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[berkman] Dries Buytaert: Drupal and sustaining collaborative efforts

David Weinberger

Open source Joomla recently hired some developers to work on their core software, which has led some of the contributors to back off. Why should they contribute their time if Joomla is paying some folks? Joomla's experience illustrates the truth of the Wealth of Networks : Putting money into collab can harm the collab.]

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March Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

Nancy White

March 4, 2010 My iPhone Apps for Learning Solution 2010 - , March 12, 2010 Mobile Learning (38) Moodle accessible for Androids: first steps taken , March 22, 2010 Our iPhone for Moodle web application aks for your feedback , March 19, 2010 Make your Joomla or Drupal learning envirnmont mobile for any mobile device and for free. Best of Mobile Learning March 1-31, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

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Open Source eLearning Tools

Tony Karrer

eLearning Weekly , March 20, 2009 100+ More Wiki Tools and Resources , January 7, 2009 Joomla and Drupal – Open Source CMS Other Open Source LMS Solutions - eLearning 24-7 , April 14, 2010 Open Source E-Learning Development 10: Joomla! I was just asked about trends in open source for eLearning and particularly open source eLearning tools. Probably one of the better sources on this is Jane Hart’s Instructional Tools Directory.

Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here's a demo of our site Hosted service, plans at $19, $39, $99 / month For an overview, see the case study Joomla (+ K2 ) and Wordpress newspaper packages - still looking. Drupal & Hosted Drupal Newspapers Running on Drupal This is a demo site showcasing newspapers running on Drupal, a popular open source content management system. These are sites set up using Drupal and then expanded with various modules.

Using a CMS to Make Your Website Social

Beth Kanter

We wrote our Consumers Guide for nonprofits like yours looking to replace an existing CMS or implement one for the first time, with information about what the systems can do and recommendations to keep in mind when considering the different tools, plus detailed reviews of the following systems: DotNetNuke, Drupal, Ektron, ExpressionEngine, eZ Publish, Joomla, Luminate CMS, NetCommunity, Plone, Squarespace and WordPress.

Beyond Institutions Personal Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But Word Press, Joomla, Redmine (which I don''t know anything about), WAMP stack (Windows something, something, something, probably Python) Moodle, Magneto, for e-commerce, just to name some of them. by Stephen Downes Introduction: What learners Need Sorry, I forgot to turn on the audio recording. That''s how you start a broadcast, with dead air. Thank you very much it''s a pleasure to be here. Quick mike check. Mike check, everything good?