Flip your meetings

Jay Cross

American business people attend 11,000,000 business meetings every day and half of it’s a waste of time. Knowledge workers spend three hours a day in meetings. Four out of five of us have brought other work to do during a meeting. It adds up to years of meetings.

Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings?

Dan Pontefract

Several moons ago, I was asked to participate in a meeting. After all, a report by Atlassian suggests employees attend 62 meetings per month. In the US alone that works out to roughly 11 million meetings being held every single day. Culture meetings

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How Social Networking Can Improve Work Meetings

Luis Suarez

I am not too sure whether meetings lower our IQ or whether they make us all more stupid, as my good friend Stowe Boyd reflected on a recent blog post , but I can certainly confirm they do take a toll on your own productivity. Well, apparently, the same thing happens with meetings.

Virtual Meetings: 5 Tips for Nonprofits Working Across Time Zones

Beth Kanter

Other times,the workshop, keynote presentation, or master class might be part of a conference or a single session for an organization, but planning the event requires meeting across time zones virtually. This chart easily allows you to find the best time for a meeting.

Step-by-Step Guide: Nonprofit Walking Meetings

Beth Kanter

One of the participants mentioned that they were going to start regular walking meetings with staff, to ensure they keep moving but also build community. Meetings can not only be a waste of time but also zap our energy. Walking meetings can help shakes things up.

Yes, please meet the Chief Executive Customer

Doc Searls

was a larger version of the one on the left, with the headline “Meet the new Chief Executive Customer. Looks like IBM and I are in agreement. Last week the first image you saw at IBM’s site (at least here in the U.S.)

Healthy and Productive Nonprofit Meetings: What Does the Research Say?

Beth Kanter

How many meetings and conference calls did you have yesterday? Our work days are filled with meetings and conference calls with the intent of getting stuff done. But many meetings end up being a complete waste of time. Many of our meetings take place on conference calls.

Design Interrupted: Design-time Versus Meeting-time

Adaptive Path

An article I read a while back caused me to reflect on how we scheduled meetings at Adaptive Path and how that might affect my colleagues' ability to achieve quality design work. He says "when you use time that way, it's merely a practical problem to meet with someone. I try to keep them flexible—weekly 30-min meetings that can be skipped if they are pushing toward a deadline or moved around as needed. And everyone appreciates the meeting-free hour.

The Secret Sauce for Productive Nonprofit Meetings that No One Talks About

Beth Kanter

One of the modules is on meetings. But often we forget to add the secret sauce: how to participate in meetings with impact. There is lots of advice out there about how to design and facilitate meetings. The Healthy Meeting Mindset. MeetingsFlickr Photo by Iain.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

Beth Kanter

Last week, I facilitated a peer learning session for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders and their mentors about healthy and productive meetings. We covered the best practices of meetings , both face-to-face and virtual meetings. Two simple tips will help in hybrid meetings.

Six Power Tips for Great Meetings in Today’s Virtual World

Beth Kanter

This past year, I collaborated with Andrea Kihlstedt on a couple of Guidestar hosted Webinars on the topic of Healthy and Productive Meetings. Six Power Tips for Great Meetings in Today’s Virtual World by Beth Kanter and Andrea Kihlstedt. Good meetings don’t just happen.

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Blog Post: Transforming decision making meetings

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen How many times have you taken part in a meeting to make a decision about an issue where they have been two factions in the room? Split the meeting into two parts.

UX Week 2014: Meet the Keynotes

Adaptive Path

Every year, when we set about the task of choosing speakers for UX Week , we look for people who can bring a broad perspective to the challenges facing experience designers today.

8 Fantastic Facilitation Playbooks for Designing Productive Nonprofit Meetings

Beth Kanter

Meetings are a big part of our work week, whether it is a recurring staff, team, or board meeting or informal check-in. Our meetings are face-to-face, virtually, and a combination of the two known as “hybrid” meetings.

Meet Zedfast

Harold Jarche

Living in a small town in Atlantic Canada (pop. 5,000), it’s not often I find people in my community who understand what I do, let alone work in similar fields. Zedfast , founded by Steve Scott, is the exception. Zedfast is currently focused on developing eLearning content in HTML5 and Flash.

The Art of Facilitating Virtual Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth Kanter

As trainers, Andrea and I both know the value of “modeling the model,” so we wanted to use and model best practices for designing effective meetings on their preferred platforms. Designing A Participatory Hook for a Virtual Meeting. A meeting hook does the same thing.

5 Tips for Nonprofits To Host Effective Walking Meetings

Beth Kanter

@kanter A walking meeting in progress. I ended the post with a question, “Does your nonprofit do walking meetings?” That means rethinking meetings. Make a list of all the work meeting in your life. Virtual Meetings: Conference calls, online chats, and webinars.

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The Art of Facilitating Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth Kanter

More recent books on these methods include Gamestorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo and Visual Meetings by David Sibbet (I took David Sibbet’s workshop on visual meeting facilitation and wrote up some reflections here.).

Meeting of the Minds with Gerd Leonhard: The implications of Big Data

Ross Dawson

After I recently did a keynote in Interlaken, Switzerland, I visited Gerd at his home in Basel where we did another series of videos for his Meeting of the Minds project.

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Running Effective Virtual #Nonprofit Meetings: 9 Best Practices for Facilitating Engagement

Beth Kanter

Workplace flexibility creates a need for better skills in facilitating virtual meetings and hybrid meetings where some participants are in the room and others participate are using audio-only or video conferencing platform. Do not multi-task (do other work) during the meeting.

Where data meets the people

Mind Hacks

Ben Goldacre might be quite surprised to hear he’s written a sociology book, but for the second in our series on books about how the science of mind, brain and mental health meet society, Bad Pharma is an exemplary example.

