How to Survive and Thrive in a World of Disruption

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Looking back upon my long career , it’s frankly sobering how many once powerful IT companies are no longer around or are shadows of their former selves, e,g, Digital , Wang , Sun Microsystems , BlackBerry. Leaders fail to recognize the new reality and accept it for what it is.

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How to Support the Widespread Adoption of AI

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Surveys with thousands of executives, showed that most firms are only using AI in ad hoc pilots or applying it to a single business process. At the highest level, it’s a reflection of a failure to rewire the organization. From siloed work to interdisciplinary collaboration.

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How to Use a Nonprofit LMS to Increase Revenue


were unable to meet demand, per Stanford Social Innovation Review. Few have the resources they need to adapt to new economic realities. Instead, they keep trying to do more with less and maintain services for those in need.”. How to Use LMS LMS benefits Nonprofit

How to become a Modern Professional Learner

Jane Hart

On 2 October 2017, I released the results of the 11th Annual Learning Tools survey in the form of the Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017 list.

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How to learn and learn-to-learn

Clark Quinn

I was asked by a colleague to answer some questions for a project on how to learn. I naturally decided to answer in a blog post ;). In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from experience, please provide an example if possible?

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How to build a learning worker mindset

Jane Hart

In a previous post here, From “knowledge worker” to “learning worker”: what this means for an organisation I’ve written about the concept of a “learning worker” that Jacob Morgan believes is one of the 7 principles of the future employee.

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How to modernize workplace learning

Jane Hart

So what can you do to bring workplace more in line with modern day personal, independent learning? In the last 10 years there has been a big change in the way that many people now learn – I’ve written about the 6 key features here.

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How to Transform a “Big, Old” Company into an Agile Digital Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But, “the adoption of digital technologies in business doesn’t come as naturally,” - especially if you’re working in a big, old company. “Inserting digital technologies to enhance operations and create new value propositions has proven extremely challenging.”.

How to promote daily self-learning in the workplace

Jane Hart

In other words, they emphasise the need for continuous formal learning, and, in organisational terms, this implies providing more and more training or access to online course libraries. […]. There is, rightly, a lot of talk nowadays about “lifelong learning” and “continuous learning” but more often than not, articles focus on “lifelong education” or “continuous training”.

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Learning How to Learn

Kevin Wheeler

can say that Muad’Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn. This quote from the well-known science fiction novel Dune underlines the difficulty anyone in the corporate university, education, or training arena has to face. One that comes to mind is Apple.

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How to rescue radio

Doc Searls

Radio used to be wireless audio on a broadcast band. What used to be called Radio (iTunes’ collection of webcasting radio stations), which had already been pushed down one directory level to “Music,” is now available only under a new button called “Internet.” Worse, it won’t appear unless you open preferences in iTunes and check a box to turn it on. For stations, networks and chains: Normalize to the Net.

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How to become a Collaboration Consultant

Jane Hart

The advent of social technologies brings huge benefits to a work team, including the facility to improve communication, enhance continuous learning and performance improvement and capture organisational knowledge.

How to Write a Letter

Nine Shift

And yes, even Baby Boomers don't know how to write a letter. . He used carbon paper (look it up) while typing them to get five copies. So when my son expressed interest (subtly of course, but he tells his mother he reads every one of my letters) in getting letters, I looked back to my father's letters to see how he did it. And nothing to worry your child. They knew how to write a letter. Yes, writing a letter is an art.

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How to write

David Weinberger

I spent some time this morning happily browsing advice from famous writers on how to write, thanks to Maria Popova’s [twitter: Brain Pickings ] own writings on those writers writing about writing. piece that also contains links to famous writers on said topic. Some of these pieces were familiar, some not, but all convinced me of one thing: writers should re-label their advice on how to write as “How I Write.” Welcome to my blog.)

