Why I, Too, Killed My LinkedIn Account

Luis Suarez

Is that the main reason why I then went ahead and deleted my LinkedIn profile for good over a week ago? Will I survive as an independent trusted advisor on Social Business & Digital Transformation without having an active LinkedIn profile? Lots of questions looking for an answer, I suppose, but, for now, what I do know is that deleting my LinkedIn identity was an educated and informed personal choice. He can also be contacted over in Twitter at @elsua or Google Plus.

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

I do a lot of presentations where one of the topics is how to use LinkedIn more effectively as part of your knowledge work. In most cases, I will ask for a show of hands: How many of you have a LinkedIn Account? How many of you actively use LinkedIn? How many of you get really high value from LinkedIn? - Now down to 2-5% I am continually surprised by this result ( Getting Value from LinkedIn ). I can't remember how I could get things done without LinkedIn.

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Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment – The Follow-Up

Luis Suarez

Indeed, while re-reading through ‘ Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – One thing I can share with you all is that once I have seen the light of a much smarter way of using Twitter through public lists alone it’s rather tough to go back to anything else for that matter, so I haven’t.

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G+, Twitter and LinkedIn walk into a bar.

Mark Oehlert

I tweeted it, G+''d it and "updated" on LinkedIn (what do we call that anyway?).I date, ut''s been retweeted twice, had one like on LinkedIn and over on G+, has sparked two conversations in two different communities with one now up to 22 comments. . but hey Twitter, still a couple more hours to go So this morning, I had a not-so-random thought. Inspired by a comment made by Eugene Eric Kim - the thought went like this: .

Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment

Luis Suarez

Over three years ago I wrote a blog entry over here about Twitter under the provocative heading: ‘ Twitter is where conversations go to die ’. I still love Twitter, as I wrote just recently. Why do we follow people on Twitter in the first place?

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Twitter Digest for 2011-05-20

Jane Hart

LinkedIn's road to IPO [link] #. See the emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list after 150 contributions; YouTube is catching up on Twitter! Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. Big thanks to all those who responded to my tweet for input into my # balawd session; it went very well #. A new report by @ quinnovator for the ELearning Guild: Mobile Learning: Landscape and Trends [link] #.

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter - Different Connection Style

Tony Karrer

As a result of my recent change in my Approach to LinkedIn Connections , I've actually met quite a few people who read my blog, but I don't believe had ever commented. They were comfortable connecting with me via LinkedIn and since it offers mutual value it was worth the effort. Interestingly, one of the people who connected to me suggested we might want to do the same on Facebook and Twitter. However, this is not really the case with the way I use Facebook and Twitter.

Using Twitter to Build Support Among Latinos for the Affordable Care Act

Beth Kanter

As a social media specialist at MomsRising.org and a Latina who has published a blog for seven years, has two Facebook pages, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn page and now a newly opened Pinterest account, easily the biggest misconception I have encountered is that Latinos are not online.

LinkedIn - Prospecting No - Conversation Yes

Tony Karrer

Serving Clients In terms of serving clients, I covered parts of Tool Set , specifically Work Skills Keeping Up , Better Memory , Information Radar , Processing Pages with Links , Networks and Learning Communities , Collaborate , and Twitter as Personal Work and Learning Tool. I went through examples similar to LinkedIn for Finding Expertise and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers to show the basics of how LinkedIn works. Let's compare that to LinkedIn.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-10

Jane Hart

How to use Twitter for social learning [link] # schoolnetsa11 #. RT @ LnDDave : NEW BLOG POST – What Exactly is a Twitter Chat? 28 creative ways teachers are using Twitter [link] # schoolnetsa11 #. Fast Company calls # shortmail “Twitter for Email!&# #. How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Storytelling and Social Networks: Why Twitter Beats Google Plus [link] via @ RWW #. Twitter Week starts tomorrow on Share&Learn. Tweet.

Twitter Digest for 2011-06-08

Jane Hart

London still the top Twitter city in the world [link] #. Your LinkedIn Connections Turned into Tetris [link] via @ labnol <Have some fun with LinkedIn #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. Another great article from @ janebozarth – she makes it so simple. So why is so much e-learning so "controlling"? #. 1st # realwplearn chat is today at 8 pm BST Topic From Learning Design to Performance Design. Pre-reading at [link] #.

