Drip-feed training (an online workshop)

Jane Hart

Next public online workshop runs 3 – 21 August 2015 When it comes to online learning, you don’t necessarily have to provide a course in one package. You could chunk it up and deliver it over an extended period of time (weeks or even months) on a daily or weekly basis.

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Feed Your Creativity: The Palate Cleanser Project

Adaptive Path

You're about halfway through your project. You've done everything right. The project plan is going swimmingly and you've entered the design phase. Fast forward a few weeks later and you are slowly losing interest. Creativity is ebbing. Your attention span starts to wane.

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Feed your head

Mind Hacks

LiveScience has a spectacularly bad article that covers the toxicology results of Rudy Eugene, the ‘Miami cannibal’ who was immediately labelled as being high on ‘ bath salts ‘ and was predictably, not high on bath salts. But don’t let the Parp!

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How technological and social change are feeding on each other in an accelerating spiral

Ross Dawson

In my recent keynotes I have frequently used variations on my Transformation of Business framework , which looks at how Technology Drivers and Social Drivers lead to a changed Business Landscape , and in turn New Drivers of Success.

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Seed, feed, & weed

Clark Quinn

Using the gardener or landscaper metaphor, yesterday I said that networks need seeding, feeding, and weeding. Feed : you can’t just put in place, you have to nurture the network. In my presentation yesterday, I was talking about how to get informal learning going. As many have noted, it’s about moving from a notion of being a builder, handcrafting (or mass-producing) solutions, to being a facilitator, nurturing the community to develop it’s own capabilities.

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Serialized Feeds

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A serialized feed is one in which posts are arranged in a linear order and where subscribers always begin with the first post, no matter when they subscribe to the feed. This contrasts with an ordinary RSS feed, in which a subscriber will begin with today's post, no matter when the feed started. The idea of serialized feeds has been around for a while. And Russell Beattie offers serialized books via his Mobdex serialized feeds system.


The Berkman bloggers feed

David Weinberger

Like a fool, until Rebecca Tabasky told me, I didn’t realize that the Berkman Center aggregates blog posts from its fellows and friends and makes them available here.

Change Your RSS Feed?

Tony Karrer

A while ago, I created a feedburner feed for this blog so I could add lots of stuff to the feed - most importantly I publish a daily summary of my new del.icio.us It appears that most people still point to my Blogspot feed. I would suggest that readers of this blog might want to change over to the FeedBurner feed to get this added functionality: [link

Drip-feed training (an online workshop)

Jane Hart

[This workshop is one in a series on modernising training content] Next public online workshop runs 3 – 21 August 2015 When it comes to online learning, you don’t necessarily have to provide a course in one package. You could chunk it up and deliver it over an extended period of time (weeks or even months) […]. Social learning

Blog Post: Follow my Twitter Feeds

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen I have three Twitter feeds. Follow: DavidGurteen if you wish to track my personal feed that I use to point to interesting stuff, keep people updated on where I am, what I am doing, thinking etc. The last two feeds, Gurteen Quotes and GurteenNews and automated Tweets fed by RSS feeds from my website.


Managing your RSS Feeds

Tony Karrer

Coming back from my vacation, I realized that I needed to go through a clean up exercise again on my RSS feeds. Animal House Style Managing Many RSS Feeds The Myth of Keeping Up Personal Learning for Learning Professionals - Using Web 2.0 Scanning Feeds Folder I also subscribe to a couple of specialized scanning feeds, e.g., citations to my blog, topics of interest, etc. The same is true of RSS feeds.


Feed the Habit: Digital Multitasking

Adaptive Path

This raises an important issue: should we design for multitasking behavior, or are we feeding a habit that is a gateway to distraction and overall work inefficiency? During a recent research and strategy project at Adaptive Path, our team uncovered a fascinating pattern around media multitasking—most participants between 20 and 30 years of age watched TV or movies while engaging with laptops, iPads, and smart phones.

Full vs Partial Feeds

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to Dan Lockton : Not all feeds are designed to spread the article-length content of blogs. One of my own feeds , for example, will at first glance resemble a partial feed. On closer examination, my feed turns out to be linking to longer posts from other sites. Imagine what the web would have looked had the default in blog posts and RSS feeds been as it was originally used, to point to someone else's site.


Do You Sociate? » Mini-Feed’s not in Wikipedia

Jerry Michalski

Why You Should Provide Full Feeds (especially on Blogger)

Tony Karrer

Someone pointed out that many bloggers use partial feeds which forces readers to their blog. I started with full feeds and then found myself curious about who my readers were. Ah, so to fix that I decided to change my feed to a partial feed so you only get the first paragraph. What I've learned since: Partial feeds are annoying as a blog reader, so I was being annoying providing a partial feed.


Blogs, Automated Translations, and a Better Site Feed

Tony Karrer

Of course, this then raised the question - can't I add this to my feeds? Well, I blew it a long time ago and didn't point everyone to my feedburner feed. Using FeedBurner , I can add lots of fun stuff to the feed and I've turned on publishing a daily summary of my del.icio.us I would suggest that readers of this blog might want to change over to the FeedBurner feed to get these added functions: [link

Must reads from July 2014

Jane Hart

Every day I receive hundreds of new posts and articles in my Feedly stream.

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seeking and sense-making

Harold Jarche

Many of us subscribe to newspapers, magazines, web feeds, blogs, and other forms of push information. I use Feedly to organize my web feeds and Diigo to capture what I find on the web. How do you make sense of your work?