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How to talk like Hannibal

David Weinberger

We found a standard formula of how to talk like Hannibal. “Tell me, Will…” Dramatic question about how this random thing relates to Will. For instance, last weekend we went to a potluck and couldn’t stop cracking each other up. “A potluck is an event in which individuals bring a cherished part of themselves to a communal table. Tell me, Will…what will you bring to the table?”

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How to Save 30% or More on Translation


In her 2017 article, The Holy Trifecta: The Secret to Faster, Better, & Cheaper Global Content , translation expert Val Swisher explains that structured content is one of the three factors driving efficiency into the globalization process. How does Xyleme help cut translation costs?

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Digital Learning 4.0: How to Guarantee Measurable Learner Impact Where Others Have Failed

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

How to Guarantee Measurable Learner Impact Where Others Have Failed Paul Hunter Director Digital Learning, IMD Business School IMD is a business school based in Switzerland. Table summary: blended learning has improved attendance, because people don't have to take a full week off work.

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New Big Think Video: How To Stop Being So Busy

Dan Pontefract

5:29 in length) “How To Stop. Dan's Related Posts: The Essential Creative Thinking Questions To Ask Yourself. Word Cloud: OPEN TO THINK. Sneak Peek Audio Clip of OPEN TO THINK. Three Strategies To Improve Your Creative Thinking.

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Has Wells Fargo’s CEO Forgotten How To Lead?

Dan Pontefract

According to the CFPB , employees of Wells Fargo “secretly opened accounts and shifted funds from consumers’ existing accounts into these new accounts without their knowledge or permission to do so, often racking up fees or other charges.”. Photographer: Kimberly White/Bloomberg News.

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A Review of “How To Be Interesting” While Sitting Beside a Drunk on an Airplane

Dan Pontefract

It wasn’t long into a trip from Vancouver to Washington, DC when my female seatmate asked the flight attendant for a glass of white wine. I also wondered if I might have to perform CPR or at least donate my ‘sickness bag’ But where would I spit out my gum?

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How To Become A Centaur

Mind Hacks

In How To Become A Centaur Case gives blitz history of AI, and of its lesser known cousin IA – Intelligence Augmentation. The article is too good to try to summarise.

How to Talk to Your Keynote Speaker

Andy McAfee

With this flow, it’s natural for the speaker to come offstage and talk to people during the break. They’re a chance to keep talking about the ideas that brought us to the event in the first place, which is great. Go ahead and give it to them.

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How to become a Personal Learning Advisor (Online Workshop)

Jane Hart

Next public online workshop runs: 15 JUNE – 10 JULY This 4-week online workshop introduces you to some of the key areas of the role of a Personal Learning Adviser in the workplace.

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How to Work With Me

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

How can people earn an extra gold star with you? The next set of questions were more focused on how we interact with others: How do you coach people to do their best work and develop their talents? What’s the best way to communicate with you? What’s the best way to convince you to do something? How do you like to give feedback? How do you like to get feedback

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PBS: How to fix America? First, diagnose the problem right.

Steve Denning

Start with the heart » December 21, 2010 PBS: How to fix America? PBS has an interesting site entitled “ How to Fix America ” The introduction reads: “Not to overstate the obvious, but America is having a pretty tough go of it these days.

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How to Survive Air Travel - For Real

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

First, accept that it takes a certain amount of time to travel half way across the country or around the world. Eight hours to get to Denver? Compared to the two-day drive it would otherwise take. Seventeen hours to Istanbul? It''s a six hour trip, door to door.

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We need to learn how to connect

Harold Jarche

From danah boyd’s presentation at ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 , on the future of work: But if you want to prepare people not just for the next job, but for the one after that, you need to help them think through the relationships they have and what they learn from the people around them.

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How to work in the creative economy

Harold Jarche

Gary Hamel says that we are moving from an Industrial to a Creative Economy , which requires more independent workers with initiative, creativity, and passion. The underlying technology that enables work: from centralized factories to distributed and dynamic workplaces.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: HBR on How to Fix.

Steve Denning

» January 06, 2011 HBR on How to Fix Capitalism: A Bandage on a Cancer Michael Porter, strategy guru extraordinaire , and Mark Kramer have an article in the January 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review entitled How To Fix Capitalism.

