Dan Reads! Lesson #3: Stay Present – LEAD. CARE. WIN. Excerpt

Dan Pontefract

Lesson #3: Stay Present – LEAD. Watch Dan Pontefract read an excerpt of his 4th book, LEAD. There are 9 practical yet super helpful leadership lessons from Dan’s 4th… The post Dan Reads! Excerpt appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership

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Presentations: MOOC Research Initiative

George Siemens

This past week, in preparation for our upcoming MOOC research conference ( early bird registration ends Oct 31 ), I held two online presentations on a) MOOC Research Initiative (a review of literature, research themes) and b) Lessons MOOCs can learn from online education.

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Managing the situated present

Dave Snowden

Key to it is the idea of managing the situated present. If the past is traumatic, as it has been in Colombia (where I am at the moment) then re-situating the past in the context of present needs is important. In a previous series of posts I talked about the need for side-casting namely casting around in the present to see what is possible. In practice there is no one model of leadership, actions in the present are always preferable to jam tomorrow.

Unstartling presentation

David Weinberger

I fell for an ad today because it promised to tell me four startling things that happen to you before you get a heart attack. The video , which has no pause or fast forward button, is a grating infomercial, with a heavy emphasis on the “mercial.” ” So, here’s the startling information Dr. Chauncey Crandall so selflessly is imparting to us: The four things are: Chest discomfort.

Presentation at CSPS

Euen Semple

Nicely shot video of me doing my bit at the Canadian School Of Public Service in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. My talk starts at 2hrs 30mins in but before that, at around 1hr 2mins, there is a fantastic panel of four women from the school that is one of the best discussions of the real issues in tech that I have seen for a long time. The session was really well received and if you know anyone who is grappling with the issues I raise in my talk do, please, pass this on

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A few recent presentations

George Siemens

Haugesund. Canadian School of Public Service


Conversation, not presentation

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

When Jane Hart and I shared our thoughts on social learning at the Irish Learning Showcase in Dublin last week, a formal presentation would have run counter to our message. I intend to propose conversations in lieu of presentations whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Presentations I’ve recently enjoyed watching

George Siemens

The number of lectures and presentations freely available online provide great opportunities for professional development. Here are a few I’ve recently enjoyed: Hub DE summit Sydney. Learning analytics, soft and hard. Learning Analytics: Notes on the Future. The Future of Learning.

Payment Technologies: Past, Present and Future

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I was reminded of this dictum when recently attending a very interesting workshop, Payment Technologies: Past Present and Future. It will emerge as a new asset class touching all aspects of society. ” Much of that valuable personal data is related to our past, present and future financial transactions one way or another. . History can be a useful guide to the future, especially when trying to predict the impact of disruptive changes on human organizations and cultures.

Protected: Conference Board Presentation

Jay Cross

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Working Smarter Workscaping

International MOOCs Past and Present

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

OpenLearning.com , a venture born out of the University of New South Wales ( UNSW ) in Sydney, Australia. Starting this week, you can begin taking two of their courses ( Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport & Services Marketing – The Next Level ). University of Western Australia. By next March, the Perth-based university plans to offer two courses (one in sociology, the other in oceanography) using an adapted version of Stanford’s open source platform, Class2Go. SpanishMooc ?

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Parallel Supercomputing: Past, Present and Future

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

From the early days of the industry, supercomputers have been pushing the boundaries of IT, identifying the key barriers to overcome and experimenting with technologies and architectures that are then incorporated into the overall IT market a few years later.

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Open presentations on MOOCs and MOOC Research Initiative

George Siemens

Several presentations this next week that might be of interest to readers: 1. Daily presentations starting Oct 21 on MOOCs, OERs, open access, libraries, and more. This presentation will provide a timeline of the development of the MOOC Research Initiative, its goals, the review and selection process, and lessons learned. A framework will be presented that bridges what is known about online learning and what we are learning about MOOCs.

The Internet Time Alliance Jay Cross Memorial Award 2020 is presented to Andrew Jacobs

Jane Hart

The Internet Time Alliance Award, in memory of Jay Cross, is presented to a workplace learning professional who has contributed in positive ways to the field of Informal Learning and is reflective of Jay’s lifetime of work. Recipients champion workplace and social learning practices inside their organization and/or on the wider stage. They share their […]. Modern Workplace Learning

NineShift 2016 Presentation Packs the Hall

Nine Shift

"I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent NineShift presentation. The annual all-new NineShift presentation, this year in New Orleans, drew a packed room for our latest new prediction about The Coming Building Boom. O'Brien, who sat in the front row for maybe his last NineShift presentation before retiring. They get better every year, and yesterday's was by far the best yet." - Michael Garamoni, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Positive Payload Weapons Presentation Mindmap

Clark Quinn

The other evening I went off to hear an intriguing sounding presentation on Positive Payload Weapons by Margarita Quihuis (who really just introduced the session) and Mark Nelson. As I sometimes do, I mind mapped it. I have to say it’s an intriguing framework, but it appeared that they’ve not yet really put it into practice.

