The myopia of metrics

Dave Snowden

Focus on the metrics and your vision is limited. The post The myopia of metrics appeared first on Cognitive Edge. I still have affectionate memories of my slide rule. We learnt how to use them around 14 or so and while they took away the mechanical aspects of computation you still had to have a sense of scale – the power of ten you had to work out in your head.

Malicious metrics

Clark Quinn

Like others, I have been seduced by the “what X are you” quizzes on FaceBook. I certainly understand why they’re compelling, but I’ve begun to worry about just why they’re so prevalent. And I’m a wee bit concerned. People like to know things about themselves.


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metrics, thy name is vanity

Harold Jarche

But only one metric mattered: registrations. But by focusing on the only real metric, it is obvious that the audience for this workshop is not there. Ignoring vanity metrics will free my mind. They deserve my time more than the vanity metrics that may stroke my ego. While your mileage may vary, I would suggest that most freelancers and small businesses could benefit from ignoring vanity metrics. About a year ago I deleted Google Analytics from this website.

Social Media Metrics

Clark Quinn

I continue to get asked about social learning metrics. Until we get around to a whitepaper or something on metrics, here’re some thoughts: Frankly, the problem with Kirkpatrick (sort of like with LMS’ and ADDIE, *drink*) is not in the concept, but in the execution. Frankly, even activity is a metric. Metrics for informal learning aren’t rocket science, but instead mapping of best principles into specific contexts.

Big Data: Running out of Metric System…

Andy McAfee

It turns out that in the era of big data, we’re about to run out of metric system: Yotta- , signifying 10^24, is the only metrix prefix left on the list. I recently came across two very different pieces of evidence showing how big a deal big data is. The first is the great thirst mainstream organizations have for analytic talent. A friend who works at PWC called me up a little while ago to ask if I knew of any data jocks who were looking for work.

Retail Training Tips That Improve Key Business Metrics


Those services can help retail companies improve key metrics like: Online Training LMS Retail TrainingRetail employees help generate a large portion of a business’ revenue by helping shoppers find what they need, suggesting additional purchases, and providing exceptional customer service.

Mapping metrics

Harold Jarche

Beth Kanter shares her presentation on Mapping metrics to strategy (with slide show) focused on non-profits using social media: The session will share an overview of why the sequence listen, learn, and adapt is critical to implementing a successful social media strategy. We’ll examine what can and can’t be quantified as well as various metrics and analytics tools.

Using social media to track and drive organizational success metrics

Trends in the Living Networks

One of the many topics discussed was the use of social media to track metrics and correlate these with organizational success metrics. A range of other very specific insights were generated from the analysis, and these metrics are now tracked on an ongoing basis. This week I was MC for the AHRI HR Technology conference , and ran one of the workshops on the following day, on Creating Results Using Social Media.

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech

Beth Kanter

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech, Guest post by Anne Whatley, Network Impact. In addition to tracking app deployments, Code for America has developed metrics that help them understand their impact on the governments they work with, the communities they engage, and the larger civic technology ecosystem.

Jay’s new book on learning metrics

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

This takes more than jargon and metrics. New book: What Would Andrew Do? by Jay Cross & friends. How to sell senior management on the value of learning. Preview and Table of Contents. 189 pages, $19.99 hard copy or download , $14.99 read-only. Blurb : Chief Learning Officers and training directors are struggling to convince executives they are making a difference. To be successful, they must think and act like business people.

ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. BPM and workflow technologies have been able to achieve significant gains in productivity Metrics Recently, functional managers have begun using eLearning to meet business objectives. This is where w Return on Investment in Training - The problem is that nobody is quite sure what the appropriate metrics are for measuring ROI for learning.

ROI 110

Metrics for Building, Scaling, and Funding Social Movements

Beth Kanter

Marino Morino, who wrote “ Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity ” pointed me to this recent report, “ Transactions, Transformations, Translations: Metrics That Matter for Building, Scaling and Funding Social Movements ” by Manual Pastor, Jennifer Ito, and Rachel Rosner with the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and funded by the Ford Foundation. Anyone out there using metrics to measure movements?

Nonprofit Social Media Mavens Are Curators of Metrics

Beth Kanter

I’ve been reading Social Media Metrics Secrets by John Lovett who is a senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified where Eric T. I’ve referred several Packard grantees who have used John Lovett’s social analytics framework to help them think through social media metrics. I sent a tweet to John asking if there was a blank copy and he sent me a blank one with permission to hack and share. How are you curating your organization’s social media metrics?

