What is the locus of change?

Dave Snowden

A storm could well pluck you of the soil if you are not well rooted or force you to bend to the wind, a habit that can be permanently crippling. I have a lot more to write on that and the way both formal and informal network connections can be managed.

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Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better

Jay Cross

Last night at a party, instead of one-upping each other with modernist cultural artifacts, people talked of Tweets and Twirl and other blips on the radar of the greater social network. The game has shifted from plucking tidbits from high culture to spotting fragments out of the void.

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If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

With a group of people I worked on a project called Brandon Freenet, later called the Westman Community Network (because some jerk trademarked the term 'Freenet' and would't let anyone use it). It was part of a wider network of freenets across Canada and the United States. Wiley responds as follows: While everyone wants educational materials to be less expensive, lower costs are the least interesting thing about digital, networked learning.

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Content Curation: Are You A Fire Hose or A Focusing Lens?

Beth Kanter

Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that you’ve cherry picked and shared with your network. ” Good curators are not packrats or aggregators, the pluck out the best and frame it for better understanding. Flickr Photo by Salendron. Does your nonprofit do content curation as part of its content strategy?

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What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

Beth Kanter

This post follows yesterday’s post about networked leadership skills. He lead us on a series of improvisation exercises designed to teach important skills for networked leaders: empathy, awareness, celebrating failure, being open to change and more. It can help apply improv to our work in social change by practicing what it means to have a networked mindset. That’s a networked leadership skill! It is core skill for networked leadership.