PKM Overview

Harold Jarche

I will be presenting on personal knowledge management (PKM) for LearnTrends 2009 on Tuesday, 17 November at 12:00 noon Pacific (15:00 EST & 20:00 GMT). PKM Overview. Learning and Micro-blogging (all about Twitter). Tags: Informal Learning

Social Media Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

Personal Knowledge Management. Slide/Audio overview of PKM. Related posts: Role of an online community manager. How Computer Games Help Children Learn. Tags: Communities Informal Learning As promised, here are the follow-up notes & links from yesterday’s social media workshops in Miramichi. All of my posts tagged PKM. PKM social bookmarks. Presentation slides (this is one large file of slides from both presentations).

PKM 113

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PKM for LearnTrends

Harold Jarche

I’ll be presenting on Personal Knowledge Management. Here are some of my existing resources on PKM: The most recent overview: Sense-making with PKM. Also, Patti Anklam just concluded a three-part series on knowledge management, with The 3rd KM: Personal Knowledge Management. Tags: Informal Learning Another free, LearnTrends professional development event is gathering steam for November.

PKM 106

Learning and Working in Complexity Workshop

Harold Jarche

Over several online and on-site presentations this past year, I’ve noticed a need for organizations to develop practical tools and contextual processes to manage information, knowledge and learning. I am offering a one-day workshop that encapsulates several years of “learning & working on the Web&#. Learning & Working in Complexity Workshop. Part 1: Overview of issues and forces that are fundamentally changing workplace learning.