A Storied Presentation

Adaptive Path

From time to time, we find ourselves in a position to share these ideas in a business context, often in the form of a presentation. When designing your presentation, remember that good stories offer questions and answers and key moments of reflection. We communicate with other people every day. Over the course of our lives we’ve developed verbal, written and visual communication skills that help us convey our thoughts.

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Improving Your Presentation Skills – Part Deux

Luis Suarez

I am sure that you would probably still remember how a couple of weeks back I put together a blog post where I shared a good number of resources with plenty of hints and tips on helping “ Improve Your Presentation Skills “ No wonder. Are you ready for some more Presentation Zen?

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Just uploaded my Bucharest presentation

Jerry Michalski

I uploaded the presentation I’m using to SlideShare here. Tags: social media travel presentations microfinance tech conferences I’m in Bucharest for another IDLO program , showing microfinance experts from the region what social media can do.

Upcoming presentations

Jay Cross

Fall 2008 CLO Symposium. Measuring Success: Learning’s Positive Impact on Business. September 24-26, 2008, Del Coronado, San Diego. I plan to talk about the ROI of informal learning. Future of Talent. October 12-14, 2008. Two dozen top talent management professionals hunker down in Tiburon, California, to take the pulse of talent management, network professionally, and learn some new tricks. All professional events should feel like this! This will be my fourth year as faculty. Hero Camp.

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Phoenix conference - opening presentation

Dave Snowden

First day session at Phoenix and I did a basic presentation. Slides here and no major new things for people familiar with this blog. Slide 3 has some new summary material which covers the following: The importance of the See-Attend-Act model of sense-making. Whether I see the data is an issue of its own right, if I will attend is even hard and getting people to take action is near possible.

Presenting in a networked age

Clark Quinn

The Learning Circuit’s Big Question this month has to do with the increasing prevalence of internet access during presentations. The context is that during presentations it’s certainly possible that your audience is multi-tasking, and the question is; what are the implications? The audience can be doing things related to the presentation, like live-blogging it, tweeting it, or taking notes (I’ve been known to mindmap a keynote a time or two).

Learnlets » eLearning Strategy Presentation

Clark Quinn

Ignite, a five-minute presentation

Jay Cross

On Friday, I gave my first Ignite presentation on stage to an audience of 300 at Gnomedex in Seattle. Afterward, a fellow came who had judged presentations by a group of physicists on the same topic told me I presented more information in five minutes than the scientists covered in a hour.

Twitter for Learning: The Past, Present and Future

Jane Hart

Twitter turned 9 on 21 March. I’ve been on Twitter since March 2008. After it appeared in No 11 position on the 1st Top 100 Tools for Learning list in 2007, I realised I’d better sign up! And during the last 7 years I’ve seen lots of changes; and of course my own view of Twitter has changed too. […]. Social learning

The ideal Christmas present for your staff …

Jane Hart

Are you are looking for a Christmas present for one of your staff? Then why not give them a gift voucher that can be redeemed for a place of their choice on one of the pubic online workshops facilitated by Harold Jarche or me at The Connected Workplace Consultancy in 2014. Here is the schedule [.]. Social learning

The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills

Luis Suarez

Yes, of course, I am talking about learning plenty more about killer presentation skills. but still wonderfully accurate on the state of not just “ Death by PowerPoint “, but overall presentation skills in general. View more presentations from www.kapterev.com.

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Presentation Slides: U of Windsor & SAIT

George Siemens

After that presentation (video conference), I meandered over to SAIT where I presented on the Implications of Media and Technology Use among Today’s Learners. Bright and early this morning, I delivered a keynote to University of Windsor on Technology and Tomorrow’s University. Slides are available here. Slides are available here

TLt2010 Presentation on Net Work Learning

Harold Jarche

I am presenting at Tlt2010 in Saskatoon this morning. View more presentations from Harold Jarche. I’ve really enjoyed the presentations by my co-presenters, Scott Leslie and David Wiley and of course their insights and comments had me making last-minute changes this morning.

eLearning Strategy Presentation

Clark Quinn

I gave my eLearning Strategy presentation to the eLearning Division of ASTD’s LA Chapter. Despite some technical hiccups (GoToWebinar doesn’t seem to have a chat feature, nor does it allow Mac users to be presenters, ahem), the presentation went off reasonably well. And now, it’s available online. It takes quite a while to load (guess it’s *huge*), but you can hear the whole hour+. I’d welcome your feedback

Gadget Girl Does Her First Prezi Presentation

Nine Shift

Check it out. My brilliant co-author Julie, formerly known as the Fabulous Brochure Babe and now known as Gadget Girl, did her first Prezi presentation. But the presentation got rave reviews. Prezi is a kind of PowerPoint for Gen X. . It is not linear, like PowerPoint, but relational. Slides relate to each other. You can zoom in, or zoom out. You see the big picture as well as the details.

