network literacies

Harold Jarche

Distributed governance was part of the conversation at RESET18 in Helsinki last month, where I discussed networks, communities of practice, knowledge-sharing, and sense-making, in the context of the Finnish civil service. Civil servants using networks. Efficient networking.

Concept video: The Future of Work

Ross Dawson

A while ago at Future Exploration Network we created the Future of Work Framework to provide a high-level overview of how the world of work is shifting. I hope you find the video useful, please feel free to share it or use it in your internal meetings.

Video 272

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Monday Video – Gotta Share!

Nancy White

OK, there IS a Monday Video after all. There have been many conversations across my networks about how much time we do/don’t spend “sharing&# online. Monday videos communication social mediaHat tip to Stephen Downes and Mashable.

Video 233

Network Effects - YouTube - Video Blogs and More

Clark Quinn

Wow, what a great presentation / video from Michael Wesch and the author of The Machine is Us presenting to the Library of Congress. It's an hour long, so make sure you give yourself time

Video 169

Monday Video: A mini-course on network and social network literacy

Nancy White

A mini-course on network and social network literacy – howardrheingold’s posterous. I’ve become convinced that understanding how networks work is an essential 21st century literacy. Monday videos networks social media

Video 130

Some videos

David Weinberger

Robin Chase , a founder of ZipCar, explains why she thinks mesh networks will connect people, cars, and the “smart grid.&# [article here

Video 130

helping make the network smarter

Harold Jarche

The result of what Siilasmaa learned is an excellent example of the integration of learning and work, a necessity in the network era workplace. Innovation will emerge from the entire network, when everyone is responsible in a transparent and open organization.

Open Learning, Open Networks

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Adapted from a talk given March 9, 2017, at the State University of New York in Syracuse, this essay describes several key innovations shaping the future of open learning: distributed social networks, cloud infrastructures and virtualization, immersive reality, and personal learning environments.

Network Era Skills

Harold Jarche

It is only through innovative and contextual methods, the self-selection of the most appropriate tools and work conditions, and willing cooperation, that more productive work can be assured in the network era. This is where enterprise social networks have helped organizational learning.

Skills 269

Network Era Fluency

Harold Jarche

Today, it’s all about networks, something you were most likely not taught about in school. What happens as we become a quadriform society (Tribes +Institutions +Markets +Networks)? Big data is also networked data. We need network fluency.

Usability and Networks

Clark Quinn

As I mentioned in an earlier post , I have been using Safari and Google to traverse the networks. And Safari just released a version that stops videos from auto-starting. My point is that I’ve been leveraging the benefits of networks for a bloody long time. Network effects are true for people and for data. The post Usability and Networks appeared first on Learnlets.

Berlin Learning Video Fest

Jay Cross

This December, we’re hosting a Learning Video Festival. The web is chock full of delightful, generally free video resources. What online video resources have you discovered? Please limit your suggestions to videos that are free and readily available on the web.

Video 147

Ordering your video store

David Weinberger

Roger Beebe has posted a fascinating, polemical explanation of the thinking behind the way he physically arranged his Gainesville, Florida video store. The store has a narrow central corridor with small alcoves of videos along each side. He understandably takes it as an unabashed, “boosterish&# argument in favor of the multiple categorizations and sortings that the digitizing and networking of information enables.

Video 130

Video of TheNextWeb keynote on The Future of Crowds

Ross Dawson

TheNextWeb produced a good quality video of my keynote at TheNextWeb Conference 2012 , shown below. I will create and share a full video of my motion graphics presentation along with the audio of me speaking, however as I’m travelling it may take a little while to complete.

Video 228

If Your Enterprise Social Network Is a Ghost Town It’s Probably Due To Your Corporate Culture

Dan Pontefract

We deployed our enterprise social network last year, but it’s a ghost town. In part, it’s why enterprise social networks haven’t fully become a crucial component to an organization’s operating practice. enterprise social networks leadership esn

Monday Video: 4 Perspectives on CoP Evaluation

Nancy White

Recently my friends Etienne Wenger, Bev Trayner and Maarten deLaat wrote a lovely paper on “ Promoting and Asessing Value Creation in Communities and Networks.&# The video came out today. Monday videos communities of practice evaluation international development

Video 162

Have social networks replaced groups?

David Weinberger

Since 2003, there are now services that bundle together these different modalities: Skype and Google Hangouts both let a group talk, video, chat, and share documents. Likewise, Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, and the other dominant forms of “social software” (to use the term from 2003) are amazing at building social networks. At those sites you can jump into borderless networks, connecting to everyone else by some degree.

Groups 185

a conversation on leadership in the network era

Harold Jarche

I write about leadership frequently, especially how leadership in a network requires different skills and abilities than positional leadership provided by the inherent power structure of an organization or institution. In networks, influence comes through reputation.

[VIDEO] The flow of Twitter around the world

Ross Dawson

Twitter has created a nice video showing how much and when the unique moment of 11:11 on 11.11.11 Social media Social networks Twitterwas mentioned around the world last Friday, as below. They describe it : This clip is a visualization of all the Tweets mentioning 11:11 on 11.11.11.

Why it matters that networks in organizations and social systems are shifting to power-law distributions

Ross Dawson

The video of my presentation was sliced into a number of brief segments. Below is the video of the section of my presentation on Networks. There are many network topologies. However these types of networks are also evident in biological systems such as cells and brains. *

System 273

Did I Just Spam My Entire LinkedIn Network?

Dan Pontefract

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, 2013 I sent a generic email to my entire LinkedIn network. For example, I created a self-made video for each of the 13 chapters — and released one per week — as a way to provide additional insight into the book.

