Trends for 2019?

Clark Quinn

Like Christmas (which morally shouldn’t be even be thought about before Thanksgiving), requests for next year’s trends should be on hold until at least December. What, on your opinion, are the main Digital Learning (DL) trends for 2019? The post Trends for 2019?

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Global Trends and Business Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

McKinsey recently published an article on the long-term trends that are reshaping the business environment. T he article reminds us that the trend is your friend is an old adage that applies to business strategy as well as to investing. Companies that correctly identify and ride the tailwinds of technology and market trends will generally perform significantly better than companies for whom these same trends become tough headwinds.

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Three Trends Driving Healthcare Experiences

Adaptive Path

Provider networks. Three trends stand out: We're being asked to spend more of our own money on services and products such as insurance premiums, deductibles and co-payments. Three trends that healthcare providers need to focus on are: Underlying all of these offerings is good design, which is an essential component of great experiences. I'm a cyclist. I recently crashed on my bike.

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A change of tack for Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

I will continue to share as I can snippets of ideas from my speaking and media appearances, as well as particularly relevant content that illuminates key trends in how the networks are coming to life. The post A change of tack for Trends in the Living Networks appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Happy New Year! I wish you a most wonderful year ahead. I for one am very, very excited about what 2013 holds.

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Why predictions are dangerous and organizations must be well networked

Ross Dawson

After describing some of my perspectives on social trends and uncertainties and economic structure, the piece goes on to look at how I see organizations today. There is real value to having an organisation, but only if the organisation is richly networked and that there is indeed a community.” If an organisation is not well networked, it is a set of individuals, it doesn’t really have a good reason to exist.

Troubling Trends in Organizational Networks

Jay Cross

For all the talk about networks and knowledge sharing, it appears many organizations aren’t practicing it. They are not tending their networks. Business Intelligence, CLO magazine, December 2008. How is your enterprise approaching these concepts? In the middle of 2008, a notice appeared on the Informal Learning blog ( requesting participation in a survey of informal and Web 2.0 learning practices. A total of 235 responded.

Today show: Social media and technology trends for 2012

Trends in the Living Networks

You can see the clip below, or on the Today Show Video page , under the title Social Trends for 2012. Social media Social networks Social trends Technology trendsYesterday I appeared on the Australia national breakfast program Today , talking about what we can expect in social media and technology in 2012. I was on holidays in Melbourne so spoke from the studio there.

4 Trends That Will Dominate This Century

Kevin Wheeler

Here are 4 trends that are significant enough to change our lifestyles and challenge our assumptions. Trend 1. Trend 2. Trend 3. Trend 4. These trends will create a new kind of society. Your comments about the trends were very insightful.

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[ftf] Future Trends Forum

David Weinberger

It is the 16th edition of the Future Trends Forum, sponsored by the Fundacion de la Innovacion, sponsored by Bankinter, in Madrid. I opened the morning with a ten minute talk reviewing the survey members had completed, and talking about knowledge as a property of the network. I’m at a small conference — about 40 people — that is considering what would be “an effective education for the 21st Century.&#

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Timeframes for the future of work: trends and uncertainties in this decade and beyond

Ross Dawson

The simple answer is that the framework highlights long-term trends. Since many of the long-term trends shaping the future of work are known, there is much we can discern about how this will pan out into next decade. The post Timeframes for the future of work: trends and uncertainties in this decade and beyond appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Future of business Future of work Social trends Uncategorized

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Trend Questions: Community “management?”

Nancy White

“Build it and they will come&# has finally come and gone and people have gotten serious about the strategic use of online groups, communities and networks and thus are willing to invest in their care and feeding.

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Meeting of the Minds: Key future trends with Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard

Trends in the Living Networks

Following ones on Big Data , the future of privacy , and the future of Switzerland , here is our conversation on Key future trends. After discussing some of the major trends, we go on to discuss our own preferred futures. Trends and implications that we raise and discuss in the video include: * We will be more connected in every way. * Companies will move from empires to networks. We are being forced to being networked.

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Global Trends 2030 - Living Through a Transformative Period

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Every four years, it develops a Global Trends report with an approximate time horizon of fifteen years in order to provide the White House and the intelligence community with a framework for long-range strategic policy assessment. Its latest report - Global Trend 2030: Alternative Worlds (GT2030) - was released this past December. . Power will shift to networks and coalitions in a multipolar world. .

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5 Disruptive Trends That Will Alter Your Mobile Strategy


” Stacey and Mark pulled no punches in their discussion of what it’s going to take for learning organizations to launched successful mobile learning initiatives and discussed a number of disruptive trends that are making organizations rethink their entire mobile content strategy. I attended a webinar two week’s ago featuring Stacey Harris of Brandon Hall Group and Mark Hellinger of Xyleme.

