working smarter with PKM

Harold Jarche

Working Smarter with Personal Knowledge Mastery is a field guide for the networked knowledge worker. It is meant to complement the PKM Workshops and help practitioners.

PKM 235

PKM in practice

Harold Jarche

Cognitive load management is one of the four beneficial skills that can be acquired throughthe practice of personal knowledge mastery (PKM). For example, off-loading some cognitive tasks to an external network or community of practice provides time to focus or reflect. PKM Made Simple.

PKM 214

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Why PKM?

Harold Jarche

Here is a short video introduction on why personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ) is becoming a required skill and mindset for professionals today. To remain current in the network era, people must constantly improve their talents and focus on initiative and creativity.

PKM 271

PKM Roles

Harold Jarche

This simple model has worked well in explaining the main concepts of PKM and helping others to individually construct a set of processes to make sense of the world and work more effectively. Over 10 years ago Patrick Lambe wrote a very good guide on the various roles one can have in PKM.

PKM 264

PKM in action. Part 3

Harold Jarche

Here is my personal twist on PKM. PKM made me realize that infobesity afflicts us all unless we take control of the constant flow of information around us. The way I deal with it , thanks to the PKM workshop , is to care for my network.

PKM 236

PKM in action. Part 1

Harold Jarche

Getting started with a sensemaking practice can be daunting. While the Seek > Sense > Share framework is simple to understand, putting it into an everyday context can be difficult. Let’s get some advice from people who have been using the personal knowledge mastery conceptual model.

PKM 235

simply PKM

Harold Jarche

PKM = personal knowledge mastery. Why is PKM necessary? This requires a knowledge network. By building a network and getting to know people with expertise we can learn and have access to knowledge beyond ours. How do I master PKM? Read more about PKM.

PKM 155

my pkm story

Harold Jarche

PKM shifts responsibility. To a great extend PKM [personal knowledge management] is about shifting responsibility for learning and knowledge sharing from a company to individuals and this is the greatest challenge for both sides. First, PKM must be practiced by all workers.

PKM 243

organizational transformation through pkm

Harold Jarche

Helen describes practical ways to guide transformation in the emerging network era: Power today comes from connections, not a position in the hierarchy. We need to curate knowledge from our networks, to drive organizational improvement. Innovation PKM

PKM 260

iSchool Networked Learning PKM Resources

Harold Jarche

Tweet This is a follow-up from the Networked Learning (PKM) workshop I conducted for the iSchool Institute yesterday. Here are some of the resources I suggested prior to the course: Network Learning: Working Smarter , an article I wrote for the Special Libraries Association last year.

PKM 234

PKM Updated

Harold Jarche

Connect via Twitter Share social bookmarks through groups & networks. Join Social Networks. In my opinion, the core of PKM is 2) sensing, though 1) active observation is necessary to feed sense-making processes and 3) sharing with others creates better feedback loops.

PKM 267

pkm 2016

Harold Jarche

PKM puts us in charge of our learning. The PKM framework shows the need to develop a knowledge network and connect with mechanical and human filters, curators, and aggregators of information. PKM is based on the premise that work is learning, and learning is the work.

PKM 144

Absorbing complexity with PKM

Harold Jarche

Anne Marie goes on to explain how important professional learning networks are to each and every one of us. Networked learning is not just good for your organization, but you as a person. This is PKM and the Seek > Sense > Share framework.

PKM 242

PKM and small business

Harold Jarche

PKM could get them to engage in networks that can help their business. Time to get adept at PKM is likely seen as an unaffordable luxury for small business owners.

PKM 254

PKM Workshops

Harold Jarche

Stephen Dale also gave his take on PKM. These resources can be everything from the software and files on my computer to the stuff on the network to the people who will make larger connections for me. PKM is about getting things done.

PKM 206

Network Learning PKM Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

Tweet The Network Learning workshop will be held in Toronto on 27 May 2011. It is focused on mastering social media for networked learning, and is based on my work with PKM (personal knowledge management) since 2005. Building a trusted network of colleagues (SEEK & SHARE).

PKM 195

PKM and Online Communities Workshops

Jane Hart

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Workshop. PKM gives you a framework to develop a network of people and sources of information that you can draw from on a daily basis. PKM Social learning Webinar workshops

PKM 230

PKM in 2013

Harold Jarche

Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively. The PKM framework I have developed over the past eight years suggests two more steps: sense-making and sharing.

PKM 282

PKM in 34 pieces

Harold Jarche

One of my objectives with the current PKM Workshop [there''s still time to sign up] was to review most of my resources and work on developing new ones. Much of my work on PKM has been inspired by others.

PKM 266

Networked Learning (PKM) Workshop in Toronto

Harold Jarche

Tweet In just over a month’s time, I’ll be facilitating another one-day workshop on Networked Learning (PKM) at the University of Toronto’s iSchool Institute on Friday, 18 November 2011. As knowledge workers or citizens, PKM is our part of the social learning contract.

PKM 241

PKM and innovation

Harold Jarche

Networking: Interacting with people from different backgrounds who provide access to new ways of thinking. One way to practice these skills would be to promote personal knowledge management (PKM) in the workplace. Sharing through our networks helps to develop better feedback loops.

PKM 262

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

My focus on PKM developed after an initial personal need and then increased when I saw how personal knowledge management could help others. Ricky) Cheong asked the following research questions: RQ1: What are the roles of PKM in the Knowledge Management Process?