Twitter Status

Tony Karrer

My twitter status just changed. Along the way, she convinced me that Twitter was something that I should stop resisting. She did this by sending a tweet out that asked how Twitter helped people with their personal learning. The world is my network with Twitter! RobynDennis @dswaters Twitter allows us (no matter where we are in the world) to receive *instant* updates on the latest news or topics.

Insights into the evolution of Klout’s algorithm

Ross Dawson

Still the vast majority are on social media, but it now includes measures such as LinkedIn (so call yourself as Director or CEO) and PageRank on the person’s Wikipedia page. We know that Twitter followers is not a very good indication of influence. Reputation Social media Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0The rise of the reputation economy is one of the most important trends of our time.

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-20

Jane Hart

LinkedIn's road to IPO [link] #. See the emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list after 150 contributions; YouTube is catching up on Twitter! Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. Big thanks to all those who responded to my tweet for input into my # balawd session; it went very well #. A new report by @ quinnovator for the ELearning Guild: Mobile Learning: Landscape and Trends [link] #.

Twitter and Webinars

Tony Karrer

Many of the participants are Twitter users who are becoming used to chatting via twitter. have a chat stream happening and there's one going on via twitter. Presentation Mastery: Twitter as a Presentation Resource There are lots of good suggestions in these, but they don't really address the issue of how to present when the audience may be splitting their chat between the webinar tool and twitter. Twitter Chat Annoying?

eLearning Learning Adds Personalized Subscriptions

Tony Karrer

The system then uses social signals such as those coming from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, delicious as well as clicks and views. What's new now is that the site allows you to sign up and provide your Twitter and LinkedIn information.

I Unfriended You On Facebook. Are We Still Friends?

Dan Pontefract

LinkedIn caused havoc as well. By 2006, Twitter had launched and all bets were off on how to distinguish contacts, from friends, to celebrities, to lurkers, to social learners. If you clearly should have been a LinkedIn only acquaintance, I’m looking forward to seeing you over there.

Social Net-Work-Life Balance

Dan Pontefract

Seeing as it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been with the likes of Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter (at various entry dates) I thought it would be interesting to analyze my own personal / professional network to understand if any trends might be occurring.

seeking and sense-making

Harold Jarche

I share some things on LinkedIn but use it mostly to loosely connect with others. Twitter lets me connect with many people but the 140 character limit restricts the depth of conversations. How do you make sense of your work?

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professional learner’s toolkit

Harold Jarche

On Chrome I have no extensions, and only use it to access LinkedIn and Google services, which I know track me. Social Networks : My preferred conversational and sharing network is Twitter.

Twitter and the law of the few

Harold Jarche

Charlene Croft tipped me to the fact that Twitter is an amplifier for Mavens, Connectors & Salespeople: Twitter is a social networking site predominantly used by individuals who are high-level communicators and organizations/businesses who want to reach those communicators.

My Professional Learner’s Toolkit

Clark Quinn

A range of social networks : I use LinkedIn professionally, as well as Slack. And Twitter , of course. My colleague, Harold Jarche, recently posted about his professional learning toolkit, reflecting our colleague Jane Hart’s post about a Modern Learner’s Toolkit.

Social Media Policy?

Clark Quinn

I determined that LinkedIn was where I should harbor professional connections, so I trimmed my Facebook connections down and offer most anyone connected to elearning to connect to me on LinkedIn. Twitter, of course, is where I follow folks of interest professionally, personally, or even politically. And I use IFTTT to send blog announcements to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So what’s your social media policy?

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Clark Quinn

Twitter is a go-to. The learning chats I participate in are another way twitter helps. LinkedIn is a way to stay in touch with people, and in particular the L&D Revolution group is where I want to keep the dialog alive about the opportunity. The articles in LinkedIn are occasionally of interest too, and it’s always an education to see who wants to link ;). It’s that time again: Jane Hart is running her 2016 (and 10th!)

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and what do you do?