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Trend: offshore service centers driving innovation and revenue

Ross Dawson

In addition to my keynote I ran a Masterclass on Creating Better Networked Organizations. The post Trend: offshore service centers driving innovation and revenue appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Last week I gave a keynote on Mega Change: Tomorrow is Here at the NASSCOM Global In-House Center Conclave at Pune in India. Global In-House Centers (GIC) describes offshore service and processing centers that are run and owned by the parent company.

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Internet Time Blog » Troubling Trends in Organizational Networks

Jay Cross

Will the Respect Network enable us to take back control of our data and our lives?

Ross Dawson

Yesterday I attended the Sydney launch event of the Respect Network , an initiative designed to allow individuals to own and take control of their data. Take Back Control from Respect Network on Vimeo. The Respect Network seems to have a very solid foundation. There is a one-time fee to join the Respect Network of US$25. My initial response to this was that this will inevitably limit the uptake of the network. appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

Open Learning, Open Networks

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Adapted from a talk given March 9, 2017, at the State University of New York in Syracuse, this essay describes several key innovations shaping the future of open learning: distributed social networks, cloud infrastructures and virtualization, immersive reality, and personal learning environments. And finally, I continue to work on Connectivism, the idea that ‘to know’ is to be or to instantiate a network of connections in the brain, in society, or wherever you can find a network.

Social Networking Trends: ABC News

Mark Oehlert

Social Networking Trends. ABC News interviews rep from Pew Internet Project

Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks?

Trends in the Living Networks

I was surprised to find that there is a fair chance that New Zealand has the highest rate of social network usage in the world. The chart above shows a summary of data from Nielsen on the time spent per month on social networks in a variety of countries around the world. In January 2010 I reported on Nielsen’s first public study on global social network usage , which showed Australia as #1 in the world in time spent on social networks.

The latest in 3D printing trends: guns, ears, body parts, and now in your local store

Trends in the Living Networks

3D printing is one of those trends that has been visible for a long time, is just beginning to have a real impact, and in the long run could transform many aspects of our lives. 3D printing of guns is, among other things, part of a broader trend of lack of control of technology and weapons. The post The latest in 3D printing trends: guns, ears, body parts, and now in your local store appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

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Trends in Learning

Tony Karrer

Someone was just asking me about the big trends in learning and the implications of those trends on corporate learning and development. So, here's a bit of a compilation of some of the things I've been talking about in my blog which points to some of the major trends in learning. Trends in What L&D Organizations are Doing As a result of these trends, some L&D organizations are looking to social and informal learning.

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What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. THE ISSUE IS NOT whether you are going to become a socially networked university but how soon. A social business is one where all the members of the corporate ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, and customers) network with one another to delight their customers. IBM describes socially networked corporations as the next step in the overall evolution of business. Networks are the glue that connects us.

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

We need to re-think workplace learning for a networked society. Formal, structured learning plays only a small role in getting things done in the networked workplace. Making sense of information, both personally and in networks, is becoming a key part of work. Network Learning.

Harnessing the power of innovation: networks are at the heart

Ross Dawson

Networks are always at the heart of innovation. Organizations are rapidly shifting to network frames for their structure and operations. While the slides were designed to support the story I told through my keynote, on their own they still give an indication of the issues I raised, in placing networks at the heart of innovation. The post Harnessing the power of innovation: networks are at the heart appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

Living Networks – Chapter 10: Liberating Individuals – Network Strategy for Free Agents

Trends in the Living Networks

Download Chapter 10 of Living Networks on Liberating Individuals. Every chapter of Living Networks is being released on this blog as a free download, together with commentary and updated perspectives since its original publication in 2002. Network Strategy for Free Agents.

Knowledge, Networks and Nations

George Siemens

To explore what is happening in these three domains provides greater insight into global trends than the aspirations, intentions, or policies of any particular country. The Royal Society has published an outstanding report on Knowledge, Networks and Nations (.pdf). Religion, economics, and science are global entities.

Keynote slides: Creating Massively Successful Networked Organizations

Trends in the Living Networks

Building Massively Successful Networked Organizations from Ross Dawsn. Autopoiesis and how the networks are literally coming to life. Study on the networks that support successful technology purchasing decisions. The 5 elements that support effective expertise networks. Network perspectives on improving team performance. The post Keynote slides: Creating Massively Successful Networked Organizations appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

Reality check: intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis since the 1990s

Trends in the Living Networks

I fail to understand why this is big news, since US intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis (SNA) for domestic purposes since the 1990s, and likely even before that. Certainly recent revelations suggest the NSA appears to have data surveillance capabilities that exceed those of US domestic intelligence agencies, but there is no good reason to imagine the CIA, among others, doesn’t have access to equally good data to seed its social network and other analysis.

Corporate Learning Trends- What Endures During Recessions

Kevin Wheeler

I spoke at the Global Learning Summit in Singapore last week where I listed the trends that I see emerging around the world that will have wide-ranging effects on corporate learning. They also tap into their social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn for advice, guidance and practical information. I was controversial and tried to offer a different slant on what is emerging as best practice in learning.