PKM 252

Barriers to PKM

Harold Jarche

A few weeks ago I asked my extended online network, “ What do you think is the biggest fear/need/barrier when it comes to adopting personal knowledge management (PKM) as a practice? Management thinks PKM is only for certain, higher-level employees (it’s not).

PKM 216

PKM Workshop 2013

Harold Jarche

There are a few ways to develop skills to be an effective sharer of knowledge in a networked enterprise. You can start, as I did, by researching sense-making and online cooperation in knowledge networks, try out different methods, and then develop your own.

PKM 194

PKM is not a technology

Harold Jarche

My definition of personal knowledge management is quite short: PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world, work more effectively, and contribute to society. PKM is not a technology, an enterprise system, a piece of software, or a platform.

PKM 222

PKM: The Book

Harold Jarche

PKM helps individuals, organizations, and society. The more and better we share our knowledge, the more resilient become our networks. PKM is every person’s part of the new social contract in the network era, in my opinion. You will be giving back to the network.

PKM 207

PKM: a node in the learning network

Harold Jarche

Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy , or, in other words, digital networks enable multiple connections, so organizational communications are no longer just vertical. Social learning is about getting things done in networks. It makes us a valuable node in our various networks.

PKM 211

PKM webinar 25 october

Harold Jarche

On 25 October at 18:00 GMT I will be conducting an online session on personal knowledge management (PKM). The automation and outsourcing of work is becoming our wicked problem to deal with as we move into the network era.

PKM 186

PKM is our part of the social learning contract

Jane Hart

Whereas most people are concerning themselves with the new social and collaboration technologies, or how to get people to collaborate, for me the key to successful social learning is how the individual engages in his/her networks and contributes what s/he has learned or is learning along the way.

PKM 246

PKM in a nutshell

Harold Jarche

PKM prepares the mind to be open to new ideas (enhanced serendipity). PKM is related to Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks. Tags: Informal Learning PKM Personal Knowledge Management: A way to deal with ever-increasing digital information.

PKM 254

network literacies

Harold Jarche

Distributed governance was part of the conversation at RESET18 in Helsinki last month, where I discussed networks, communities of practice, knowledge-sharing, and sense-making, in the context of the Finnish civil service. Civil servants using networks. Efficient networking.

PKM in the Summer

Harold Jarche

The idea was to provide enough structure to get started on developing a PKM routine, some guided support, and time for reflection. The PKM in the Summer workshop will be 60 days, starting on 27 June 2016. PKM Workshop. Is there any other way I can learn about PKM?

PKM 140

PKM is making sense of complexity

Harold Jarche

This is what you find on the first page of most searches for PKM : Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a collection of processes that a person uses to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve, and share knowledge in his or her daily activities – Wikipedia.

PKM 232

PKM starts new workshop series

Harold Jarche

So far in 2012, I have hosted three online workshops on personal knowledge management (PKM), as well as a Summer Camp that included one week on the topic. Our theme will be: l earning in the networked era. Communities Informal Learning Learning PKM SocialLearning

PKM 198

Please tell me about your PKM

Harold Jarche

Jon and his wirearchy framework have been an integral part of my views on the network era workplace since 2004. During one of our conversations in a local café, Jon suggested that in wirearchies, personal knowledge management (PKM) could become the new resumé. PKM Wirearchy

PKM 235

The Power of Pull and PKM

Harold Jarche

John Seely Brown & Lang Davison looks at how digital networks and the need for long-term relationships that support the flow of tacit knowledge are radically changing the nature of the enterprise as we know it. PKM enables tacit knowledge flows from the edge to the core and back.

PKM 220

sensemaking in a networked world

Harold Jarche

It’s a networked world. Personal Knowledge Mastery is staying afloat in a sea of information buoyed by knowledge networks and guided by communities of practice. PKM is the number one critical skill set f or any professional today.

PKM Workshop: learning out loud

Harold Jarche

This online workshop on adapting to the networked world of work includes tools, tips & techniques from two facilitators who have been connecting, communicating and collaborating online for over fifteen years. Sometimes it helps to learn out loud – LOL.

PKM 204

PKM: the basic unit of social business

Harold Jarche

True collaborative networks do not rely so much on teams than on individuals, as B. Empowered individuals working in networks, not teams, will give organizations the flexibility they need to be creative and deal with complexity. It is more like a social network.

PKM 239

PKM: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

In PKM in a Nutshell , I linked my various posts on personal knowledge management to make the framework more coherent. Jane Hart has just released an extensive resource that correlates nicely with the PKM framework. Building a trusted network of colleagues (SEEK & SHARE).

PKM 200

PKM in 2010

Harold Jarche

This post is a continuation of Sense-making with PKM (March, 2009)]. What is PKM? PKM is an individual, disciplined process by which we make sense of information, observations and ideas. Why PKM? One of the difficult aspects of PKM is triage, or sorting.

PKM 212

Sense-making with PKM

Harold Jarche

Effective learning is the difference between surfing the waves or being drowned by them and PKM (personal knowledge management) can be your customized surfboard. One of the important aspects of PKM is triage, or sorting. Networking.

PKM 256

PKM: to learn is to do

Harold Jarche

I have called #PKMastery a swiss army knife for the network era because the concept is simple but the ways it can be used are almost limitless. PKM is a discipline that requires practice. The ‘P’ in PKM stands for Personal. The core concepts of PKM are there to be taken.

PKM 149