Drivers and modulators

Dave Snowden

One thing that came up this morning (well overnight as the exchange is with an Australian) is the difference between drivers and modulators, or rather the different implications of the two terms. A different way of looking at this is the replace the word driver with modulator. I may not even be aware of some modulators until they suddenly come into play and their impact is seen. The magnets in this case modulate the system. Photograph courtesy of Daynoir.

Module 100

A New Website, Part Six - Drupal Modules

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Modules A module is some additional programming that gives your site some additional functionality. A number of optional modules come installed with the original Drupal download. In addition, you can get many more modules from the Drupal web site. The first step, then, is to look at the list of modules that comes with the Drupal download. So I select 'Site Building' -> 'Modules'. So I activate the module. This will happen for every module.

Module 100

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Returning to constraints

Dave Snowden

In working this through over the last year, mostly in lockdown so on zoom not in person, I’ve shifted a bit and yesterday made the provisional decision to stop talking about modulators (although keeping the idea of modulation as an alternative to causality when describing a complex system).

Module 285

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 1

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I did a bit of searching around and determined that the overall structure is pretty common: - course - modules - an array of individual units of instruction - sections - an array of individual offerings of the course Like this: Figure 1. I already have a 'course' table in gRSShopper from previous experiments, so I'll make a 'module' table and a 'section' table. I'm making a module table so I typed 'module' in the form. Let's define what I want in a module.

Module 135

Concept Maps and Learning

Clark Quinn

As a personal example, when I was in high school, our school district decided that the American Civil War would be taught as modules. Teachers chose to offer whatever facets they wanted, and students could take any two modules they wanted.

Module 225

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 3

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

From this I created a set of nine topics that constituted the structure of the course - the course modules. Then, for each module, I considered the topic from four distinct perspectives: philosophy, technology, media and learning. This synopsis will be used for a variety of purposes: it creates the content for each module, it defines the sort of tasks and activities we can engage in, it creates the outline for my introductory E-Learning 3.0 So that's my module page.

Module 119

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 6

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Also, I wanted to be able to put videos on the Event page and even on the Modules page. I need to associate each video with an event, and with a module. I could do this in either the Media Editor or the Event Editor and Module Editor. Figure 70 - Media form in Form Editor I've added course, module and event as keylists. Here's a sample event page with the video: Figure 73 - Event Page Videos in Modules Now for the modules.

Module 131

Connections: Deconstruction and Connectivism

George Siemens

However, I’ll spend time revisiting Derrida and others (notably Latour, but he is a sociologist, so I have more tolerance), especially after a student in the MDDE622 course that Rory McGreal and I taught at Athabasca University, posted an interesting learning module on Deconstruction and Connectivism. Stella Bastone agreed to share the module. From the module: According to Derrida, all Western thought is based on the idea of a center…Deconstruction challenges this.

Module 160

working smarter 2020

Harold Jarche

The Working Smarter program included four modules spaced over four weeks, engaging cohorts of 50 or fewer participants and included individual exercises and collective discussions. The second pilot extended the time for each module to two weeks for a total of almost two months.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 2

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In the previous segment I decided to create a course with modules and sections, and set up the modules. I'll fill out the actual content of those modules over time. What I want to do is list the course modules and events (there's only one course so I don't need to list courses). Figure 15 - where are my modules? The problem is that gRSShopper doesn't know how to display modules. What I need to do is to define a View that will display modules.

Design 143

More Marketing Malarkey

Clark Quinn

So, for Entertaining, this is the followup: “advocates the concept of learning through a sequence of smaller, focused modules.” As has become all too common, someone decided to point me to some posts for their organization.

Module 209

3 Tips for Crafting Effective eLearning Quizzes to Drive Learner Engagement


Online learning quizzes drive knowledge retention by helping to reinforce what an employee has already learned in an eLearning course module. eLearning quizzes add value to any employee LMS training course.

3 Ways to Deliver Microlearning with LMS Software


While there is no quick fix for increasing an employee’s level of engagement in learning and development, integrating microlearning into training modules with LMS software is a great place to start. Less than half of U.S. employees are highly engaged in learning. LMS LMS Software microlearning

3 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Online Training Courses with an LMS


If an organization’s eLearning modules are missing the mark, there is plenty company leaders can do improve them using an LMS. Implementing an eLearning program is a significant financial investment, but it’s worth the money when online training courses are effective. Learning Management System Employee Training Online Training LMS

New Project: Digitizing Higher Education

George Siemens

Once this analysis is done, each university will enter one of ten modules based on their current progress. For example, a university without an LMS will enter module one whereas a university with advanced infrastructure but looking to develop online programs will enter at module four. In fall, I’ll be running a course on edX with a few colleagues on Digitizing Higher Education.

from training to learning

Harold Jarche

While social learning may be one the currently hot new trends in the education and training fields, we have known for a while “why tried-and-true training methods don’t work anymore”, as discussed by Brigitte Jordan (1937-2016) in the mid-1990’s while working at the Institute for Research on Learning. Here are the highlights — From Training to Learning in the New Economy.

Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company


is developer of the industry-leading Learning Content Management System (LCMS), comprised of two modules: Studio , a cloud-based, collaborative, single-source authoring tool, and Content Delivery Service , a centralized content management system with comprehensive built-in analytics and dashboards.

Cost 130

What’s New in Pastiche™ Version 1.4?


Publishers can now group the lessons of a course within modules, offering learners a more convenient navigation through the content when courses are long. On top of the glossary and module feature, we have updated the look and feel of the questions in the Quiz Me section in our demo app. The Pastiche iPad app version 1.4 is out! You can now download it from the App Store. This new version comes with support for glossary.

Module 122

What Does it Mean to Enrol in a Course?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It has modules and lessons and an interface to events and activities.

Course 252

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-23

Jane Hart

RT @ britz : Im to share my eval of an REL module today -frankly, this abt sums it up: Online courses must die! Tweet. OMG Sitting is killing you [link] #. The Networked Workplace by @ hjarche [link] #. Spiderscribe: Free-Form Mind Mapping & Brainstorming Tool [link] via @ MakeUseOf #. link] #. The C4LPT Daily is out! link] ? Top stories today via @ jamesmcluckie #.

observation > narration > curation

Harold Jarche

“Stop work on that coronavirus eLearning module you started last week.

Module 176

A Review of SAP Jam

Dan Pontefract

The hurdle was overcome well before we went live to the organization, but the lesson for others is to ensure you sort through the relationship of Jam to BizX if you are launching other SuccessFactors modules at the same time. Overall, Jam deployed to the organization easier than some of the other SuccessFactors modules. (I Learning Module Integration. A greater degree of integration with the Learning module is still necessary.

Review 161

Cognitive Edge accreditation

Dave Snowden

We have created a list of modules or discrete units for all the various methods and tools. For each of those modules we have created a brief audio-recording and slide set. Over time the older structure will disappear and we will just have the modules, with one simple-to-use navigation page showing everything. The modules will be graded on a scale of 1-3 based on level of difficulty. Attending a training course will thus gain each participant points for each module.

Module 133

Another model for support

Clark Quinn

In one case, it was for a series of elearning modules. In a more recent instance, it was on a specific focus, but there were several modules that used a similar structure. I was thinking about today’s post , wherein I was talking about a couple of packages that might help organizations move forward. I was reflecting back on some previous posts about engagement models, and was reminded of a more recent one. And I realized this has played out in a couple of ways.

The need for order

Dave Snowden

So start with mapping constraints and modulators and then simulating likely effects of change. When I was at school, way back in the days of the white-hot heat of technological optimism, the local printers made a gift to the school of their old platen press and a case of font trays. There were drawers for each font and point size all with a similar layout – a pattern that had emerged from the 15th Century based on the frequency of use.

Module 168

Learning Electron - Part 2

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Angular is integrated using three Node modules (all loaded using npm install ): electron-angular , electron-reload , and elegular. There are two npm modules to install. The second is the specific SQLite3 module for Node. This section took me a lot longer than it should have because, first, the wrong scripts were associated with the different modules, and second, one of the script download files was corrupt.

Module 169

Easy RSS

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

RSS is ridiculously easy to create. It should be available to everyone, without the need for a specialized blogging application. Here's a Perl script that will create an RSS feed from a tab separated document.

RSS 119

Workplace Learning: Adding, Embedding & Extracting

Charles Jennings

Typically, adding learning involves integrating structured away-from-work learning (courses, classes, and eLearning modules) with learning activities within the workflow. Alternatively adding might involve making an eLearning module available on mobile devices, or making an online community space available for follow-up after a face-to-face course.

A sense of direction (1)

Dave Snowden

The issue arrises when the nature of the system is such that the levels of uncertainty, the degree of interacting modulators is such, that unintended consequences are the only certainty. Of course, if the degree of modulation is limited and if causality is linear (repeating and predictable) then there is no issue with measures becoming targets. I had a really interesting exchange on twitter over the last few days.

