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Euen Semple

From the senior execs I worked with who winged at me about what IT wouldn't let them do, to that sinking feeling when trying to send a client a presentation and they say "your file doesn't work" or they can't work out how to get it through their organisation's firewall. My excitement about technology is as a tool to help me do more and better, along the lines of Steve Jobs' "bicycles for the mind". In pretty much any job a computer, or smart phone, is the tool of your trade.

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Finally a great E20 tool - and people play the social card!

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Wednesday, 26 January 2011 Finally a great E20 tool - and people play the social card! (Im Again, these tools don’t facilitate emergence, although this may be starting to change. technologies now starting to penetrate the firewall.

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Tool Set 2009

Tony Karrer

I thought I'd kick off this year by posting a series of posts on topics related to tools and methods for work and learning. I'm hoping to address questions such as: How do you create a personal tool set or Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for yourself? What should be in your tool set? What are the most important methods to adopt in addition to the tools? Should twitter be part of your tool set? Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective.

The Soft Skills of Collaboration and The Social Enterprise

Luis Suarez

Nothing to do with social computing tools alone, really. And the same would pretty much apply to social software tools as well. When collaborating with others and using social tools, why pretend to be who you are not?

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How Playing Games at Work Can Help Boost Your Productivity

Luis Suarez

on how more and more businesses are continuing to block the use of social software tools inside of the firewall, just because they feel their employee workforce may be goofing around more than they should.

Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest

Luis Suarez

So what I am about to describe next is basically my own model for social networking out there for two of my favourite social networking tools which I have developed over the course of the years after experimenting and playing with multiple options.

Dare to Disagree through Critical Thinking

Luis Suarez

IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise

Narrate Your Work, Working Out Loud, with Google Plus

Luis Suarez

Well, in that context of narrating your work, working out loud, I keep getting asked by folks outside of the firewall what it is that I do for work eventually inside IBM as a Social Computing Evangelist.

Social Business in 2013 – An Opportunity (Open Business)

Luis Suarez

Actually, the biggest problem the corporate world has faced in decades, which despite the rampant use of social networking tools, we still haven't been able to solve accordingly: employee engagement. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Open Business Personal KM

Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking

Luis Suarez

I mean, we have only been having social software tools for merely 15 years and we are already starting to hate them, as end-users? We need to have better options and feature sets that allow us to bring back that focus and purpose with this social software tool.

Living “A World Without Email” … in Google Plus

Luis Suarez

Mind you, like I have been saying all along since February 2008, I still see plenty of really good use cases for which email is probably the best tool out there, specially, for 1:1 private, confidential, rather sensitive exchanges or for calendaring and scheduling.

Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From

Luis Suarez

The company firewall and bureaucratic business practices? Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools

How the Social Enterprise Defines the 21st Century Workplace – Moving To The Edge

Luis Suarez

Why would you want to hire more people when your current workforce has tripled their productivity, as well as their customer satisfaction, by using social software tools, don’t you think? IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Social Enterprise

Why Looking After Your Personal Brand in the Social Era Still Matters

Luis Suarez

General Interest Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools I can’t remember when was the last time that I updated my Curriculum Vitae. Actually, that’s not accurate. Of course, I do. It was around beginning of 2009 and it surely sounds like ages ago!

Social Business in 2013 – A Commitment

Luis Suarez

” That’s the Commitment (with the Capital C) that we are about to see unfold and unleash, both inside and outside of the firewall for most businesses out there. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools

What tools should we learn?

Harold Jarche

The LCB question this month is, What Tools Should we Learn , or: The question is really about the specific tools that would make sense to learn today in order to be a valuable eLearning professional in 2015? There are many tools not listed, so explore and ask others for recommendations.

Blogging Inside or Outside the Corporate Firewall

Tony Karrer

Stephen Downes commented on my recent post - Personal Work and Learning Environments (PWLE) - More Discussion and said - I am opposed to the trend coming from the corporate learning side of the house to treat PLEs as work tools. I don't personally think this is the right direction for individuals and in my recent presentations on eLearning 2.0 , I suggested in my examples for what this looks like in a corporate environment that people use a tool like Blogger.

How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business

Luis Suarez

Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Metablogging Personal KM Social Computing Work Life IntegrationCurating good, relevant content that matters to you is just such a wonderful thing!

Firewalls and Security in Software as a Service

Tony Karrer

Tools - A Summary - was general consensus around: Software as a Service is Great for Learning Professionals inside Corporations Firewall restrictions still pose a problem for SOME services Security is a concern, but generally should not stop use The reason that Software as a Service is so attractive is that it is often hard to get Corporate IT to spend time on getting even simple software packages set-up and even harder to get them to agree to support these packages.

Community Management Fundamentals – Where Do I Start?

Luis Suarez

So today I am putting a remedy to that and will start sharing the odd blog post from now onwards on what I strongly believe it’s one of the major drivers of social software tools adoption , both inside and outside of the firewall.

