Group cohesiveness & individual effort

Dave Snowden

The change in the behavioral state of one animal affects and is affected by that of all other animals in the group, no matter how large the group is. It turns out that “Interacting with six or seven neighbors optimizes the balance between group cohesiveness and individual effort”.

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loosening group boundaries

Harold Jarche

“When a society is too grouped, people do not have any social contact with people from other groups,” [University of Pennsylvania’s] Centola said. Their networks do not expand beyond that group.”

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Group KM

Harold Jarche

Group Knowledge Management (KM) takes PKMastery to the next level: getting things done. Group KM involves narrating your work, so that others in the group know what is happening, even when separated by time and space.

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Grappling with Groups

Clark Quinn

However, in designing learning, working in groups has some real negative perceptions and realities. As my kids complained, on group projects some team members will reliably slack, letting the most driven student do the work. Another issue is support for working in groups.

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Have social networks replaced groups?

David Weinberger

But his comment, plus a discussion yesterday with Andrew Preater , a library technologist at the Imperial College of London, made me think how little progress we’ve in fact made in supporting groups on the Net. Since 2003, there are now services that bundle together these different modalities: Skype and Google Hangouts both let a group talk, video, chat, and share documents. What’s missing is the concept of a group. A group can be widely open.

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Group work advice for MOOC providers

George Siemens

In order to move past this small chunk model of learning, MOOC providers will need to include problem based learning and group learning in their offerings. Which means that if you’re assigned to a group of 10 learners, by the end of the course, you’ll be the only one left. The large MOOCs can improve the quality of learning by creating a model for rapid creation/dissolution of groups. Due to high dropout rates, pre-planned groups will likely not work well.

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Parents of Boys Group Forms

Nine Shift

We''re taking the effort for gender equality in education to those who understand it most: parents of boys.

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Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Something that would be between the 'closed groups' and 'individuals in open networks'?" It will soon be noticed that a person can be both an individual (and hence a member of a network) *and* a member of a group. That they can belong to many networks and many groups. is about groups, web 2.0 is about groups, e-learning 2.0 The core of the issue is whether learning in general should be based on groups or networks. must be conducted in groups.

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Networked Learning: Groups, Networks

George Siemens

This time, Etienne Wenger starts the conversation by asking about the distinction between groups/communities/networks. The Networked Learning Conference 2010 is hosting another hot seat. The ensuing discussion will be a valuable resource for CCK10 this fall…

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The Power of 2: Marcia Conner & Altimeter Group

Dan Pontefract

Marcia Conner has now teamed up with the Altimeter Group. Which brings me to the Altimeter Group. More info via Altimeter Group here. altimeter group marcia conner Have you ever read the book Power of 2 by Wagner and Muller?

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Blog Post: Peter Block on small group working

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen In reseaching for my blook on Conversational Leadership , I came across these words of wisdom in this short 90 second video clip from Peter Block about small group working.

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Facebook Groups: their own Trojan Horse

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Thursday, 7 October 2010 Facebook Groups: their own Trojan Horse When Facebook announced their Facebook Groups yesterday, I had a funny feeling. Business or Pleasure? -

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Next Group to Oppose Gen Y: Liberals

Nine Shift

The next group to oppose the needs of Gen Y: liberals. The Tea Party has opposed the needs of Gen Y from the beginning. But coming soon will be a challenge to academic liberals and educators and the liberal educational belief system. A survey of Gen Y found that the biggest thing Gen Y wants to change is education. We're now seeing signs that the challenge to our outmoded obsolete education system is starting to gel around the needs of Gen Y. . First issue: testing.

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Small Group Creation Ideas

Nancy White

I believe in treating adults as adults. That doesn’t mean I, as a facilitator, cannot be inspired by techniques teachers use with children in their classrooms, right? Here are a few inspirations from Karen Moler of FlamingoFabulous in 2nd Grade. Facilitators, be inspired!

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Group sync

Mind Hacks

The New Yorker has a fantastic article on how creativity and innovation spring from group structure and social interaction. A few years ago, Isaac Kohane , a researcher at Harvard Medical School, published a study that looked at scientific research conducted by groups in an attempt to determine the effect that physical proximity had on the quality of the research.

