctional world.

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UX Week 2009 – Register today for the discounted price!

Adaptive Path

Today is the last day to register for UX Week 2009 and receive the discounted early bird price. Quick note. You can register for single days, or the whole shebang. And if you use the discount code BLOG, you’ll get an extra 10% off! We’ve got a remarkable program, including presentations by: Matias Duarte, Dir of UX at Palm, talking about the Pre (see him speak at CES). Aaron Forth, Director of UX at Mint.com.

Optimal starting prices for negotiations and auctions

Mind Hacks

An article in the latest edition of Current Directions in Psychological Science reviews studies on the best starting points to increase the final price in either negotiations or auctions. It turns out that negotiations, where several parties are invited to discuss a price, and auctions, where people can include themselves by jumping in when they want, are quite different psychologically.

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Special Independence Day UX Week 2009 Pricing: $1,776 through July 4

Adaptive Path

In honor of our nation’s founding, and recognizing that, hey, this economy sucks for many people, we’re offering special promotional pricing for UX Week 2009. Register between now and July 4th, and pay only $1,776. Use the promotional code BLOG, and get an additional 10% off. Main stage talks include: Matias Duarte, Senior Director of Human Interface and UX at Palm. Sarah Jones, Tony Award winning playwright and performer. Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics.

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Look Out for the Price Cliff! Managing Design Projects Registration Increases to $295 Tomorrow

Adaptive Path

Pricing increases to $295 tomorrow, so register today. Earlier this week I got to see what Brian Cronin will be sharing at the end of our Managing Design Projects event, coming up on February 5, 2009, and I got really excited at the end of his presentation. This past year or so I’ve spent some time talking to experts in the field about managing visual design , and sharing ideas about project management.

Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Friday, 7 January 2011 Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use An article by Dennis Howlett about Socialtext and Yammer yesterday caught my attention In essence SocialText announces that theyll sell their product at 80% of Yammers price (being very brief here) but I think theyre both wrong Social has its own Pareto rule : 90-9-1 versus the old-fashioned 80-20. Business or Pleasure? -

TOPYX Makes LMS Software Affordable with New Pricing


Bonita Springs, FL July 19, 2018. elearning press releases LMS lms in the news Press Releases

What’s 10,241,704.22kb between ex-friends?

Doc Searls

I’m not sure how to price the good will they’ve lost. In fact, I’m not sure that has a price. Tags: Business VRM problems Sprint "courtesy call" price So I just got a “courtesy call&# from Sprint, a company I’ve been talking up for a couple years becuase I’ve had nothing but positive experience with my Sprint EvDO data card. Well, that’s over.

Price 152

A.nnotate - Love the functionality but REALLY love the thought out into pricing

Mark Oehlert

THEN I got a great surprise when I clicked over to A.nnotate's " pricing " page and saw that one of their solutions is a " standalone " option with the service on an appliance that can be installed behind my firewall. Now I haven't even tried the free version of A.nnotate but I just want to say that it is refreshing to see a company that offers this right up front and not only that, they publish PRICES! Here si the only problem with the pricing.

Internet Time Blog » Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008

Jay Cross

"Lend Me Your Wallets:" Research on the Link Between Charismatic.

Bob Sutton

Price: The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company. An Amazing Story About a Certified Asshole on This American Life » "Lend Me Your Wallets:" Research on the Link Between Charismatic CEOs and Stock Price, Featuring Steve Jobs.   He answered that he was pretty interested in the link between CEO actions and stock price.    They found that, independently of objective financial information, firms led by charismatic CEOs enjoyed higher stock prices

Informal Learning Blog » Google Desktop as learning platform

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning Blog » The Harold, Robin, and Jay Show

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Local Bookstores, Social Hubs, and Mutualization ? Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky

Last month, the American Booksellers Association published an open letter to the Justice Department , asking Justice to investigate Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon after they lowered prices of best-selling books to under $10. Lower prices will lead to higher prices, and cheap books threaten to reduce the range of ideas in circulation. Landlords may prefer to hold empty spaces at nominally high rents than re-price. Clay Shirky.

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Harold Jarche » Online learning tips the scales

Harold Jarche

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The Evolution of Shopping in the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A second change is that, beyond low prices, younger shoppers are increasingly influenced by their social, ethical, and political values when making buying decisions. Earlier this year, The Economist published a special report on The Future of Shopping , with nine articles on the subject.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts on MWL Workshops

Jane Hart

Follow the links to find out more and sign up at the special prices. From 9 a.m. GMT Friday 24 November through 9 a.m. GMT Tuesday 28 November, 23% discount on the following 2 online workshops. Supporting Continuous Independent Learning in the Workplace 15 January – 2 March 2018 In the modern … Social learning

49% off

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Amazon has dropped the price of Informal Learning. Buy it from Amazon.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Engaging Web design from Dutch dept. store HEMA (props to my dad for the link)

Mark Oehlert

is a good price for the "ghettoblaster" January 30, 2008 in design | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Engaging Web design from Dutch dept. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Latest Results of Favorite Conferences (Lets Get Out the Vote!) | Main | Arrgghh!!! Re-installing Zone Alarm AV on my other machine.AGAIN!

Big Data on broadband

David Weinberger

an international dataset of retail broadband Internet connectivity prices. The result was an international dataset of 3,655 fixed and mobile broadband retail price observations, with fixed broadband pricing data for 93 countries and mobile broadband pricing data for 106 countries. direct regulation and oversight of Internet peering and termination charges—on consumer prices. Google commissioned the compiling of.

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20% discount on Social Learning Handbook in August

Jane Hart

The price is now £12. As I put the finishing touches to my new book, Modern Workplace Learning, that will be released on 1 October, I am offering a special 20% discount on my Social Learning Handbook 2014 during August. The book is available in two formats from Lulu.com: as a paperback – where it will be printed […]. Social learning