Enterprise 2.0 – A Joyful Definition

Luis Suarez

and its adoption behind the firewall, been feeling we have been doing far too much juggling to make it all work altogether nicely and without losing our sanity along the way? Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Social Enterprise

Four Principles for the Open World by Don Tapscott #hippie2.0

Luis Suarez

Here they are … The Four Princples for the Open World : Collaboration : Essentially, we are consciously evolving into a new business world, as well as a society, where there are no longer any boundaries in / throughout organizations, where the firewall (Even our very own personal one!)

Connecting with Communities of Practice

Harold Jarche

This often has to be done behind the firewall to protect competitive secrets. This means working outside the firewall on the wide open Web. Communities of Practice, supported by skilled community managers and appropriate knowledge-sharing tools can bridge these two areas.

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary

Tony Karrer

You can find out more about the course itself from the Wiki at: [link] The basic structure of the course was: Six weeks long, each week had a one-hour virtual classroom session First two weeks were introductions to the tools and to collaborative learning Middle three weeks were the design (as a team) of collaborative learning projects, facilitation/participation in projects. However, I found little value over using separate tools such as Yahoo Groups and a PBWiki.

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part One

Luis Suarez

One of the things that Euan thinks we have gone ashtray with when talking about the huge potential of the Social Web and that we have started to miss big time on is having grown-up conversations, for us to start using these social tools for serious things, for things that matter.

State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey by Chess Media Group

Luis Suarez

experiences behind the firewall. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Social ComputingIf you have been following the #e20 and #socbiz hash tags in Twitter over the last few days (You should!,

Corporate Social Bookmarking Tools

Tony Karrer

I was just asked on twitter about use social bookmarking tools that work behind the firewall. Here are the social bookmarking tools that I commonly cite in presentations: BEA Pathways Cogenz Connectbeam - perl based, very similar to I thought I had blogged about this before, but I'm not finding the post.

IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 Highlights – Get Social, Do Business!

Luis Suarez

social software tools and their adoption; and, eventually, the new buzzword: Social Business. Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing Travelling

Why Blogging Still Matters

Luis Suarez

Specially, for one particular use case, that one where I am thinking about sharing a thought or two across that I would want to come back to over time, something that it’s proved to be quite a challenge in multiple other social networking tools, due to poor quality search capabilities.

BlueIQ at IBM Finally Goes External!

Luis Suarez

So, as I am ramping up the last few hours of my holidays, yesterday afternoon I found out, through my colleagues, that, after a long while, our IBM Social Software Internal Adoption Program is now ready to transcend the firewall and go external. ( Note: You see?

The Emerging Data Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Beyond their use in operations, the information generated by these various applications was collected in data warehouses , and a variety of business intelligence tools were used to analyze the data and generate management reports.

Data 102

The Hybrid Experiment

Luis Suarez

the less and less time you seem to make for your own blogging efforts and general engagement with social tools. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Metablogging Personal KM Productivity Tools Work Life Integration

Technologies for collaboration and cooperation

Harold Jarche

Some web tools hinder communication while others may enable it. I find the model useful to look at what kinds of social tools are most suitable for the type of collaboration or cooperation we’re trying to foster.

Connectivity – The Achilles Heel of Remote Knowledge Web Work

Luis Suarez

IBM Innovation Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools #elsuasworkbook A-World-Without-Email Life-Without-eMail

The Illusion of Control

Luis Suarez

workers revert back to making extensive use of one of the most harmful and damaging siloed tools within the business world that has ever existed, i.e. corporate email.

The Smart Worker : recognises she learns to do her job as she does her job

Jane Hart

And by using these tools they are also frequently by-passing the L&D and IT departments, as my analysis of the Top 100 Tools 2010 activity, Top tools for learning, emerging trends , pointed out.

Organizational Knowledge Mastery?

Clark Quinn

And yes, the experiments can be outside the firewall, trying new things with customers and visitors and reading reactions, but that’s still in the realms of the understood or expected. And so while big data is a powerful tool, I think there’s something more required. If you don’t have those right, big data won’t give big insights, and if you do, big data is just one of your tools.

Web 2.0 Tools in the Enterprise

Tony Karrer

Then I saw Bill Ives Is Blogging Inside the Firewall an Oxymoron? Not really - see Use of Wikis as Compared to Other Tools. I first saw Andrew McAffee's post on uses of Web 2.0 approaches inside of corporations - quite good at identifying some different patterns.

Social Business in 2013 – A Challenge

Luis Suarez

Whether businesses are still blocking the use of social networks behind the firewall empowering inadvertently their knowledge workers to make that assumption (and rightly so!)

The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands

Luis Suarez

A few weeks ago I put together the attached article for CMSWire where I tried to reflect on what I feel is the number #1 challenge for today’s corporations in terms of embracing a much more open, transparent, knowledge sharing culture through the emergence of social technologies behind the firewall. And because it’s happening inside the firewall, the vast majority of knowledge workers don’t notice.