Harold Jarche

On Twitter, my current profile says: alternative business consultant & “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”. When my wife is asked what I do for a living, she usually responds that it’s best to ask me directly.

The state of influence today: increasing marketing budgets and greater influencer professionalism

Ross Dawson

Back in the day, Technorati’s annual State of the Blogosphere reports were the reference guide to what was happening in blogging, before Twitter existed or Facebook was open to the general public.

Social maps

Jay Cross

Tweetsmap plots your Twitter followers on a map of the world: Do it. I can’t figure out my LinkedIn stats. People have to list location on LinkedIn but many probably don’t bother identifying their industry. It’s a pity I rarely use LinkedIn.

sense-making with social media

Harold Jarche

LinkedIn is a useful professional tool. For example, I use Twitter for quick generation and broad sharing. Blogs are for longer thoughts while Twitter is where I can feel the pulse of the action and am able to follow the most conversations.

Learning is Connecting

Harold Jarche

For example, there are how-to videos on YouTube, learning-oriented chats on Twitter, study groups on Facebook, and professional communities on LinkedIn. Here are last year’s top 10 : Twitter: Social network and micro-blogging site.

Social tools and the filter problem

Euen Semple

I just saw someone comment that "Twitter would be improved by better list functionality". For years my only experience of Twitter has been through a list of about a hundred people who I trust to add more signal than noise. The problem at the moment is that in the competition between Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the others for our time and attention, they are all beginning to look and feel the same

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Friday’s favourites

Harold Jarche

It was an attempt to make my finds on Twitter more explicit, as I noticed I was sharing and viewing a lot of information on Twitter but not doing anything with it. With Twitter, I use the ‘favourite’ function (star) to mark any tweets I wish to review for later.

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2015 top 10 tools for learning

Clark Quinn

Twitter: I am pointed to many amazing and interesting things via Twitter. LinkedIn: I share thoughts there and track a few of the groups (not as thoroughly as I wish, of course). Jane Hart has been widely and wisely known for her top 100 Tools for Learning (you too can register your vote ). As a public service announcement, I list my top 10 tools for learning as well: Google search: I regularly look up things I hear of and don’t know.

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Twitter VLE Conversation - Best of eLearning Last Week

Tony Karrer

Twitter Cheat Sheet version 1.1 Enterprise: List of 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines , April 23, 2009 Twitter As a Learning Tool. In case you missed any of these great posts last week - here's a recap of what the top stuff was from eLearning Learning. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

Techniques and Tools: How To Visualize Your Network

Beth Kanter

The map can be of social media conversations, for example these network maps of Twitter conversations. For example, LinkedIn Inmaps will automatically create a color coded map of your network.

20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning

Jane Hart

You have built a strong professional network of connections (aka PLN) on a social networts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, with whom you interact and learning form on a daily basis – and which you regularly review to ensure they bring you value.

Tools for Independence

Doc Searls

First, the noise level in my email already rivals that of Facebook ‘s and LinkedIn’s , both of which are thick with notices of interest in friending (or whatever) from people I don’t know or barely know. Kind of like lists in Twitter. LinkedIn, to its credit is an exception here. So I signed up for Google+. I added some friends from the roster already there (my Gmail contacts, I guess). Created a small circle to discuss VRM.

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Reflections on Twitter and social networking

Clark Quinn

I’ve been using Twitter for a number of weeks now, and that, combined with several recent social networking activities prompted this reflection. Twitter is a different story; described as micro-blogging, it’s more immediate, more a pointer. I really appreciated Tony Karrer’s pointer on how to use LinkedIn , by the way.

Open as in commons, not garden

Harold Jarche

I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago, having no more time for this enormous walled garden, and I deleted my LinkedIn account and started to rebuild it last year. Once again, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

Owning our data

Harold Jarche

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google) where we give away our data. With the internet of everything (IoE), once everything is connected, where will our data reside? Who will own it and who will control it? “In real life, things go wrong.

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Empire Avenue Helps Teach Social Media Engagement

Kevin Wheeler

That value is based on two factors: how many people have bought shares in you and on your level of participation and engagement in various social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and You Tube.