A frustrated question (but answers are welcome)

Dave Snowden

One of the things I would be really interested to find out is just how much money they are spending on questionnaires and focus groups and to what effect? I've had several meetings with people in local and provincial government over the last few days. Everyone seems to know they don't work, but the orthodoxy says they have to be done.

Turning truth into myths

Dave Snowden

The growth of the focus group, the analysit is breeding the worst form of populism, telling people what they want to hear regardless of consequences.

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SenseMaker® in marketing

Dave Snowden

It's taken a bit of time but we are starting to make breakthroughs in marketing with one expert suggesting that SenseMaker® will replace focus groups and polling, although he did add that vested interests may try and prevent that! That is something you don't find with collections of stories/anecdotes through direct questions and workshops which really don't move the agenda on that much from focus groups.

Puppetry of the Meanest

Dan Pontefract

In it the authors note: Based on qualitative data gathered from focus groups, narrative interviews, and target drawings, the analysis describes how bullying can feel like a battle, water torture, nightmare, or noxious substance. Corporate bullies. I’m fed up with them. In 2006, Sarah J.

Five Uses for Virtual Worlds in the Workplace

Dan Pontefract

You could conduct focus groups, instructor-led learning sessions, widget/gadget/service demonstrations, or through the use of contests a way to recognize customers or at least appreciate their business.

Steve Jobs – My Favourite Beatle

Dan Pontefract

Likewise, Steve dreamed up the music our society wanted to listen to next, devoid of focus groups or reviews. The Fab Four; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were a band like no other. As someone born in 1971, they are my generation’s Fab Four.

We see dead people

David Weinberger

Mr. Shyamalan, your focus group results are in. Last night, we went to the movies, and the small crowd in the theater watched a really good trailer. People trapped in an elevator. Lights out. A shriek. Lights on. Someone’s been wounded. A confrontation. A flash. The elevator jerks. A sudden noise. The trailer completely shut off the pre-show banter around us. Then a title screen came up, simple white lettering on a black background: “From the mind of M.

The poverty of modern debate

Dave Snowden

What really incensed me was the news on focus groups conducted by the Tory party. Television interviewers in their turn focus constant interruptions of their interviewee into competition as to who can twist words, but not ideas to have won a competition for the trivial.

Try Implementing Flexible Work Options to Increase Employee Engagement

Dan Pontefract

The study included focus groups and quantitative research to compare office resident, home, and mobile knowledge workers. We are in the midst of one of the greatest eras of technological, social and cultural change.

Five Uses for Virtual Worlds in the Workplace

Dan Pontefract

You could conduct focus groups, instructor-led learning sessions, widget/gadget/service demonstrations, or through the use of contests a way to recognize customers or at least appreciate their business.

Insights on using crowdsourcing for marketing

Ross Dawson

It is persistent rather than a one-off survey or focus group. As I will be running a Crowdsourcing for Marketing workshop in New York this Thursday, I was keen to attend the Marketing session at CrowdConf today. Here are brief notes from the speakers through what was an excellent panel discussion: Neil Perry, CEO, Poptent. A key to getting quality contribution is giving education. They are junior filmmakers, so they want tips, contributed by veterans.

Survey 170

Weaving a common context

Dave Snowden

ii) Focus groups are fatally biased buy the facilitator within 15 minutes. Luckily I had my Yellow Fever vaccination certificate with me this morning or I might have had a problem getting through immigration at Brisbane.

Survey 198

Who Are Our Students? Bridging Local and Global Learning Communities

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

After some focus groups and research with his students, some themes emerged. networking, small groups, projects, etc. Response: we did focus groups, we did a survey – I didn’t see any pushback.

Course 186

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: HBR on How to Fix.

Steve Denning

If firms focus on these additional profit opportunities, they will make a lot more money and society will be better off than it otherwise would be. It means reversing the value chain and starting from what would delight the client and focusing the entire organization on that goal.

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[liveblog][shorenstein] Peter Hart on the Presidential Race

David Weinberger

Peter looked into Colorado in particular, via focus groups, and what stands out is the absolute hatred Americans have of the gov’t and of Congress in particular. The one Repub who came out of these focus groups was Rand Paul.