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How to ‘Take One for the Team’

Dan Pontefract

How many you ask? I ventured over to Bing and repeated the exercise. I’ve no idea why there is a gap of 400 million search terms between Google and Microsoft, but either way there are a lot of opinions and there is a lot of content out there related to the term ’team’.

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How to Make STEM Right For Girls

Nine Shift

It's easy to make STEM right for girls. Just change the letters in STEM. Last week a new test on technology and engineering had girls scoring higher than boys. Does this mean girls will go into technology and engineering?

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How to support informal learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

His calling is to help business people improve their performance on the job and satisfaction in life. He has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix three decades ago. Interview.

How to autograph an e-book

David Weinberger

I went to see To Be Takei last night, and George himself was there for an interview afterwards. It occurred to me that I’d like him to autograph his book Oh Myyy , but I only have a copy on my Kindle. So, here’s a proposal for the Kindle, the Nook, and for any other DRM-ed ebook reader: Allow us to embed one and only one photo into our copy of an ebook. PS: To Be Takei was really enjoyable.

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How to overcome bias

Mind Hacks

How do you persuade somebody of the facts? Asking them to be fair, impartial and unbiased is not enough. To explain why, psychologist Tom Stafford analyses a classic scientific study. One of the tricks our mind plays is to highlight evidence which confirms what we already believe. This matters when we want to make better decisions. How we should to protect our decisions from confirmation bias depends on why, psychologically, confirmation bias happens.

How to overcome bias

Mind Hacks

How do you persuade somebody of the facts? Asking them to be fair, impartial and unbiased is not enough. To explain why, psychologist Tom Stafford analyses a classic scientific study. One of the tricks our mind plays is to highlight evidence which confirms what we already believe. This matters when we want to make better decisions. How we should to protect our decisions from confirmation bias depends on why, psychologically, confirmation bias happens.

#C2Xmas Day 21 – How to make a wooden Christmas tree

Jane Hart

Day 21 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here – a daily treat in the form of a learning resource. Instructables provides a place to share what you make in the form of text and graphics guides. HOW TO MAKE A WOODEN CHRISTMAS TREE.

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How to shorten time-to-proficiency

Jay Cross

When I’ve mastered the baking, I explain how I did it, thus making the knowledge explicit. You can no more convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge without the experiential component than you can convert lead into gold. I don’t even know where to look.

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How To Support Learning From The Daily Work

Jane Hart

Although most L&D departments focus on training people to do their jobs, research tells us that most of what employees learn at work happens as they do their jobs. In fact, when team members work together closely, share reflections and resources on a regular basis, they continuously learn from each other. … Modern Workplace Learning

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How to set up and run an online community (online workshop)

Jane Hart

In this online workshop we look at how to plan and launch an online community as well as keep the members engaged once the first flush of enthusiasm has died off. Next public online workshop runs: 1 – 26 June Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort.

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How to Ensure Employees Get a Human Connection During Online Training


It benefits companies as well as employees by boosting learning retention, increasing productivity, and providing businesses with a competitive edge, according to 1. Additionally, some workers prefer eLearning to traditional employee training that takes place in person.

How to Implement Online Learning on a Budget


For companies wanting to deliver the highest quality employee training possible, eLearning can be a game-changer. 1 However, the initial cost of implementing online learning is a deterrent to some organizations.

How to Increase Your Productivity Without Working More Hours

KCC Business Psychology

According to the American Dream Project, the average American works between 43 and 51 hours per week. One key question to consider as you plan your own workweek is, are you getting the best productivity from your work schedule? So, how do we make our working hours more productive?

How to Design Experiences the Adaptive Path Way! (Or Not.)

Adaptive Path

THEM : Well, I have to confess that we don’t quite use it the way you’d want… ME : (frowns). I’m not frowning because people don’t follow the methods we share to the letter. I’m frowning because they seem to think that’s a problem.

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