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Continuing on from my earlier posts: LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders LMS Selection Process From several comments and from looking at my list of issues, I realize that writing a good LMS RFP is challenging and it's easy to make lots of mistakes. LMS RFP Resources John Theis wrote a dissertation on the contents of 25 RFPs submitted to an LMS vendor. But, what I see as the most common problem in LMS RFP documents are the requirements.

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Listen Up: A New, National RFP Offers Nonprofits and Funders Tools to Survey Clients

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Does your organization want to make meeting the needs of the people its serves a top priority? Through its new RFP, Shared Insight will be offering up to 75 Listen for Good grants this year. Note from Beth: Melinda T.

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a simpler approach to km

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The RFP is for a measurement framework that reflects current industry standards. Training on better communication and meeting techniques can be offered. A recent posting for a six-week knowledge management contract was posted by the UNDP.

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How long does it take to select an LMS?

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Tail of Process - Demos, Hands-on Testing, Negotiation The tail of Bryan's process is: Week 9 - Read and Grade Proposals Week 10 - Final meeting to pick system (Bryan has demos in Week 5) The tail of my process has: Demos Pilot or hands-on tests Negotiate Final selection Bryan talks about having demos earlier in the process: In my model, I have learned the value of moving the demo upfront, rather than waiting until after the RFP.

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I was overheard to have said…

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For example, we’ll want one easy way to issue a personal RFP, or to store and selectively share personal data on an as-needed basis. But there should also be more efficient ways for supply and demand to meet and get acquainted – ways in which, for example, individual customers eliminate guesswork by telling vendors exactly what they want. Nice interview with Dan Levy of Sparksheet : From Part I : What opportunities does the widespread adoption of mobile smartphones present for VRM?

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LMS Team Size and Time - Wow 23 Months!

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The other related posts are: LMS RFP LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders LMS Selection Process LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers Other posts on LMS: Learning Management Systems (LMS) Gotchas Tracking Without an LMS LMS Dissatisfaction on the Rise Do You WANT an LMS? people, 4 months 3 - Meet with Vendors Median - 3.5

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Bigger is not better

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I have worked on both sides of the RFP/Proposal & purchasing/selling continuum. The additional caveats ensured that only a few bidders could ever meet the mandatory criteria. However, most large corporations and government agencies write their requestes for proposals (RFP) in such a way as to exclude small operators, thinking that they are mitigating their risks. Common business wisdom used to be that nobody gets fired for buying IBM.

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for Learning Professionals Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 Test SCORM Courses with an LMS Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples Training Method Trends Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis SCORM Test Web 2.0

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Social Movement Learning (Winnie Chow, Thomas Mark Turay and Bev Burke)

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Also, put out RFP for knowledge exchange. Also, get social policy groups to meet regarding how to exchange information. From the Canadian Council on Learning conference on adult education, Fredericton. See also the formal report. Winnie Chow, Thomas Mark Turay What is Social Movement Learning (SML)? This report has never been done, so far as we know. We found only three things in Google. How would we write a report on only three authors - that's not really state of the field.

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