Social Media at Work

Luis Suarez

Yes, the video clip may well be oriented towards communicators and all, but if you take a closer look, beyond that initial focus group, you would be able to see how plenty of its key learnings would also be relevant for everyone who is involved with social tools.

Do You Work With A Bully? #PinkShirtDay

Dan Pontefract

In it the authors note: Based on qualitative data gathered from focus groups, narrative interviews, and target drawings, the analysis describes how bullying can feel like a battle, water torture, nightmare, or noxious substance. February 24th, 2016 is #PinkShirtDay.

WCOL Opening plenary - Wednesday

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Too much focus on OPEN at this conference? With students focus groups just don’t work. I missed the first talk: I have put in some tweets. A full summary of the last two talks is below.

Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0 and internal social media

Ross Dawson

Cost of traditional market research such as focus groups and surveys. A major challenge for organizations that are considering internal social media initiatives is that a business case including a financial justification is frequently required. To be frank, I think ROI calculations for social initiatives are in most cases a waste of time, because so many of the benefits and costs are unknowable before the initiative.

Reconfiguring the world of business around the customer

Ross Dawson

No more “thinking a reflection of the moon in the pond is the sun” proxy approaches, no more focus groups, no more control samples. The esteemed JP Rangaswami , who was at the very front of creating Enterprise 2.0 at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and is now at Salesforce.com , has just written a compelling post Thinking about the Social Enterprise , in which he distills the essence of social business.

Social Business Is People to People Business – The Movistar Story

Luis Suarez

This time around though, since it is a company issued 3G USB modem I was re-directed to @movistarpro_es as a focused group working on these issues for knowledge workers.

How about making better coffee?

Doc Searls

Focus groups have been quite receptive to the free Wi-Fi and local content customers will get in return, says the CEO. Starbucks Announces Free Wi-Fi, Proprietary Content Network , the headline says, in a story by Eliot Van Buskirk in Wired.

Are brands people, my friends?

David Weinberger

They don’t have to run all their tweets through focus groups. The always thoughtful Terry Heaton [twitter: TerryHeaton ] has posted a provocative thesis, which is expressed in the post’s title: “ How Brands Can Behave as People (And Why They Should).” ” Terry writes: Futurist Stowe Boyd believes that we’ve entered a stage of “ social business ” in which “brands will try to look and feel as much like people as possible, online.”

New Resource for Nonprofits: The Data Playbook – Practices for Purpose-Driven Work

Beth Kanter

Last year when I attended the Data for Good Conference there were several hundred nonprofits interested in data in the room and there is a whole online community focusing on little, medium, and big data at Markets for Good. Within the same group at different points in time.

Context Is Everything: Online Communities

Beth Kanter

We were part of an email thread with a small group of individuals offered input on community management systems and facilitator recruiting resources. At the time, we invited Internet thought-leaders to participate in an email list discussion, focusing on interactive tools.

List 99

The real history of the ‘safe space’

Mind Hacks

Although originally a behaviourist, he became deeply involved in social psychology at the level of small group interactions and eventually became director of the Center for Group Dynamics at MIT.

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A Lexicon of Sustainability

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We created a book - the focus groups came back: "Nobody knows what ''lexicon'' means." This is a summary of a talk at the Hewlett Grantees'' Meeting, San Francisco, March 25, 2015. Errors (and typos, etc) are my own. Douglas Gayeton Lexicon of Sustainability [link] Our food system is opaque. We asked people to develop a lexicon around food sources We started with the word ''sustainability''. That is one of the most opaque words.

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Learning is social, Design is not

Harold Jarche

By moving the service reps out of their isolated cubicles and bringing them together in shared work spaces, where a group of six or seven ICS staffers would be in constant contact with one another. Not focus groups. That group prefers to rely on experimental data, not designers, to guide its decisions. Tweet Here are some of the things that were shared via Twitter this past week.

Design 169

Giving Away Four Free Passes To Millennial Donor Summit 2012

Beth Kanter

This year’s study had more than 6,500 Millennials, 3 focus groups and 90 nonprofit professionals respond/participate. MCON 2012, a virtual summit to help nonprofit leaders learn how to engage the Millennial generation as donors, takes place online on July 19.

Do Capacity Building Programs Help Nonprofits Achieve Better Results?