Monday Video: Art, Creative Messages and Attention

Nancy White

In our communities and networks, can we use art and music as a way to focus attention, learn and share knowledge? Monday videos collaboration communication communities of practice community engagement knowledge sharing

Video 137

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

We need to re-think workplace learning for a networked society. Formal, structured learning plays only a small role in getting things done in the networked workplace. Making sense of information, both personally and in networks, is becoming a key part of work. Network Learning.

An open standard for video calls

George Siemens

New features are driving much of the increased value of mobiles: emails, social networking, videos, images, and the early stages of video calling. Apple has taken a bit of a chapter from the “compete on openness&# mindset of Google by announcing a new open standard for video calls : …one detail that could have the biggest long-term impact well beyond Apple itself was the introduction of Apple’s new video calling system, FaceTime.

Video 147

It’s all about networks

Harold Jarche

It’s all about networks. Understanding networks that is. It’s the network : Thinking like a node in a network and not as a position in a hierarchy is the first mental shift that’s required to move to a collaborative enterprise.

Web Video Conferencing

Clark Quinn

Two of my start-up clients have recently discussed adding video conferencing to their web offering. and now they want to explore providing video chat between the parties. An equivalent example (drawing from my eHarmony days) would be providing video chat in a dating site. On the flip side, I would want the system to "call" the person to see if they are available to receive the video chat and/or show them as "not available" if they can't receive a video chat at that time.

Video 106

[VIDEO] Conversation with Gerd Leonhard: The future of Switzerland

Ross Dawson

When I was recently visiting Switzerland to deliver a keynote on the future of work my colleague Gerd Leonhard and I recorded a series of video conversations that are featured in his Meeting of the Minds series.

Video 210

Network effects

Jay Cross

Six-minute video on how networks form and why this inevitably leads to flatter organizations, faster cycle times, information glut, and unpredictability.

Will the Respect Network enable us to take back control of our data and our lives?

Ross Dawson

Yesterday I attended the Sydney launch event of the Respect Network , an initiative designed to allow individuals to own and take control of their data. They played this video, narrated by John Hurt, who starred in the film 1984. Take Back Control from Respect Network on Vimeo.

Does the networking of meaning destroy meaning?

David Weinberger

Her focus is on what she calls “expanded places,” physical places that have been physically destroyed, but that “have been re-animated through multiple mediated versions circulating and re-circulating on the networks.” ” To complete the media hall of mirrors, in the recent conflict each side shot “video accounts narrating the seizure of the theme park using themes, symbols and characters borrowed from the TV series.”

DoGooder Awards Recognize Awesome Nonprofit Videos

Beth Kanter

See3 Communications and YouTube, along with the Nonprofit Technology Network, announced today the launch of the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards. The DoGooder Awards recognize the creative and effective use of video in promoting social good.

Video 88

Into Focus: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Nonprofits and Video

Beth Kanter

How Nonprofits Measure Success of Video. See3, YouTube and Edelman have released a new report and guide for nonprofits about using video. 2. Orgs want to make more video, but aren’t allocating the funds to do so. Is your organization using video and getting results?

Video 109

Video: Why professional services leaders need to think about the future

Ross Dawson

Leading up to the Client and Firms of the Future: How to Compete conference in Sydney on March 11 (which I discussed in a previous blog post ), my co-organiser George Beaton and I have recorded a brief video to set the scene.

Video 225

My Network is my Net Worth: A Personal Story

Dan Pontefract

It’s our network. Now I blog, micro-blog and submit all sorts of other learning content via videos, webinars, live chats, speaking engagements, etc. My Network is indeed my Net Worth. social learning social networking jon husband marshall mcluhan

Cooperation in the networked workplace

Harold Jarche

This is my second post on productivity tools for the networked workplace. Two types of behaviours are necessary in the networked workplace: collaboration and cooperation. These facets align with the digital competencies required in the networked workplace.

US Military PsyOps video appears online

Mind Hacks

A US Military PsyOps video has found its way onto the YouTubes and gives a interesting but clunky guide to ’90s psychological operations.

Video 98

How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations

Luis Suarez

our networks) we would want to learn with / from. Hope you enjoy the presentation, just as much as I did back then, and I still do today, as a self-empowered lifelong learner through applying heutagogy’s principles and making extensive use of social networking tools.

Shadowing To Learn Web Video: DoGooder Awards Voting

Beth Kanter

Michael Hoffman, founder of the DoGooder Awards, reached out to me let me know that it was time for public voting. As Michael wrote in a guest post last year , marketers are discovering the power of video and they now have a lot of data to prove that it works.

Video 93

Reality check: intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis since the 1990s

Ross Dawson

I fail to understand why this is big news, since US intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis (SNA) for domestic purposes since the 1990s, and likely even before that. I have been focused on networks since long before I wrote Living Networks in 2002.

you are only as good as your network

Harold Jarche

But I put my faith in my knowledge networks and communities of practice where I had been involved for the past 14 years. I went out to my networks, looking for as wide and diverse opinions as possible. In the end, I realized I was only as good as my network.

Communities and Networks in New Zealand and Australia

Nancy White

In preparation, my co-conspirator, Matt Moore , and I made a couple of videos you might enjoy. Monday videos communities of practice community events networks Australia New_Zealand

Enterprise Social Networking Tips by Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

Over the course of the last few years there has been one particular aspect of social networking for business that I still haven’t come to terms with throughout all of that time. Specially, when talking about video. Yes, apparently, 2013 is the Year of Video.

Creating a better world through apps: the power of mobile in catalyzing networks for good

Ross Dawson

The video below shows brief snippets from the winners. This is fundamentally a network issue – how do we create the right connections to bring resources and needs together? The rise of mobile networks and apps provides us with extraordinarily enhanced capabilities in doing this.