UX Metrics for Noobs and Skeptics: An Interview With Richard Dalton

Adaptive Path

So I guess it’s time for me to learn more about UX metrics. They say, if it moves measure it. I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot about how to measure UX lately — mainly to realize that I halfway don’t believe it’s possible. My gripe is that even if you can regularly track and look at numbers (itself no small feat), it’s hard to know what they mean exactly.

Greetings and Bathrooms: One CEO's Metrics for Retail Stores

Bob Sutton

"  When I asked what the "warning signs" he looked for during store visits, signs that management was slipping, he offered two metrics (which he said could be applied to many others retail settings too): 1.   Yesterday, we had the CEO of a large retail chain as a visitor in the Stanford class we Huggy Rao and I are teaching on scaling-up excellence.    I will refrain from using his name as this a class, not a speech to the public. 

What is your organization’s “One Metric That Matters”?

Beth Kanter

The other is about using data to make decisions, but for the start up audience. They have some ideas in common – including finding the “One Metric that Matters.” My favorite snippet in the book is “The One Metric That Matters” which encourages an to focus on that one key important metric that determines success. When you know what the right question is, you’ll know what metric to track in order to answer that question.

How To Make Sense of Your Social Media Metrics

Beth Kanter

I’ve been facilitating a peer learning group with Packard Foundation grantees during the past year with a goal of improving measurement practice for social media and based on my book, “ Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.” ” Each organization is working on an action learning project that is a small, doable measurement project that applies the frameworks and steps in the book.

Is the New Facebook “People Talking About” Metric As Meaningless as Number of Likes?

Beth Kanter

Mari Smith pointed to this blog post from All Facebook explaining the metric and how it has been implemented in apps. The people talking about this metric tallies: Liking a page; Posting to a page’s wall; Liking, commenting, or sharing a page’s status update, photo, video, or other content; Answering a question posted by a page; RSVPing to an event hosted by the page; Mentioning the page (users must formally tag the page); Tagging a page in a photo; Liking or sharing a check-in deal, and.

Notes from Mari Smith Facebook Changes Webinar: Privacy Settings and A New Metric – People Talking About

Beth Kanter

Facebook Rolls Out New Metric: People Talking About. Last night Facebook announced some changes to Insights , the analytics program that we use for tracking Facebook pages, that includes a new metric, “People Talking About.” “People Talking About This” will be the new Facebook metric, both for page owners and Facebook users. Facebook Changes: A Complete Guide – by Mari Smith. View more presentations from Mari Smith.

Applying Avinash Kaushik’s Best Social Metrics Framework for the New Facebook Insights Data

Beth Kanter

” The discipline of measurement help you analyze what lies beneath those numbers, and uses that insight to improve your practices. You set objectives, create and implement strategy, identify key metrics, make changes based on your research, then gather new data, then make more changes, then gather more data, and on and on. Measurement of your processes and results—where you spend your time and money and what you get out of it—helps you make better decisions.

Return on Intangibles

Jay Cross

That’s why Return on Intangibles is the most important metric in the CLO’s toolkit. Management Innovation Metrics of organizational learning Profit This article appears in the October 2013 issue of Chief Learning Officer. Understanding learning’s value depends on measuring what can’t be touched. . In his marvelous book Intellectual Capital , Tom Stewart asked, “ What’s new?

How To Use Facebook Metrics To Give Your Audience the Content They Want Most

Beth Kanter

I found this wonderful infographic that takes you through the process of setting goals, making them measurable, picking your metrics, and making decisions based on your data. This is a general rule of thumb that you should test and adapt for your audience. Watch for signs in your metrics that you’re posting too frequently. The most important practice is the sense-making of comparing my content to metrics and getting ideas of what to test next.

Measure what’s important

Jay Cross

Just Jay Metrics of organizational learning In the last twenty years of the twentieth century, investors shifted from Industrial Age thinking to Knowledge Era thinking. The shift changed how owners value businesses. The change is fundamental to optimizing return on investment, but sadly many L&D managers are mired in mid-twentieth century thinking. In the Industrial Age, tangible assets produced wealth, so investors put their money on plant and equipment.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

Community Metrics of organizational learning Working SmarterFourth post in a series. In case you missed them, here are the first , second , and third posts. Is your organization ready? How ready are you to tackle Big L Learning? Where does your organization fit on the progression from Hierarchical Organization to Collaborative Organization? You can take this survey online. We’ll report the aggregate results in a couple of weeks.

