Introduction to Social Networking

Harold Jarche

Introduction to Social Networking. Online social networks facilitate connections between people based on shared interests, values, membership in particular groups (i.e., They make it easier for people to find and communicate with individuals who are in their networks using the Web as the interface. Note you can learn more about the concept of ego-centric vs object-centric networks here ). It is also the network of choice for most professionals.

What is the future of the Learning & Development department?

Trends in the Living Networks

Learning in a social network world: the new opportunities. • One of the distinctions I brought out in my book Living Networks (and many others have made in various guises) was between Collections and Connections. In learning there has been a long-standing shift to generating learning modules, which are content that can be delivered across a variety of platforms, and hopefully as close to the point of need as possible. Keynote speaker Social media Social networks

Module 118

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Notes On "Global Guidelines: Ethics in Learning Analytics"

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

All from (Sharples et al, 2014): behavioural data from online learning systems (discussion forums, activity completion, assessments) functional data extracted from registration systems and progress reports data shared by students as part of their daily social and study lives How is Data Analyzed? data shared by students as part of their daily social and study lives").

A grain of sand: Innovation diffusion

Dave Snowden

Here apprentice models, social networks are more effective at diffusion and development of ideas. Use technology to support human sensor networks. Concluding I emphases the need for messy coherence, relaxing constraints to allow new patterns to emerge.

E-Learning Generations

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

During the development of this second generation we saw theconsolidation of computer-based software and content, and the commercializationof the network itself. Meanwhile, the world of networks began to commercialize.Commercial bulletin board services emerged, such as Prodigy, AOL, GEnie andCompuserv. You can begin to see a pattern developing here. Second, it created the idea that these content modules orchunks were sharable. is social software.

A day with Dave Snowden

Jay Cross

If there are only four dots, they can form 64 patterns. Twelve dots can form 4,700 quadrillion patterns. A system is any network that has coherence. Magnet are modulators. Social network stimulation. Patterns emerge.).

The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Bandwidth As administrators struggle against the demands video streaming and bit torrent networks place on backbones, it is hard to imagine saying that bandwidth will be unlimited. Sun Developer Network, 2008)This concept, which in education became the idea of the ‘learning object’, emerged as a result of the idea that reusable software objects could be created. It is this change I have attempted in recent years to capture under the heading of ‘groups versus networks’.