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Nonlinear presentation tool

Dave Gray

I just discovered this very interesting presentation tool which is being developed in Budapest. ZuiPrezi is a zooming presentation editor which allows you to easily create dynamic and visually structured zooming maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, and drawings.

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Internet Time Alliance Insights: the presentation

Jane Hart

My colleague Harold Jarche has created the following presentation which brings together some thoughts (in the form of short quotes) about workplace transformation from each the 5 Principals of the Internet Time Alliance (ITA). ITA Insights 2012. When Mark Britz tweeted about this slideset, he said. ITA Insights 2012 slideshare.net/jarche/ita-ins… via @ slideshare / Quote on slide 8 now on my Org email signature. mark britz (@britz) January 25, 2012.

2011 Top 100 Tools List and Presentation finalised

Jane Hart

The final list and presentation is available… Read the rest. Yesterday, I finalised the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list. In the last few days of voting there was a surge of contributions (both online and by email) that brought the number of contributions to 531. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their Top 10 Tools and help me compile this, the 5th annual survey of learning tools. Social learning

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[VIDEO] The world’s first full motion-graphics presentation

Trends in the Living Networks

I have for many years intended to develop a full motion graphics presentation. I have long used highly visual presentations to accompany my keynotes, often including numerous videos without sound as well an array of full screen images. I decided TheNextWeb conference was a good opportunity to create my first full motion-graphics presentation. Below is a video of the keynote’s visual presentation.

Video 125

Noodling on my fOSSa presentation

Nancy White

October is a month on the road… and one stop is Lyon, France, where I’ll be presenting at the third edition of the fOSSa Conference taking place from October 26 to 28, 2011. What is fOSSa? From the organizers: The aim of the fOSSa (Free Open Source Academia Conference) is to reaffirm the underlying values of Open Source software: innovation & research in software development.

Km presentation in South Africa

Dave Snowden

My presentation to the knowledge management community in South Africa is now loaded as a podcast , along with the slides. I had two longish sessions so I have able to take the core of the KM Australia presentation, expand it and structure it better.

March 2009 presentations

Jay Cross

This coming Tuesday, March 10, I’ll be leading a brown-bag lunch session on Informal Learning: Learning Outside of the Classroom at IARC on the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. Ping me if you’re interested. On Thursday, March 12, the Learning Irregulars and I will facilitate a BarCamp on unmeetings and whatever issues seem important to us at the time. Come to experience a meeting where participants create their own agenda.

Presentation: Build Your Business with Crowdsourcing

Trends in the Living Networks

Below are the slides from my presentation. Usual disclaimer: these slides are meant to accompany my presentation, not to stand alone. View more presentations from rossdawson. Today I spoke at Australian Chambers Business Congress on Build Your Business with Crowdsourcing. But in fact this time there is a little more detailed content than usual in my slides, as this was intended as a highly practical session on how to approach crowdsourcing.

Rules for Copying Presentation Style?

Clark Quinn

What are the rules for copying presentation style In a previous post - Video and Screencast Styles for Corporate Training? - I had mentioned Common Craft as an example of a particular well-known style that seems to have struck a chord. I'm still looking for examples of other good styles that people have seen. In the meantime, I ran across a post by Ewan McIntosh who points to a video by McKann Erickson (the big ad agency) that uses the same style as common craft.

Presentation Backchannel Multitasking

Tony Karrer

Some great responses to this month's big question New Presenter and Learner Methods and Skills. Or Clive Shepherd's How should presenters address multitasking? Binge Thinking I have learnt to take notes while giving nearly full attention to a presentation. Better Presentations = Less Multitasking A log of the responses point out that a distracted audience is first a symptom of the presenter's ability to engage the audience.

The future of events: technology to make presentations interactive and social

Ross Dawson

However many conferences still sport essentially the same format as ever, a series of people presenting on a stage in front of a passive audience. Technology eenables us to re-conceive what a presentation is and can be. A recent article in Sydney Morning Herald on how the new app Zeetings helps “keep audiences awake” looks at Zeetings , “a presentation app that is both interactive and social, and promises to stop audiences slumbering in their chairs.”

Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate

Luis Suarez

One of those areas that I have been looking into quite a bit to see its own transformation from its current mindset is that one of delivering presentations, where it looks like we are finally bringing back that human aspect of conversing with people while sharing messages across, instead of boring them with Death by Powerpoint. Whatever happened to all of those meetings, events, presentations, seminars, workshops, etc.