Modern Professional Learning: Guidelines & Resources

Jane Hart

Modern Professional Learning: Guidelines and Resources to survive and thrive in the modern workplace. New article in the MWL Magazine. Social learning

Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them

Luis Suarez

I know what you are thinking, here we are, already passed through 2015, and we still need guidelines? We no longer talk about rules, but guidelines. Now, let’s have a look into what it would be like not having those social guidelines in place.

7 guidelines for managing open networks

Harold Jarche

Ed Morrison , Advisor for the Purdue Center for Regional Development, says that many of the familiar approaches to management no longer apply, and goes on to provide 7 keys to guiding an open network. I have added my images and one other that support this excellent set of rules.

Teaching in the Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Summary notes from the Tony Bates presentation at the World Conference on Online Learning , Toronto. Building an Effective Learning Environment What is knowledge, and how does learning occur. Analogy: coal.

Computer Use Guidelines

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to Alfred Thompson's Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics : Leaving aside the questionable wisdom of framing generic advice within a construct specific to a certain religion. The commandments say, essentially, "don't take or use other people's stuff without permission," which is OK in itself, but the way it is repeated over and over reveals an unhealthy fixation on property rights, to the exclusion of almost all else.

First School District to Stop Penalizing for Late Work!

Nine Shift

The new guidelines for Denton, Texas, Independent School District, clearly outline there is to be no penalty for late work. Thanks to NineShifter Djuna Forrester for telling us about the first school district to stop penalizing students for late work.

Corporate Policies on Web 2.0

Tony Karrer

use of Web 2.0 / social media for work and learning) is that organizations often have not established their policies or guidelines around the use of these tools. And most corporate guidelines out there around social media are fairly similar. I think IBM's policy is a pretty good starting point: IBM Social Computing Guidelines Other company policies or discussions of guidelines I've seen around blogging, social media, web 2.0:

Paid content needs REALLY BIG metadata

David Weinberger has just put up a post of mine about some new guidelines for “paid content.” ” The guidelines come from the PR and marketing communications company Edelman, which creates and places paid content for its clients. Short version: Edelman paid for a day of consulting on the guidelines. And, no, that didn’t include me agreeing to write about the guidelines).

Some basic rules for napkin-sketching

Dave Gray

minutes) video with a few guidelines for making better napkin sketches: 1. Here is a short (3.5 Ground line 2. Center(s) of gravity 3. Connect figure to ground 4. Big-to-little 5. Draw through and over I hope you enjoy it

New criteria for academic recognition

David Weinberger

The University of Maine has approved new guidelines for tenuring and promoting academics. The new guidelines allow crediting an academic for contributing to social media. This the right thing to do not only because it is a more realistic assessment of an academic’s worth. It’s also the right thing to do because it helps to build the value of the network.

Real photographs

David Weinberger

Unfortunately, the NYT removed all of the photos, rather than keeping them up with the metadata that the digital manipulation had gone beyond editorial guidelines, and without telling us what those guidelines are. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what the NYT’s guidelines are and then hold a contest to see who can create the most deceptive photo while staying within those guidelines?

Violate copyright? No Facebook for you!

David Weinberger

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that if Net Neutrality means that access providers don’t get to block access to sites, then this grotesquely violates the FCC’s Net Neutrality guidelines According to TorrentFreak , a leaked AT&T training doc indicates that starting on Nov.

Math in the Brain: Change from 2nd to 3rd Grade

Eide Neurolearning

As the developmental steps for problem solving become clearer, expect more developmental guidelines guiding curriculum. From Stanford comes this study looking at the difference in brain fMRI patterns of 2nd vs. 3rd graders working on arithmetic.

Change 142

7 essential facets for enterprise knowledge sharing

Harold Jarche

Note that this is a guideline and not a recipe. Most large organizations today have some suite of social tools to share information and knowledge. But how do they know if they have the optimum tools for their context?

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey

Luis Suarez

Social Computing Guidelines and why you would still need them. From there onwards, we get to define, jointly with the knowledge (Web) workers themselves, what are the potential constraints, guidelines, policies, etc.

we need more debunking

Harold Jarche

“Although there is a great deal of psychological research on misinformation, there’s no summary of the literature that offers practical guidelines on the most effective ways of reducing the influence of myths.

n00b guide to digital photography

David Weinberger

David Sifry’s 2007 guide to buying a digital camera still gives good guidelines, although the particular models he recommends are of their day. PC Magazine has a useful guide to taking your digital camera off automatic. tells you how to use a piece of paper to vastly improve the results of flash photos. via Tim Bray ) And here’s a way to make a diffuser for your built-in popup flash. (I I haven’t tried it.)

enough training

Harold Jarche

Usually an industry association, with training specialists, develops the guidelines. Unclear expectations (such as policies & guidelines). In a recent CBC News story, a railway conductor lost her job following a derailment. She claimed she was not adequately trained.

The Challenges of Executing a Transformational Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The 2018 MIT CIO Symposium will take place on May 23. This year’s Symposium will be focused on the challenges of executing a digital transformation strategy. It’s no longer enough to have formulated a digital strategy for the business.

