Detailed stats: Social networks dominate Internet usage, Australia still #1

Ross Dawson

Research company Nielsen has just released detailed statistics on online activity , focusing on social networks and blogging, which at 22.5% Facebook completely dominates the social networking and blogging space, with over 70 times the next most prominent social networking site.

Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks?

Ross Dawson

I was surprised to find that there is a fair chance that New Zealand has the highest rate of social network usage in the world. The chart above shows a summary of data from Nielsen on the time spent per month on social networks in a variety of countries around the world.

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Web 2.0 Corporate Access

Clark Quinn

I’ve been working with Steve Wexler and the eLearningGuild on the eLearning 2.0 This is resulting in some pretty interesting data such as the Web 2.0 One of the comments I received on Network Effects - YouTube - Video Blogs and More that had a video hosted on YouTube was: We see and hear more and more about corporate content published on YouTube. Well I can help answer the question about access to YouTube and other Web 2.0

MIT global study on social business: Executives increasingly understand the value and success drivers

Ross Dawson

Clearly, the issue is not just about the current culture, but what can and should be done to evolve corporate culture to one aligned with collaboration, communication, and other behaviors correlated with an effectively networked organization. Enterprise 2.0

Study 142

Scenarios for the downfall of Facebook and a new landscape for social networks

Ross Dawson

In question time after my keynote I was asked whether Facebook will still be the dominant social network in 5 years. In this case, we need to tell a credible story on how Facebook loses its predominant position in social networks. It seems very unlikely that Twitter will seek to become a broad-based social network. Microsoft, which has a powerful platform to build engagement, has only just launched Socl , and Apple today has no real foundation for a social network.

Futurist conversations: Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard on the future of Twitter

Ross Dawson

Some of the topics we discuss include: * “Twitter News Network&# or TNN describes how Twitter is now a news distribution media, dramatically increasing the speed of news, with most news hitting Twitter within 40 seconds. * Enterprise 2.0

Serendipity is at the heart of today’s emerging society

Ross Dawson

At the bottom of the post Ana has put a great set of links to resources on serendipity – check them out if you want some happy accidents… Future of business Future of humanity Influence Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0

Social Media Strategy Framework: Explanation and guide

Ross Dawson

Enterprise 2.0 Social media Social networks Web 2.0Our Social Media Strategy Framework has been one of our most popular frameworks, with well over 100,000 views, as well as more for the translations into 12 languages.

The continuing devaluation of LinkedIn connections

Ross Dawson

As one of the first 10,000 users, I early on saw the potential of a purely professional social network. It consistently grew in size and user value over the years, however now that everyone is piling on to the LinkedIn bandwagon, the value of LinkedIn personal connections and networks are decreasing at what seems like an accelerating pace. Enterprise 2.0 Reputation Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0

Using social media to track and drive organizational success metrics

Ross Dawson

Deloitte also use Yammer as inputs to organizational network analysis , allowing them to identify the network hubs and knowledge brokers across the firm. I have written before about using organizational network analysis to drive performance , and also co-wrote a California Management Review article on networks and performance which described some of the specific interventions that can be designed stemming from insights into individual position in organizational networks.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Last week I presented a session at ASTD TechKnowledge entitled eLearning 2.0 - Applications and Implications. It could just as easily have been called Web 2.0 Question 1 - What are the most likely ways / places your organization might or does use Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking or Collaboration Tools? I discussed my experience from Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Spending or Wasting Time on Web 2.0 Web 2.0

Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0 and internal social media

Ross Dawson

Chapter 16 of my report Implementing Enterprise 2.0 If so, also have a look at the free chapters from Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Return on Investment for Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Future of work Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0A major challenge for organizations that are considering internal social media initiatives is that a business case including a financial justification is frequently required.

