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Harold Jarche

In my last TGIM post I went through my social bookmarks on PKM. This post looks at resources related to my training-performance-social workshop. through video, e-learning modules, reading) and the prescribed learning activities that were often looked at as ‘homework’ are completed in the classroom itself (whether that classroom is physical or virtual). ” Social Learning. 2) Hire a community facilitator, or even better, a social artist?

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Twitter For Business

Luis Suarez

Yesterday evening, my time, I attended a rather interesting webcast with Sandy Carter , IBM’s Worldwide Sales Vice President, IBM Social Business, Collaboration, and Lotus Sales and Evangelism, along with Jeremiah Owyang , Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group , on the topic of Why Be Social? Will Social Software follow the same trend? Will social networking tools become our next Pandora’s Box, just like email is today for most of us?

CoP Series #8: Content and Community

Nancy White

Books, papers, self-paced learning modules, resources, learner discussions, reflective logs/blogs, images, audio, video. In the new Ufi learndirect Childcare portal pilot (reminder: this series was originally written for Darren who works at Ufi) , learners can create “their learning plan&# and can draw on learndirect content and bookmark and rate content. This is the eighth in a series of blog posts I wrote for Darren Sidnick late last year.