Firewalls and Security in Software as a Service

Tony Karrer

Tools - A Summary - was general consensus around: Software as a Service is Great for Learning Professionals inside Corporations Firewall restrictions still pose a problem for SOME services Security is a concern, but generally should not stop use The reason that Software as a Service is so attractive is that it is often hard to get Corporate IT to spend time on getting even simple software packages set-up and even harder to get them to agree to support these packages.

Hybrid Worlds

Luis Suarez

Just one ESN within your firewall and the magic would happen just like that! Over the course of the last six years, since I went independent, I have had the opportunity (and still do!) of unlearning a few things in the space of knowledge sharing and collaboration tools.

WebEx 130

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Second Life and Learning

Tony Karrer

I think that Second Life is not going to turn out to be the winner because of technical issues, e.g., firewalls. However, I think that the next generation of Second Life will displace tools like WebEx for many online events. I just read through a great post by Rich Hoeg which talks about his learning around Second Life.

WebEx 100

eLearning Predictions Further Thoughts

Tony Karrer

You can access a WebEx recording of the presentation here: I agree that access of virtual worlds needs to be as simple as getting into a WebEx session. But it’s amazing that WebEx doesn’t have avatars for participants or any sense of space. virtual world, WebEx type product. I recently posted my Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010 and did a presentation on the topic.

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary

Tony Karrer

Firewalls and restrictive corporate environments caused us considerable grief: Yahoo Groups were restricted in some corporate environments, Elluminate did not work through several firewalls, we had to switch to WebEx and that really goofed up the start of the course; Yahoo Toolbar (for MyWeb ) couldn't be installed on locked desktops. Background Over the past six weeks, I've been leading a course: Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0