Reflections on the early days of social networking as LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

Ross Dawson

While I closely followed the social networking space at the time, I didn’t join many. When I was writing Living Networks in 2002 there were no true social networking applications in existence. I had eagerly joined , the very first social networking application, not long after it was founded in 1997, highly excited by its potential. As it happens this model closer to LinkedIn than any of the other major social networking platforms of today.

Research: The acceleration of Australian banks’ use of social media

Ross Dawson

Australia Enterprise 2.0 Financial services Social media Social networks Technology trends Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0

5 things to tweet and 5 things NOT to tweet

Ross Dawson

Keynote speaker Social media Social networks Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0Earlier this week I spoke at a financial advisor retreat in the stunning Margaret River region of Western Australia, a region of wide-open beauty that is the source of many extraordinary wines. I gave two keynotes at the event on subsequent days, on How to Lock-in Your Clients , and Success in a Connected World , which drew on my connected world visual framework.

Open Learning, Open Networks

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Adapted from a talk given March 9, 2017, at the State University of New York in Syracuse, this essay describes several key innovations shaping the future of open learning: distributed social networks, cloud infrastructures and virtualization, immersive reality, and personal learning environments.

The inside is the outside: The Möbius strip and Klein bottle as metaphors for the future of organizations

Ross Dawson

Organizations are networks, and the high-performance organizations of today are those that are the better networked in swiftly connecting resources with opportunities. Others have used social software and the tools of Enterprise 2.0 Crowdsourcing Enterprise 2.0

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. THE ISSUE IS NOT whether you are going to become a socially networked university but how soon. IBM describes socially networked corporations as the next step in the overall evolution of business. Networks Social Learning

Launch of Future of the CIO framework

Ross Dawson

The post Launch of Future of the CIO framework appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Cloud Enterprise 2.0 Future of business Keynote speaker Marketing Mobile Social networks Social trends Technology trends Uncategorized Web 2.0

Keynote: Building Business in a Connected World

Ross Dawson

Business relationships Cloud Crowdsourcing Influence Keynote speaker Reputation Social media Social networks Twitter Web 2.0

Keynote: Social Media in Fashion Retailing

Ross Dawson

Influence Social media Social networks Twitter Web 2.0Tomorrow morning I am giving a keynote to the managers of a national shopping center group about the power of social media in retail, focused on fashion. Here are the slides for my keynote.

On my 3rd Twitter birthday: 7 reasons Twitter is central to my life

Ross Dawson

In contrast to most social networks, Twitter provides a space for unbounded conversation. In Living Networks I wrote how technology facilitates human connection. Living Networks was all about the birth of the global brain and how the networks were coming to life. Social media Social networks Twitter Web 2.0Earlier today I noticed it’s three years since my life on Twitter began. At the time I wrote about my belated entry to Twitterland.

Yammer and why activity streams are a key foundation for integrated applications and organizations

Ross Dawson

Collaboration Enterprise 2.0 Future of work Social media Social networks Web 2.0I caught up with some of the Yammer team this morning, including Chief Customer Officer David Obrand, while they are in town for the Yammer on Tour series. . I was particularly interested in talking with them about Yammer’s shift to activity streams.

Everything’s Coming Up Networks (except learning)

Jay Cross

Sloan Management Review has a great interview with Andy McAfee on What Sells CEOs on Social Networking. ” They understand the power of weak ties in enterprise social networks. ” Yesterday IBM presented a compelling case for social business excellence at the Enterprise 2.0

Blogging is fragmenting into multi-platform content creation – long live blogging!

Ross Dawson

Third , young people under 18 are certainly not drifting to Twitter, but to social networks such as Facebook. Social media Social networks Social trends Web 2.0

The dilemma for professionals: How do you respond to anonymous leaks and slander?

Ross Dawson

Australia Professional services Reputation Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

The great news is that social and informal learning don’t require new systems because learning can take place on the same “platform” as the existing social network, if a company already has one. That’s short for a phrase that kept coming up in conversation when he was writing Enterprise 2.0.