Relaunch of Advanced Human Technologies Group website and new blog

Ross Dawson

I am extremely happy that we have finally relaunched the website for Advanced Human Technologies Group. Over the last couple of years we have been repositioning our activities so that our major corporate brand is AHT Group, the group of companies, rather than the individual companies.

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Group-centric work and training

Harold Jarche

Groups of soldiers who will work together usually participate in “collective training&# and this typically follows some kind of cycle of preparing for operations, performing missions and coming back from missions. Not Group Think, but Think Groups. Individual Training.

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XPLANE joins Dachis Group

Dave Gray

Effective this morning, XPLANE is joining the Dachis Group , the world’s leading social business consultancy, as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Initially, the only change employees and customers will notice is the Dachis Group logo on our home page. I have a big announcement to make today.

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Future of Conferences… and Group Graphics

Jay Cross

Example of Visual Journalist Eileen Clegg’s capture and replay of a conversation on a complex topic.

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How to start a local rail group

Nine Shift

You can start a passenger train support group in your town. And/or start attending your state's passenger rail support association, or any other group meeting in your area. Photo: Me and mayor Don Richards at a public meeting our group hosted at the public library

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What a Local Rail Group Does

Nine Shift

So what does a local passenger rail support group do? Three things: 1.PLAN. You plan on how to bring passenger rail service to your community. 2.ADVOCATE You communicate with local and s tate officials and try to get passenger rail service to your community in your state's rail plan.

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Open business: Sharing our group priorities for 2012 – Why not?

Ross Dawson

A year ago I shared a visualization of our AHT Group Business Model. Following that, I am now sharing our group 2012 Priorities. Our AHT Group business model specifically describes the relationship between the (currently) three companies in the group and what I do.

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Launch of updated AHT Group Business Model Overview

Ross Dawson

In February 2011 we launched a Business Model Overview of AHT Group. At a high level we are focusing on AHT Group and Ross Dawson as the major brands. It was created to help me and others to understand the scope of what we are doing.

Small Groups

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Perhaps it works with your audience, but if it were me, my first reaction is: I hate small groups, I hate small groups, I hate small groups. Although people say that small groups 'give everybody a chance to talk' what they *actually* do is serve to eliminate minority and dissenting opinion. But imagine that instead we split into three groups of 5. Now in each group, four people prefer (a) and one prefers (b). So the group moderator reports (a).

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Advanced Human Technologies is now part of marketing, innovation and ventures group Rh7thm

Ross Dawson

The Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies has been integrated into the newly launched marketing, innovation and ventures group Rh7thm. For background please read the post on my personal blog, Phase transition: I am launching a new group of companies.

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Blog Post: Interactive Dialogue or Serial Monologue: The Influence of Group Size on conversation

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen Over the years, in running my Knowledge Cafes, I have discovered through trial and error and careful observation that the ideal size of a group for interactive conversation is four people. Anything more than five and the conversation does not work so well: one or two people tend to dominate; the conversation breaks into two, even three; frequently one person is totally cut out of the interaction and there is little energy in the group.

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Don’t underestimate the knowledge of a motivated group

Jay Cross

In this 90-second excerpt from his TED talk on new experiments in self-teaching , Sugata Mitra describes how children in a remote village taught themselves bio-engineering using the net. Amazing! Imagine what adult learners could do if we encourage them and let them learn with one another.

Groups 133

Strategic overview of AHT Group: sharing our ventures, projects, and enablers

Ross Dawson

Two years ago I shared our AHT Group Business Model Overview and a year later I published our 2012 Priorities , and found sharing these useful for ourselves and for others. Below is our group Strategic Overview as of January 2013, with a brief explanation of each of the major elements.

LinkedIn KM Groups

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen There are a growing number of LinkedIn Groups many of them dedicated to KM. There is no KM directory but here are most of the Groups (in no particular order) that I have found: Gurteen Knowledge Community. Knowledge Management Group of Philadelphia. KM Practitioners Group. The Braintrust: Knowledge Management Group KM Forum. Network of Intellectual Capital Professionals. actKM. CKO (Chief Knowledge Officers) Forum. For Knowledge Persons.

