Goodbye, Gord

Dan Pontefract

The gem of your great soul was plucked far too early. You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: How did it get this late so early, Gord? You were happily at transformation. Dan's Related Posts: Canada’s Poet Laureate, Gord Downie. How I Learned To Think Out Loud Through The Tragically Hip’s Live Concerts. My (Re) View Of That Night In Kingston. Gord Downie and the New Marathon of Hope. Gord Downie May Be The Best High School Teacher I Never Had.

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A place for deadlines and editions?

David Weinberger

Of course we could do that already: every day just pluck out the most upvoted contents and declare them to be an edition. I’m all for the continuous roil of the Internet. After all, time is continuous, so why should information be punctuated? But I wonder what it would be like if a site that consists of continuous inputs worked toward a moment when an edition is published.

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What is the locus of change?

Dave Snowden

A storm could well pluck you of the soil if you are not well rooted or force you to bend to the wind, a habit that can be permanently crippling.

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4 more emotionally intelligent signs

Dan Pink

But the mailbag is always brimming with emotionally intelligent signage , so I’ve plucked four recent reader submissions that show some interesting examples of the crafty ways signs can attempt influence what we should and shouldn’t do. I haven’t been blogging much the last few weeks because I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new book , which will be out at the end of the year. ( Pre-order now. It’s worth it. I beg you.).

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On fire

Doc Searls

On its way down Pine Cone Road, it plucked up cars from driveways and the street. That above is the Bobcat Fire , in the San Gabriel Mountains , against which Los Angeles’ suburban sprawl (that’s it, on the right) reaches the limits of advance.

Pluck 132

Rediscovering Junkie John, Tim Dawe and Penrod after 40 years

Doc Searls

Dawe starts the story over a plucked string bass. I used to have an open reel tape of song I recorded off some New York FM station in 1970 or so. It’s long lost now. I didn’t know the artist or the title. It was was half talked, half sung, about a loser in Greenwich Village, “Junkie John,” coming down in a fleabag hotel. Very haunting, which is why I never forgot it. I didn’t know what it was called or who did it.

Pluck 142

A bland (sic) insipid betrayal

Dave Snowden

Emsworth's plucks up the courage to get rid of the terrible Baxter over several stories and Baxter is never a pantomime villain. I'd been looking forward to the BBC's serialisation of P. Wodehouse's Blandings series for some time, the cast looked good and in general the BBC does these things well. The ITV had a brilliant success with their version of the Jeeves novels using Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie and anything half that good would have satisfied me.

Pluck 112

Patent Activity and the State of US Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

some economists and scholars have argued that invention is harder today than ever before because the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked. A few weeks ago, the Brookings Institution released a study that looks in detail at patenting activity in the US from 1980 to 2012 - Patenting Prosperity: Invention and Economic Performance in the United States and its Metropolitan Areas.

Content Curation: Are You A Fire Hose or A Focusing Lens?

Beth Kanter

” Good curators are not packrats or aggregators, the pluck out the best and frame it for better understanding. Flickr Photo by Salendron. Does your nonprofit do content curation as part of its content strategy? Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that you’ve cherry picked and shared with your network. It is a great technique to keep up with your field.

Los Angeles vs. Nature

Doc Searls

On its way down Pine Cone Road, it plucked up cars from driveways and the street. John McPhee is the best nonfiction writer alive. My opinion, of course. But I happen to be right. Nobody describes anything better. No writer does a better job of digging into subjects most would find dull (rocks, pine barrens, river levees, minor species of fish) and making them not only interesting but relevant. Sometimes extremely so.

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If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And I see no good reason why we should require the production of educators and students to be fair game for resellers who want to pluck it for free out of the commons and charge money for it to those not lucky enough to be a part of our community. David Wiley offers a provocative perspective titled If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER: The Cost Trap and Inclusive Access. Here's how he sets it up: Imagine that – somehow – you’ve never used the internet before.

Pluck 166

Country style

Dave Snowden

plucked and cleaned I quickly browned them in a mix of butter and oil (bottom, then both breasts) putting them to one side once complete. My daughter decided to invite a set of university friends home for a few days in the country. They are all Londoners so in contrast daughter appears positively rural, although its only in contrast. Her natural habitat is the nightclub, bar or restaurant rather than a dawn walk over the downs.

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What does it take to spark prejudice?