The extraordinary personal value of the web: $140 billion is the tip of the iceberg

Ross Dawson

How much value do you get from the web? We may quibble about the cost of bandwidth and online services, and in some cases we should, but the reality is the value we get from connectivity and web-based services is massive. Social media Social trends Technology trends Web 2.0

Tips 86


Jay Cross

In this essay from DMLCentral, Howard develops in detail one of the core concepts encapsulated in The Infotention Network’s learning approach. Informal Learning Web 2.0The Peeragogy Handbook. How to Use this Handbook. Working together is how things get done.

Moving the CIO to the heart of strategy

Ross Dawson

Networked. Cloud Enterprise 2.0 Technology trends Uncategorized Web 2.0

Insights into effective social media policies

Ross Dawson

Deloitte actively encourages staff to use social networks. Enterprise 2.0 Social media Web 2.0

Keynote slides: Building Success in a Connected World

Ross Dawson

Cloud Crowdsourcing Enterprise 2.0 Keynote speaker SME Technology Social media Social networks Twitter Web 2.0Tomorrow morning I give the breakfast keynote at Think Business 2011 , making it my third keynote this week.

‘Aussie mafia’ sets up the “biggest startup hub in Silicon Valley”

Ross Dawson

TheNextWeb says that a group of the “Aussie mafia&# (the Australian tech entrepreneur network in Silicon Valley) has bought the building and will take 6 months to transform it into this space. Australia Technology trends Web 2.0

7 critical aspects of Tibbr’s big step forward for enterprise social software

Ross Dawson

The use of LDAP to access existing internal directories means that people do not need to populate profile pages, overcoming the hurdle that many corporate social networks have stumbled over. Cloud Enterprise 2.0 Keynote speaker Social media Web 2.0Earlier this week I gave the opening keynote at the Sydney launch of Tibbr , the new social enterprise offering from TIBCO. I hope to have the video of my presentation up before long.

What is possible: how the social enterprise drives differentiation

Ross Dawson

As such I gave a big picture view of how our increasingly networked world is changing organizations, spent some time on the vision of what a better-connected company can be and can achieve, and wrapped up with some of the realities to recognize in achieving the grand vision. I have written before about creating competitive differentiation with Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Social media Social networks Web 2.0

Making social media happen in government: case study of NSW Department of Education

Ross Dawson

One story is a teacher who had a new student who knew one word of English, who went to Yammer to ask for help and got significant useful advice from the network. Enterprise 2.0 Social media Social networks Web 2.0I’m at the launch meeting of the social media community of practice set up by Institute of Public Administration NSW (IPAA).

Social Networking and Going Back to Basics

Luis Suarez

” he comes to question whether the golden age for the Social Web is now over after that initial period of disruption and whether we are starting to enter that dangerous road of becoming a vast wasteland, just like TV is nowadays, I suppose.

Social Media and the Future: Keynote slides at CIO Summit

Ross Dawson

Enterprise 2.0 Future of work Keynote speaker Social media Social networks Web 2.0This afternoon I am giving a keynote on Social Media and the Future at the Australian CIO Summit in the Gold Coast. Here are the slides from my presentation. As always, my keynote slides are shared with the proviso that they are designed to accompany my presentation and are NOT intended to be useful on their own. However you might find them of interest.

Four lessons learned from 12 years of blogging

Ross Dawson

It is 12 years since I started this Trends in the Living Networks blog to accompany the launch of my book Living Networks. It is interesting to look at my posts from October 2002 , in which I reflected on some of the earlier signs of the networks coming to life. The post Four lessons learned from 12 years of blogging appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Enterprise 2.0 Future of media Social media Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0

Revisiting the future of PR

Ross Dawson

As we shift to a world driven by social media and influence networks, arguably the PR industry has the best background and capabilities to help organizations deal with the new challenges and opportunities that are emerging. Influence networks are at the heart. … PR will become largely about how to identify, access, and influence the key influencers, either individually, or by understanding how influence networks are structured.