Module 165

Digital Learning Research Network Conference 2016

George Siemens

Online Readiness Modules and Student Success. As part of the Digital Learning Research Network, we held our first conference at Stanford last year. The conference focused on making sense of higher education. The discussions and prsentations addressed many of the critical challenges faced by learners, educators, administrators, and others. The schedule and archive are available here.

The future of business education will be centered on contextual learning

Trends in the Living Networks

When an obstacle is encountered the solution is sought in the form of a specific module of learning needed to solve that particular problem. This context specific module is acquired just as we need it, ‘just in time’. The ‘learning module’ may be in any number of forms: a video, an article, or an individual who knows what you need to know or who has experienced what you are experiencing.

first we kill the jobs

Harold Jarche

The project delivered 138 modules on the locations for its holidays, flights, airport codes and so on. Donald Clark shows how WildFire , a machine-augmented instructional content development system, saved significant time and money to develop a global training program. “We used an AI tool to deliver a project to a large multinational (TUI) with £16 billion in revenue.

Module 199

Celebrate 21 Days to Happiness E-Learning with a 3 Day Happiness Challenge

21 Days to Happiness

And, if you participate along with me, you can enter for a chance to win 3 modules from my new 21 Days to Happiness E-Learning. Follow the tour and earn entries for a chance to win 3 modules of the brand new 21 Days to Happiness interactive e-learning. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - to Work on Your Happiness! This is the best time of the year to work on your happiness. It's almost Thanksgiving in the United States and just a few short weeks until Christmas.

Four ways to help women learn more

Nine Shift

For example, women study more than they need to on a given module, probably 30% more than a male student would spend to learn the same amount of material and get the same score on a test. Challenge female students to spend less time per module, and to tackle more challenging modules. Last week Julie Coates and I introduced some innovative new ways to help women learn more in school and college.

Module 100

Homo Narrans: archetypes

Dave Snowden

Two days ago (apologies for skipping a day) I said that I would pick up on the role of archetypes in narrative work. I wrote a two-part article for ECO on the subject, featuring the work of Sonja and others in South Africa (where the technique was developed).

eBook 211

Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement

Luis Suarez

Time, in this case, will also play against you, more than anything else because hardly anyone nowadays would be looking forward to going through an enablement module of about an hour, for instance, no matter how interesting and helpful it may well be. That’s all you would need when putting together this enablement programme with an initial number of different modules based on use cases and business practices.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Figure 140 - The 'Authorize' button on the Swagger sample API Interface page In Perl I decided to create a Perl Module that would handle all the Badgr API tasks. Each time I want to use Badgr I call up a new instance of this module, that is, 'a new Badgr object'. For gRSShopper I found a way to encode images into Base64 using a Perl module. The Badge API and Setting Up Badges This actually represents almost a week's worth of work.

Design 119

It’s Only 65% !

Charles Jennings

Formal learning’ suggests learning that is designed and directed by someone other than the learner as part of a curriculum, course, programme, module etc. Even when we engage in classes, programmes and structured eLearning modules as part of the overall mix to support and accelerate learning and performance improvement we don’t stop learning as soon as we walk out the door or finish the online recall test. The results of yet another 70:20:10 survey were published recently.

Survey 182

Frustrated With Drupal

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I got to explore, for example, the Drupal Actions and Workflow modules. Try the Send Module , which in turn requires the MimeMail Module. If there is a trigger or a toggle anywhere inside the module commands, I couldn't find it (and I spend hours searching, methodically going through every possible setting - I am nothing if not persistent (people who read these articles should know that by now)). I cannot use these modules to send anything.

Drupal 100

friday power

Harold Jarche

The last module is 4.5 Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. some links are to the complete Twitter thread]. “I f you never change your mind, why have one?” ” —Edward de Bono — via @stiggylou. “I’m taking an online data analytics class from the Wharton School of Business. hours of how we can track people. Exactly 0 minutes of that is spent on ethics.

Module 128

“… intire of it selfe”

Dave Snowden

Take those linear stages and define them as modulators with a complex system that can occur in different strengths and frequency in different contexts. A health warning – this is an exploratory post starting to develop an anthro-complexity theory of organisational change.

Module 222

gRSShopper Setup Log

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Perl modules requested had been installed for me (you can see the list below in this post). This script tests for required modules. So I rewrote the server environment test to reflect current Perl module requirements (all models are loaded in load_modules() if you''re interested). This module handles form input functions. This module displays error messages. This module handles database functions. This module emulates a web browser.

Module 119

Boxing gRSShopper

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I also wanted to install a number of Perl modules. I used server_test.cgi to see what modules I still needed to install. Since not all of the Perl modules are yet loading, I had to edit the scripts to disable some functions. What, again? Yes, again.