Becoming personal knowledge managers

Harold Jarche

Tweet Nick Milton highlights an overview of knowledge management (KM) from Susan Camarena , CKO at the Federal Transit Authority, which includes: How do we implement KM? Like: Saving numbers of the “right” person to call on an old, wrinkled and well used piece of paper.

PKM Overview

Harold Jarche

I will be presenting on personal knowledge management (PKM) for LearnTrends 2009 on Tuesday, 17 November at 12:00 noon Pacific (15:00 EST & 20:00 GMT). PKM Overview.

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PLENK 2010

Harold Jarche

Tweet I was not able to attend any of the sessions at PLENK (Personal Learning Environments & Networked Knowledge) 2010, a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), other than the one I facilitated on personal knowledge management.

Sense-making for success

Harold Jarche

Even so-called knowledge workers were being regularly downsized, as the corporations called it. Whether you call yourself a knowledge artisan or are just trying to keep up with your profession, you have to take charge of your own learning and development. image by @gapingvoid.

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

My focus on PKM developed after an initial personal need and then increased when I saw how personal knowledge management could help others. Ricky) Cheong asked the following research questions: RQ1: What are the roles of PKM in the Knowledge Management Process?

PKM 252

Social Media Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

Personal Knowledge Management. Slide/Audio overview of PKM. Related posts: Role of an online community manager. As promised, here are the follow-up notes & links from yesterday’s social media workshops in Miramichi. All of my posts tagged PKM. PKM social bookmarks. Presentation slides (this is one large file of slides from both presentations). Books for small business: Trust Agents. Social Media Marketing. The Social Media Business Plan.

PKM 127

PKM for LearnTrends

Harold Jarche

I’ll be presenting on Personal Knowledge Management. Here are some of my existing resources on PKM: The most recent overview: Sense-making with PKM. Also, Patti Anklam just concluded a three-part series on knowledge management, with The 3rd KM: Personal Knowledge Management. Another free, LearnTrends professional development event is gathering steam for November.

PKM 116

It’s all about networks

Harold Jarche

Encouraging workplace practices like personal knowledge management is a start. Nurturing Creativity is now a management responsibility. It’s all about networks. Understanding networks that is.

LearnTrends Live: Harold Jarche on PKM

Jay Cross

Personal Knowledge Management. BIG KM (corporate) | Little KM | Personal KM. Weekly overview of interesting stuff found on Twitter: tagged as Friday Favorites and posted weekly. “Categories&# are your personal folksonomy.

PKM 126

Learning and Working in Complexity Workshop

Harold Jarche

Over several online and on-site presentations this past year, I’ve noticed a need for organizations to develop practical tools and contextual processes to manage information, knowledge and learning. Part 1: Overview of issues and forces that are fundamentally changing workplace learning. Part 3: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) overview.

Seeing What Others Don’t – Review

Harold Jarche

Too often in organizations, management only focuses on reducing errors, Klein cites the overemphasis on practices like Six Sigma over the past 30 years as being detrimental to overall innovation; “Six Sigma shouldn’t be abandoned, it needs to be corralled.”

Review 236

AITD National Conference 2014

Harold Jarche

It puts into question most of our management frameworks that require detailed analysis before we take action. Emergent practices are dependent on the cooperation of all workers (and management) as well as the free flow of knowledge. Sydney Harbour.

PKM: The Book

Harold Jarche

I have been writing about personal knowledge management on this blog since 2004. The more and better we share our knowledge, the more resilient become our networks. PKM is every person’s part of the new social contract in the network era, in my opinion.

PKM 207

Zero switching cost

Jay Cross

After all, saving one’s tags is a cornerstone in Harold’s Personal Knowledge Management scheme of approaching the world. We’re committed to make Diigo the best cloud-based information management service that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices. To learn more about Diigo, please visit: Overview Video ».

Cost 104

Enterprise Social Technology – Review

Harold Jarche

As project manager Corey Travis writes: For the content, we decided to heavily outline the chapters, then narrow the crowd by picking three potential writers for each chapter. Social technologies are a fact in the workplace and this book provides a comprehensive overview of the issues.

Review 205

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

I sensed that learning and knowledge management were converging and invited bloggers form both sides to get together at the Tidehouse to share viewpoints and guzzle beer. Speakers paint a compelling vision of the future knowledge innovation highway.

PKM 123