State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey by Chess Media Group

Luis Suarez

This piece of research by the Chess Media Group is eventually sponsored by both the Enterprise 2.0 If you have been following the #e20 and #socbiz hash tags in Twitter over the last few days (You should!,

Open Business: Updated Strategic Overview of AHT Group’s activities

Ross Dawson

Again the primary intent is to help me and the AHT Group team to understand the scope of our activities and planned projects, and to prioritize our time and energy. The Strategic Overview is complementary to the AHT Group Business Model.

Welcome to the new AHT Group website!

Ross Dawson

In a long overdue move, we have just relaunched the AHT Group website. While there are currently four companies in the Advanced Human Technologies group, until the relaunch this website focused only on the hub company Advanced Human Technologies, and offered an out-of-date view that focused more on services than ventures. Our business model (see forthcoming post) is designed around the complementary activities of the companies in the group.

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Five Learning Moments After a Year Working For Myself

Dan Pontefract

book 2019 review The Pontefract GroupToday in Ottawa I delivered my 33rd and final keynote of 2019.

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10th Anniversary of the OnlineFacilitation Group

Nancy White

When we started, there were very few places to talk about facilitating online groups and communities. Now there are groups springing up all over , and some steadfast old-timers as well. Last week I asked people to share some stories about their involvement with the group.

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Adding Women Makes Your Group Smarter -- The Evidence Keeps Growing

Bob Sutton

" If you pair this with a very rigorous study done a couple years showing that groups that have a higher percentage of women have higher "collective intelligence" -- they perform better across an array of difficult tasks "that ranged from visual puzzles to negotiations, brainstorming, games and complex rule-based design assignments," as this summary from Science News reports.

That Group Feeling

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But that group feeling never left me – nor the memory of the price I would have to pay to join. With the computer operations team at GSI , until new managers were imported from Texas and all our groups broken up. With, even, the e-learning group here in Moncton, until it was dismantled. Recitation of the group mantra. For humans, being in a group is a survival tactic. We need the group – we need it to survive, we need it at a deep and primitive level.

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Blogs vs. Discussion Groups

Tony Karrer

The debate about blogs vs. discussion groups is heating up again between TrDev and Blogs vs. Listservs: Which is Better for Community Conversation? eLearning Discussions - An Attempt at Better Discussions in the Blogosphere Move from Discussion Groups to World of Blogs? Blogs vs. Discussion Groups or Mis-Understanding Blog Reading and.

Groups 100

AHT Group expands its team: Insights from our Sydney team meeting

Ross Dawson

On Monday April 13, AHT Group’s team members in Sydney had the exciting opportunity to get together and discuss our processes, projects, and plans for expansion. There were too many to name, a sure sign that AHT Group will be abuzz with activity in the months to come.

Groups 134

Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It's my first extended discussion of groups and networks. And basically what she says in her analysis of MySpace and in the group – in the workshop yesterday 4 we actually went to MySpace and looked around at the sites. Groups require coherence, networks require autonomy and so on.

Class 152

Blog Post: Gurteen Knowledge Community Group on Linkedin

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen The Gurteen Knowledge Community Group on LinkedIn has grown from 2,076 members last month to 2,184 today and looks to be the most active of all the KM LinkedIn groups. You can join LinkedIn here: and the Gurteen Knowledge Community Group here : [link

Blog Post: Gurteen Knowledge Community Group on Linkedin

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen I have made the Gurteen Knowledge Community Group on LinkedIn an open group. To contribute to the group, however, you still need to be a member. . Discussions created before the switch have automatically gone into a members-only, read-only Archive and cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the group. The bottom line though is that we should now have a far more useful place for group discussions that can be shared with the rest of the world.

Trainer’s Notebook: Group Polling Techniques and Tools and Incorporating Movement

Beth Kanter

Help the participants narrow down topics to discuss or work in small group exercises (replaces sticky dot voting and visualize the vote technique). June facilitated a discussion about the network leadership qualities of the group. It was great fodder for a reflective discussion.

Groups 108

Finally I have an answer when people ask what I do! Visualization of our group’s business model

Ross Dawson

AHT Group Business model (click on the image for full-size pdf). For the last 15 years of my life post-employment I have struggled when people ask me what I do. More recently I have managed to crystallize a simple description of myself: Futurist and Entrepreneur.

Groups 248