Beth Kanter

In addition to the countless lunches, coffees, roundtables, focus groups and other opportunities for feedback and discussion I engaged in I also dug into the evidence on the impacts of capacity building on organizations.

Experts and Authority

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It's the sort of failure experts could have avoided with non-expert opinion (and it's why companies use devices such as focus groups to ensure they don't make similar mistakes in the future).

[2b2k] [berkman] Alison Head on how students seek information

David Weinberger

In a focus group, a student said s/he went to international relations class and there was an assignment on how Socrates would be relevant to a problem today.

Reddit and community journalism

David Weinberger

This was uttered, according to Jane Buckingham (and reported in a 2008 Brian Stelter NY Times article ) by a college student in a focus group. In my view, the quote would be more accurate if it read, “If the news is interesting to my social group, it will find me.&# The Reddit community constitutes itself through a set of references that belong to a particular group and that exclude those who just don’t get nods to Robocop. I’ve come to love Reddit.

Four Early Lessons Learned in the Quest to Improve Feedback Loops in Philanthropy

Beth Kanter

They use a variety of methods including focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one conversations. Through focus groups, they asked participants about the consistently high scores. Photo by LIFT.

Higher Ed & Job Skills?

Clark Quinn

I sat in on a twitter chat yesterday, #DLNChat, that is a higher ed tech focused group (run by EdSurge ). Higher ed focuses too much on knowledge, and uses assignments that don’t resemble the job activities. The topic was the link between higher ed and job skills, and I was a wee bit cynical. While I think there are great possibilities, the current state of the art leaves a lot to be desired.

Google + Nonprofit Brand Pages

Beth Kanter

If I was going to create a google + brand page for a nonprofit, I would probably focus on using to cultivate a small sub-set of my community that I knew was already using Google + – perhaps use it as a focus group to learn and figure out what might make sense.

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Trainer’s Notebook: Integrating Thinking and Feedback Activities

Beth Kanter

While I did a pretty thorough participant assessment survey before finalizing the content, the instructional design and creating materials, I always like to get a group understanding of the learning goals and get people ready to learn.

A call for IIW participation

Doc Searls

ITU-T Focus Group on IdM and subsequent activity. ID-Legal Workingn group at Identity Commons. Kids Online Working group at Identity Commons. UserCentric Health Working group at Identity Commons. The Internet Identity Workshop , aka IIW, started as the Identity Gang way back in ‘05, and has since grown to become a fixture event in the calendars of many developers and other folks supportive of development work toward working user-driven identity systems.

Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Just distill the message you want to test down to a Facebook ad, and then run that ad against various groups: married women over 40, students living in Washington and Oregon, Canadian kayakers and so forth. Flickr Photo by Matthew Field.

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

Using LinkedIn For Travel and Meetings Breaking the Ice at a Meeting with LinkedIn Using LinkedIn to Fill Out Your Business Trip Using LinkedIn for Travel Connecting with People in Your Network When Traveling Groups on LinkedIn 5 ways to get more from your LinkedIn Groups 5 Tips for Creating, Promoting and Managing a LinkedIn Group What are They Talking About? LinkedIn e-Learning Groups) – These are some of the learning focused groups on LinkedIn.

Is a Culture of Learning Required To Learn in Public?

Beth Kanter

At the “Learning in Public” breakout session, Beth Kanter, Jared Raynor (TCC Group) and Kathy Reich (David and Lucile Packard Foundation) sharing the Packard Foundation’s experience with learning in public. Flickr Photo by Zen.

Notes from ALT-C

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

"The notion of students as change agents is a relatively new concpt." -- Malcom Ryan Rachel Winston How we can shape the development of a new culture of learning by creating a new partnership between students and educators. political view of the prevailing culture 1. why NUS thinks is an ideal model 2. how you in your role can build these partnerships 3.

Shoring it up until Christmas

Dave Snowden

My real concern here is the focus on communication, principally by leaders. focused on service to society, competitively differentiated not by a focus on personal gain, profit etc. In contrast with a populist approach which had no where to go when focus groups failed to give clear guidance. I only met Rosabeth Moss Kanter once when we both spoke at a conference in Boston many years ago, along with Larry Prusak.

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