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Open Meeting Protocol and the structure of emergent collaboration

Ross Dawson

Last week I had an early evening meeting set up with Indy Johar , the inspiring co-founder of Hub Westminster. When I arrived I found that Indy had invoked an ‘Open Meeting Protocol’, offering £10 to Matt Sevenoaks of KPMG to join the meeting, who in turn invited Shelley Kuipers , the CEO of Chaordix, who as it happens I had conversed with on email as reecently as a few days before but had never met in real-life.

The Virtues of Standing-Up: In Meetings and Elsewhere

Bob Sutton

Of course, there are times when sitting down is best: During long meetings, when you want to unwind, when relaxed contemplation is in order.  I’ve been fascinated by stand-up meetings for years.    Meetings in his study were productive but rarely lasted long. 

Healthy and Productive Meetings: Free Guidestar Webinar on Feb. 12th

Beth Kanter

A lot of my work consists of sitting — working on a computer, talking on the phone, or attending meetings or conferences. I’m now walking the talk about walking meetings. I’ll be doing a Guidestar Webinar on health and productive meetings on Feb.

Meeting of the Minds: Key future trends with Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard

Ross Dawson

For more conversations about the future see Meeting of the Minds. The post Meeting of the Minds: Key future trends with Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks.

Emotionally intelligent signage meets social media | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Emotionally intelligent signage meets social media Here are two that came over the transom this week. (HT: Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H.

A learning system to meet the needs of a complex knowledge era

George Siemens

I had the opportunity to stop by edX last. I gave a talk on the type(s) of learning system(s) that are needed to address complex knowledge needs. A video the talk is available here. A key point that I wanted to communicate in the presentation is the importance of thinking about the intended needs of knowledge in society when talking about the future of higher education. Much of the theorizing about universities would be better suited for society’s knowledge needs in the early 1900′s.

Using an Open Source Platform to Meet Online Learning Goals

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Summary of a presentation from Amy Collier (Stanford) and Jane Manning (Stanford) Eventifier tweets: [link] (Jane) If you haven’t seen it already, EdX has announced it will be releasing its entire platform on GPL on June 1, and Stanford announced it will be collaborating with them on this. Let me tell you a story about David Glance. He wanted to host a MOOC at university of Western Australia. When he emailed Coursera to host a MOOC, he was rebuffed.

Old meets new world: enterprise UX

Martijn Linssen

Meanwhile, please take the survey, Derek will be pleased and so will I as Im curious to see the end result Tweet op 12/28/2010 12:22:00 PM Labels: 1.0 , 2.0 , adopt , change , standardisation Old meets new world: enterprise UX 2010-12-28T12:22:00+01:00 Martijn Linssen 1.0|2.0|adopt|change|standardisation|

Meet me in Berlin

Mind Hacks

On July 11th I’ll be running a workshop as part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin. The lab is a temporary public space, in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg , dedicated to encouraging ‘open dialogue about issues related to urban living’ I’ve been invited by Corinne Rose , a psychologist and artist who has an interest in microanalyzing urban environments.

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Meet me in St Louis – or somewhere near by!

Jane Hart

In February 2015 I am going to be in the US to speak at, and run workshops for a couple of different events – but am available for additional dates and venues. Here is my schedule so far: 12 – 13 February I will be in Minneapolis, MN to run a workshop and speak at a […]. Social learning

Senator Colbert? Meet Beppe Grillo

David Weinberger

Those of us who are not-so-secretly hoping that Stephen Colbert might actually run for Senate should take a look at Beppe Grillo ‘s career in Italy.

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

Beth Kanter

Perhaps you’ve been reading about Gen Z and that they’re tech savvy, passionate about doing good, and might just shake up philanthropy. I recently read an article in the New York Times about conference for Gen Z who were learning entrepreneurial skills.

Meetings and Bosshole Behavior: A Classic Case - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

IBM Reshapes Its Sales Meetings - BusinessWeek. BusinessWeek: How to Make Meetings Matter. My First Time Attending the World Economic Forum at Davos » Meetings and Bosshole Behavior: A Classic Case. One of the themes in Good Boss, Bad Boss , as well as some of my past academic research (see this old chapter on meetings as status contests), is that bosses and other participants use meetings to establish and retain prestige and power.  Bob Sutton.

My Notes from Next Generation Evaluation Meeting

Beth Kanter

” I was lucky enough to meet and interview Patton in 2009.

Meet Your New CEO – Your Kid

Luis Suarez

Summer time is usually one of the busiest times of the year for me in terms of extra curricular work related activities. I know that this may sound a bit weird, but it’s actually rather accurate.

How To Make Meetings Work for Your Nonprofit (whether you are sitting,standing, or walking!)

Beth Kanter

Last week, I co-presented a Guidestar webinar with Andrea Kihlstedt on the topic of healthy and productive meetings who talked about the basics for making meetings highly effective. I spoke about standing and walking meetings. Productive Meetings.

Emotionally intelligent signage meets fast food meets eco-sustainability

Dan Pink

It’s the question that has vexed philosophers and statesmen since the time of Cicero: Can emotionally intelligent signage reduce napkin use in fast food restaurants?

Are meetings a force for good?: Some questions for the authors of The Org

Dan Pink

And all those endless meetings. If you can remember that, as you sit in your cubicle or office or in your next meeting, the dysfunction starts to make sense. There’s lots to dislike about the modern workplace. Dunderheaded managers. Snarls of bureaucracy.

Are meetings a force for good?: Some questions for the authors of The Org

Dan Pink

And all those endless meetings. If you can remember that, as you sit in your cubicle or office or in your next meeting, the dysfunction starts to make sense. There’s lots to dislike about the modern workplace. Dunderheaded managers. Snarls of bureaucracy.