RSS Changeover Day Experiences

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Clean and fast, and loading content without obvious difficulties (though it''s reporting ''no content found'' on a number of feeds, reflecting the fact that it is still loading data from the world). Also, it displays every feed, whether or not there are any new items.

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Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Jane Hart

But I do prefer to use … TWEETDECK rather than the web interface – where I’ve set up different columns for my news feed, mentions, hashtags I follow, etc. I also couldn’t do without FEEDLY – my RSS reader – where I aggregate well over 300 blog and website feeds.

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custom pkm workshops

Harold Jarche

PKM feeds working out loud and organizational knowledge management. Do you need to develop and support a digitally savvy workforce that can continuously learn?

PKM 31

Aggregation Workflow in gRSShopper

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Go to the 'add feed' page. If you are not logged in with a user account, log in - click on the link provided on the page, go to the login screen, then click on 'return to where you were' to return to the 'add feed' page. I have found registration to be absolutely necessary, otherwise you get flooded with a slew of marketing feeds). Fill in the feed information on the page - feed name, URL, optional description. For the feed administrator: 1.

top tools 2017

Harold Jarche

3: Feedly: A feed reader, or aggregator, to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS. Jane Hart compiles a list every year of the Top 100 Tools for learning. This is the 11th year! Voting closes on 22 September 2017.

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New Book: Aha! 75 Ways to Work Smarter

Jay Cross

explains self-assessment, setting goals, dealing with feeds and flows, improving retention, curation, working out loud, social learning, and more. My new book, Aha!, is for all those people we’ve made responsible for their own learning. This is the missing manual.

MOOC Statistics Thus Far

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Feeds' is the number of blogs submitted by course participants and harvested by the feed reader. It includes active feeds only Here's what we have for participation rates in the #Change11 MOOC this far. Persons' are people who have registered for the course. The gap between persons and subscriptions is the number of people who signed up for the course but unsubscribed to the newsletter.'Subscriptions' Subscriptions' is the number of people subscribing to the daily newsletter.'Feeds'

Price of Real Learning going from $2.99 to $6.99

Jay Cross

Casting your net into the feeds and flow to extract the good stuff. The price of the pdf version of Real Learning will increase from $2.99 to $6.99 on October 25th, a week from today. Buy enough for your team now. At $2.99

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stevenberlinjohnson.com: Live SBJ

Steven Berlin Johnson

Coming next: links to all my non-FEED writing since the late 90s. And maybe after that, fingers crossed, the complete FEED archives restored. Subscribe to this blogs feed Blog powered by TypePad

Three types of KM

Harold Jarche

These feed into Big KM, institutional knowledge. It would be very easy for an organizational curator to weave together the narrative threads from all employees, thus feeding into a Big KM system.

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Doc Searls Weblog · Why Mitt Romney is losing

Doc Searls

Doc Searls Weblog Home About Subscribe to feed ‹ Heavy weather • Better than any obituary › Why Mitt Romney is losing January 4, 2008 in News | No comments Follow the podcast link here.

“No one gets fired for buying ….

Dave Snowden

I told him the truth, I had read all of their material so I knew how to answer the questions, how to feed them material in a form that matched a pattern of investment rather than a close down or milk for cash. … IBM” was a standard adage a few decades ago.

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Next year your entire desk will be a computer control device

Ross Dawson

Software and device vendor ExoPC has announced EXOdesk, a computer interface that will be laid on your desk, offering digital keyboards, a variety of colorful keypads, sortable RSS feeds, and even a piano, as shown below.

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Etiquette for sharing

Harold Jarche

For example, if your site exports its RSS feed using something like Google’s Feedburner, then the link people click on in their aggregators has extra information attached; so you can be tracked. I appreciate full feeds and clean URL’s as a reader.

15 essentials for successful learning

Jay Cross

Provide feeds for what’s going on in the team, the department, the company, the industry, and technical disciplines. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” ” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance.

Ascent from Social Media

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

What they're trying to do is to insert themselves into my news feed. My news feed is where I read the messages my friends and family have posted. They're just inserted into my feed. And while (in theory) I can block messages from a specific source, I can't keep them out of my feed altogether. All this - the clickbait and spam and sponsored posts and advertising - is inserted into my feed instead of the observations and comments from my friends.

100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)

Jane Hart

Here are 100 Twitter feeds to follow for philomaths, the curious and those who would like to improve their general knowledge – from both institutions and individuals – some with a twist and many that will bring you a daily dose of learning! A philomath is a lover of learning.

popular posts

Harold Jarche

I read other blogs through a feed reader, the current one being Feedly. Feedly also provides information on how popular a post is, though it does not disclose how this is determined.

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Starting to work out loud

Harold Jarche

Aggregate: Driving as many information sources as possible through a feed reader such as Google Reader or Feedly , saves time and helps stay organized. It’s amazing how many people do not understand RSS or how to grab a feed and save it.

My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #13

Luis Suarez

In terms of themes, in case you may be wondering, this week we have got Business (Task Management), Productivity (RSS News Feed Readers, Mindmapping, Curation) and, finally, as usual, Photography. Fiery Feeds : Ok, on to the next one. I am talking about Fiery Feeds.

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Exploring the business behind digital media’s invisibility cloaks

Doc Searls

You can see how this works on Wall Street Journal ‘s Blue Feed, Red Feed page. Here’s a screen shot of the feed for “Hillary Clinton” (one among eight polarized topics): Both invisible to the other.

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Internet Time Blog » Photos of 2008

Jay Cross