Berkman Buzz

David Weinberger

CMLP [ twitter ] on the FTC’s defense of its Blogger Endorsement Guidelines link. Here’s the weekly Berkman Buzz , as compiled by Seth Young. Wendy Seltzer [ twitter ] , “Jailbreaking Copyright’s Scope&# link. Facebook caper? Jonathan Zittrain [ twitter ] holsters his pitchfork link. Facebook privacy settings? danah boyd [ twitter ] , Eszter Hargittai [ twitter ] ask, “Who cares?&# Peace on Facebook? Ethan Zuckerman [ twitter ] tries to do the math link.

Stockholm syndrome in strategy

Dave Snowden

You may know that a conventional solution has never worked in the past, that a few small specialist consultancy firms could do a better job, that your managers do not need to be constrained by a set of rigid guidelines etc.

listening and learning

Harold Jarche

But when hospital staff no longer can see the use in filling out forms, going through guidelines and standards and they seek a different and less difficult way of improving quality, then of course I’ll listen.

Risk of Identity Theft Due to Social Networking and Blogging

Tony Karrer

If yes, what guidelines do you follow to minimize the risk? The basic guidelines I have is not to put anything in my blog, on a social network, even when I register on a site (even when that site is supposed to keep the information private) that I wouldn't want to be public. First question - Identity theft and electronic stalking are scary issues.

Corrupting "Earned media"

David Weinberger

Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR company, created ethical guidelines that not only say that the paid content must be well marked, but that Edelman will have its own Chinese wall between the processes by which earned content is pitched (“Yo, I have a client who’s invented a time travel machine. Disclosure: I had a tiny hand — Trump-sized — in drafting those guidelines.).

Perspectives on work and learning

Harold Jarche

Principles and values are often more resilient as guidelines than complicated rules and regulations, especially in dealing with complex issues.

Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth Kanter

To support the champions strategy, Human Rights Watch incorporated broad guidelines in its s ocial media policy for staff to participate as their personal brands – tweeting as themselves versus an organizational or department brand.

How To Stop Your Nonprofit’s After Hours Email Habit

Beth Kanter

It is far better to address unhealthy attitudes toward digital communications at your nonprofit by carefully crafted and communicated email guidelines developed with everyone’s input. Some nonprofit workplaces have a rule about not sending any emails in the evenings or weekends.

Signposts for the Week Ending March 9

Adaptive Path

Could Pixar's secret story guidelines work for your team? If you're not going to SXSW and all those tweets are making you regret it (or are just annoying you), you're in luck! Lanyrd can help you hide them from your Twitter feed. But if you are attending, go see our pals and former colleagues tear it up at their panel. Whether you went to Interaction 12 or not, the keynotes are up ! Why are we so afraid of creativity? Simon Beck's snow art is crazy amazing!

Should we stop saying ‘commit’ suicide?

Mind Hacks

The Samaritans’ media guidelines discourage using the phrase, advising: “Avoid labelling a death as someone having ‘committed suicide’.

What is your PKM routine?

Harold Jarche

I do not have a secret formula, only some general guidelines developed through experience, plus a lot of ideas and suggested areas to explore. The most important aspect of PKM is that it is personal. In order to stick with a routine over time, people have to find what works for them.

PKM 204

The growing appetite for learning how to crowdsource

Ross Dawson

In addition to the pragmatic approaches and guidelines we will cover, one of the important outcomes of the workshops will be identifying what people want and need to learn, and the best ways to help people gain the relevant experience and insights.

How To 130

in an increasingly complex world

Harold Jarche

This is a good set of guidelines (via David Hodgson ) and useful for conversations around organizational change.

One death too many

Mind Hacks

For this reason, organisations from the Samaritans , to the Centre for Disease Control , to an international panel of media organisations, have created explicit suicide reporting guidelines to ensure that no one dies or is harmed unnecessarily because of how suicide is reported. One of the first things I do in the morning is check the front pages of the daily papers and on the day following Robin Williams death, rarely have I been so disappointed in the British press.

APA facilitated CIA torture programme at highest levels

Mind Hacks

step aside for network era democracy

Harold Jarche

The community understands it is dealing with a state of complex unorder, while the bureaucrats still think it is merely ‘complicated order’, as the departmental guidelines on hub schools attest.

Restructuring budgets for social learning

George Siemens

In his article Learning with and from others: Restructuring budgets for social learning , provides some guidelines for organizations to consider in implementing social learning. Late 2010, I finally had the opportunity to meet Dan Pontefract when he joined us for a discussion on elearning in Edmonton.

Tests for coherence

Dave Snowden

We cannot use our limited understanding of past cases to create deterministic recipes as to future action, but we can use them as a guideline to what may be a legitimate experiment.

The Value of Taking Mini-Breaks During the Nonprofit Work Day

Beth Kanter

Some additional ways to cut down on employee’s digital stress beyond a device free zone in the workplace: Encourage good email communications guidelines such as brevity, clear asks, and clear subject lines.

back to the salt mines

Dave Snowden

I’ve generally worked on the principles that you should do as much as you can do within broad guidelines but you should escalate fast as soon as you realise that you might be getting out of your depth.

Of artisanship

Dave Snowden

Now they are heavily constrained by guidelines designed for the centre of the bell curve. A couple of years ago at the Hay Festival there was a debate on the relationship between art and craft.