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It’s the network …

Harold Jarche

Tweet I presented on Managing in a Networked World at DevLearn 2011 today in Las Vegas. Join Harold Jarche to discuss how these and other trends mean a shift to perpetual Beta, where learning is the work. Thinking like a node in a network and not as a position in a hierarchy is the first mental shift that’s required to move to a collaborative enterprise. The collaborative enterprise requires looser hierarchies and stronger networks.

Networked: Harvard Magazine

George Siemens

The last decade has seen an explosion in interest in networks. Some fields – such as sociology – have been grappling with network phenomenon for decades. Others, like mathematics, have been grappling with network attributes for centuries. But, starting in the late 1990’s, networks moved from being the exclusive domain of researchers to being a common phenomenon that we all experience on a daily basis.

Detailed stats: Social networks dominate Internet usage, Australia still #1

Trends in the Living Networks

Research company Nielsen has just released detailed statistics on online activity , focusing on social networks and blogging, which at 22.5% Facebook completely dominates the social networking and blogging space, with over 70 times the next most prominent social networking site. While 97% of people access social networks from computers, 37% access them from mobile phones and a cumulative 6% from iPads, e-readers, and handheld music players.

Learn Trends 2008 - Free

Tony Karrer

George Siemens , Jay Cross and Tony Karrer have organized the second annual free online conference: Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovation 2008 November 17 - 21, 2008 | Online | Free Last year's conference had two thousand people from all over the world take part in the week-long conference.

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Why it matters that networks in organizations and social systems are shifting to power-law distributions

Ross Dawson

Below is the video of the section of my presentation on Networks. Here is a summary of the points made in the video: * Networks are fundamental not just to our communications but to many aspects of our lives. There are many network topologies. One of the most important is ‘scale-free’ networks, in which the structure is identical irrespective of its size. * However these types of networks are also evident in biological systems such as cells and brains. *

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3 Trends that Rewrote the Rules of Loyalty Marketing in 2017 (Part 3)

Maritz Motivation

While the dominant form of loyalty program outside of the US — one wherein members can earn and redeem points freely across a defined network of complimentary brands (the coalition) — a large-scale coalition loyalty initiative has never succeeded in the US. The post 3 Trends that Rewrote the Rules of Loyalty Marketing in 2017 (Part 3) appeared first on Maritz Motivation Solutions Blog.

Six Talent Trends for 2010 | Over the Seas

Kevin Wheeler

Home About Future of Talent Subscribe Over the Seas Thoughts on Recruiting, Learning and Other Things as I Ramble around the World Six Talent Trends for 2010 by Kevin Wheeler on February 11, 2010 In late January, I gave my annual webinar outlining six major trends I think will affect how we think about employees and work in 2010 and beyond. The result will be a series of webinars and white papers that explore each of these trends in detail and provide examples and best practices.

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Seeking Strategic Advantage? Break Down Walls and Cultivate Networks

John Hagel

In the exponential world we’re entering, walls may be replaced by networks as the most promising sources of advantage. There’s no question about it – traditional sources of competitive advantage are eroding as revealed by our own analysis of long-term return on asset trends in the US economy and the well-known study of the rapidly shrinking lifetime of the successful companies that make it onto the prestigious S&P 500 list. Cultivating networks. Where’s the advantage?

4 Trends That Will Dominate This Century | Over the Seas

Kevin Wheeler

Here are 4 trends that are significant enough to change our lifestyles and challenge our assumptions. Trend 1. Trend 2. Trend 3. Trend 4. These trends will create a new kind of society. Your comments about the trends were very insightful.

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Trend Questions: More Synchronous Online Interaction?

Nancy White

One trend I’m noticing with my clients is a preference for synchronous online interactions, from quick Skype calls to organized web meetings using tools that allow desktop sharing, white boards and even video. (I What synchronous tools are popular in your communities and networks?

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Announcing Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation

Jay Cross

George Siemens, Tony Karrer, and Jay Cross today announced that the third annual conference on Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation will take place online November 17, 18, and 19, 2009. Mark your calendar to participate and to network with fellow corporate learning professionals. LearnTrends 2009. November 17-19, 2009 | Online | Free.

Social networks and engineering serendipity in the workplace

Trends in the Living Networks

and Google are doing in the space, the article continues: As Yahoo and Google see it, serendipity is largely a byproduct of social networks. was that employees who ate at cafeteria tables designed for 12 were more productive than those at tables for four, thanks to more chance conversations and larger social networks. As brought out in the New York Times article, this relates strongly to the domain of social networks, which I have been studying since the 1990s.

Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Nov 17-21

Nancy White

So take a look at what he, Jay Cross and George Siemens have put together for Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations » Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008. Join us to explore new developments, track emerging opportunities, network with other learning pioneers, and deal with topics you don’t find at the conferences you have to travel to. My contribution will be on Online Social Architectures - Networks and Communities.

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