Calling shades of gray “black and white&#

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

MetricsRecognition of Non-formal and Informal Learning. Fifteen years ago, “the OECD education ministers agreed to develop strategies for ‘lifelong learning for all’ &# They still don’t have it right. Who are these guys?

It’s all relative

Jay Cross

There’s no cookie-cutter formula for applying metrics, but there is an underlying process. The Metrics Cycle. There’s no cookie-cutter formula for applying metrics, but there is an underlying process. Generally, you’ll follow these five steps to identify, agree upon, assess and use metrics. The only valid metrics for corporate learning are business metrics. Once you’ve settled on the project and its metrics, get it in writing. CLO magazine.

10 pieces of advice on the web, workflow, & learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

ROI – Flaws in the Metrics System. Tags: General Informal Learning Metrics Social After a lengthy hibernation, Learning Light ’s eLearning Centre rides again! From a press release yesterday: Learning Light has now launched the new look and feel e-learning centre. Check it out for news, views, jobs, reports, research papers and supplier directory. The e-Learning Centre is a free information resource for learning and development professionals and e-learning developers.

The Happy Bottom Line

Jay Cross

Metrics of organizational learning Psychology Well-beingCLO , October 2012. When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” John Lennon. Humans are driven by their emotions. We make most decisions subconsciously, in the emotional brain.

A Rough But Intriguing Metric for School Assessing a School.

Bob Sutton

Evidence-Based Management in Action » A Rough But Intriguing Metric for School Assessing a School Principal. What do you think of this metric?  Listed below are links to weblogs that reference A Rough But Intriguing Metric for School Assessing a School Principal : Comments. I am a teacher, among other things, and say can that yes that metric works- to a point. Agree it is an imperfect but potentially useful metric. Bob Sutton.

Making business decisions: the hand and the heart

Jay Cross

Tags: Making sound decisions Metrics of organizational learning

Intangibles matter

Jay Cross

Cross then goes on to make the point about the way outcomes are measured; “First, the metrics that people have been using for the past 30 years— using accounting measures—are totally ridiculous. Tags: Metrics of organizational learning Leadership, Intangibles, and Talent Review.

ROI 92

Decisions, decisions. Business decisions.

Jay Cross

Jay Cross examines decision making on learning at work, and gives the lie to some myths about the use of business metrics. Common measures are gain in market share, increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and other business metrics. All learning, informal or formal and anything inbetween, should be evaluated with the same metric: whether people who participate in it are doing the job. Tags: Metrics of organizational learning

Showing the value of social media

Jay Cross

Tags: Metrics of improving organizational learning

FAQ 102

Secrets of Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Those in the quantitative data/metrics/benchmarking camp argue against the legitimacy of the notion of “informal” learning. Informal Learning Meta-Learning Metrics of organizational learning Web 2.0Learning Solutions Magazine. Working Smarter: Informal Learning in the Cloud by Jay Cross and Friends. By Jane Bozarth. March 30, 2010. One of the things I like best about Twitter is the collegial, friendly fire-ish banter among L & D professionals.

Learning on the Holodeck

Jay Cross

Tags: Metrics of organizational learning The process of Innovation


Jay Cross

Tags: Increasing profitability Making sound decisions Management Innovation Metrics of organizational learning

Value Networks

Jay Cross

Tags: Making sound decisions Management Innovation Metrics of organizational learning

Iterating and evaluating

Clark Quinn

As I explained about social media metrics, but applies here too, you should be iterating until you achieve the metrics you’ve set. Which requires, of course, that you set metrics about what your solution should achieve.

Learnlets » Informal budget ratio 80/20?

Clark Quinn

Informal Learning Blog » The income statement isn’t

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Steven Berlin Johnson « The Battle Of The Books | Main | » "We have for years allowed ourselves to be held hostage to one metric only," says Jay R. Smith, chairman of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and president of Cox Newspapers Inc. Newspapers have for the last couple of years been finding whole new pockets of audiences for which they get no credit."

Harold Jarche » Launch and Learn

Harold Jarche

Strategic Doing is designed for open, loosely coupled networks

Harold Jarche

“In Strategic Doing, metrics play a different role. We use metrics to facilitate learning. Metrics provide a convenient tool to accelerate our learning. Tweet Comparing Strategic Planning and Strategic Doing. Whereas strategic planning is a deductive process of thought and action, Strategic Doing using inductive reasoning. We learn as we do. With them, we figure out what works. Without them, we would be lost.