Mind Hacks

The effect may be small, but this is a situation where the groups have been plucked out of the air by the experimenters. Short answer: surprisingly little. Continuing the theme of revisiting classic experiments in psychology, last week’s BBC Future column was on Tajfel’s Minimal Group Paradigm. The original is here. Next week we’re going to take this foundation and look at some evolutionary psychology of racism (hint: it won’t be what you’d expect).

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It is mind control but not as we know it

Mind Hacks

Even if the signal the device received was more complex, it wouldn’t be able to make you perform complex, fluid movements, such as those required to track a moving object, tie your shoelaces or pluck a guitar. The Headlines. The Independent: First ever human brain-to-brain interface successfully tested. BBC News: Are we close to making human ‘mind control’ a reality? Visual News: Mind Control is Now a Reality: UW Researcher Controls Friend Via an Internet Connection. The story.

Pluck 75

What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

Beth Kanter

I was lucky enough to walk the DISH with David last week and he shared a few books and resources about improvisation, plus one that I plucked from his Twitter stream. This post follows yesterday’s post about networked leadership skills. I had the honor of being a guest facilitator at a transformative leadership retreat with colleagues Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, Lance Fors, and David Havens – I got to teach but more importantly got to learn from amazing people.

A cortical atlas of ghostly sensations

Mind Hacks

If stimulations of the superior temporal region were in the depth of the sylvian fissure, and toward the insula, stimulations induced pain or automatisms such as sudden movement, staring, unresponsiveness, plucking, or chewing. Frontiers in Neuroscience has an amazing scientific article that has collected all the studies that have recorded what happens when the brain is electrically stimulated in living patients. It's like a travel guide to the unnaturally active brain.

Pluck 55

Dawn of the Un-book

Jay Cross

Today's activist readers pluck information from the blogosphere and YouTube and their friends on Facebook and MySpace. Effectiveness Column in June 2008 CLO magazine. Malleability, multimedia, and more. CLOs know that extracting meaning from growing mountains of information is tougher than ever before. The walls between disciplines are falling. Specialization, knowing more and more about less and less, is no longer an option. Everything is connected to everything else.

Pluck 90

Taxes, Corruption and Belief

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And it adds, helpfully, "Turns out it was plucked from a 15-year-old discussion paper put out by the Law Reform Commission." For all intents and purposes, the GST plan looks as well like it was plucked off the shelf, dusted off, and put into play without any planning or thought. Let's deal with the issue of corruption head-on. The Conservatives, we are told, will clean up the government so that things like the sponsorship scandal do not happen again.

Pluck 100

Simply messing about.

Dave Snowden

On the two occasions where I have plucked up the courage to ask, the monosyllabic grunt clearly indicated that anyone foolish enough to ask the question could not conceivably understand the answer. Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing. It was small wonder then, that he suddenly flung down his brush on the floor, said 'Bother!' and 'O blow!"

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On inspiration

Doc Searls

Of Obama’s non-reductive rhetoric , Gene Koo writes, Whatever the accolades for the speech that Obama delivered at his inauguration, it seems it won’t generate a singular sound bite as in JFK’s “Ask not…&# or FDR’s “Fear itself&# (Many of the major papers picked themes, rather than pluck quotes, although a few took to “hope over fear&# ).

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3 ways to boost your curiosity and refresh your outlook | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

He’s guts and pluck and a whole lot more. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative bestselling books about the changing world of work. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their three children. More about Dan.

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Questioning 'one in four'

Mind Hacks

The '1 in 4' figures seems to have been mostly plucked out of the air. The Guardian has an excellent article questioning the widely cited statistic that '1 in 4' people will have a mental illness at some point in their lives. The issue of how many people have or will have a mental illness raises two complex issues: how we define an illness and how we count them.

Questionning 'one in four'

Mind Hacks

The '1 in 4' figures seems to have been mostly plucked out of the air. The Guardian has an excellent article questioning the widely cited statistic that '1 in 4' people will have a mental illness at some point in their lives. The issue of how many people have or will have a mental illness raises two complex issues: how we define an illness and how we count them.

Doc Searls Weblog · KFI’s tower closer to going back up

Doc Searls

I remember one of my instructors warning me about the dangers of the tower and how we pilots should do everything possible to avoid the thin steel monster waiting to pluck out fragile aluminum birds from the sky.

Pluck 100 The Numbers Game

Steven Berlin Johnson

Conclusion: if George Herman Ruth was plucked out of time and deposited in the modern era, he could continue his nutritional regimen of beer and hot dogs: he'd have no need for steroids, testosterone, the "cream" or the "clear."

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