[nextweb] The Open Source Bank of Brewster

David Weinberger

Brewster wants to show us how to build on free and open software. Stahlman tried to keep the open code feature-compatible, but it couldn’t be done. Open Source doesn’t work well there. I’m at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

Using an Open Source Platform to Meet Online Learning Goals

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Compare to the open source branding, where students are tweeting ‘thanks Stanford’, not the platform. There is a wide range of approaches – Coursera and Udacity are for-profit platforms, Moodlerooms is commercial offering an open platform, etc. We’ve seen requests from faculty for more LMS-like features. I’d like to see an ecosystem of third-party providers that host open-source platforms.

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Sueetie -.NET Open Source Online Community Development

Nancy White

My Vermont buddie, Dave Burke , was tantalizing me last September with the kit of open source.net tools he was blending into a community platform. Sueetie: The Future in.NET Open Source Online Community Development - Home Page. I also enjoyed the Manifesto: Sueetie is a movement that promotes the creation of online communities using.NET Open Source software. Sueetie developers write original code or leverage code from Open Source resources.

Harold Jarche » Open Source for the “R” Word

Harold Jarche

Where are open source learning applications?

Tony Karrer

Good post by Harold Jarche - Where are open source learning applications? In it he points to the learning space and says that the current status of open-source learning applications is: Innovators - Elgg Learning Landscape and several others Early Adopters - Moodle and a few others Early Majority - nobody Late Majority - forget about it I would tend to agree with him that there are relatively few open-source learning applications, but would add a few thoughts.

"Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine)

Mark Oehlert

The article begins with a definition of digital library approaches and features, examines ways in which open source and social software applications can serve to fill digital library roles, and presents a case study of the use of blogging software as a public interface to a project called Digital Forsyth, a grant-funded project involving three institutions in Forsyth County, NC. ( LINK ).

My Moodle Test


Home > Learning Technologies , Standards > My Moodle Test My Moodle Test October 9th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment Talk has been heating up lately regarding the use of open source versus proprietary systems for learning. Sophia Peters provides another interesting post entitled Deciding Between Open Source and Proprietary Software? once people get past their initial fears and the stigma, the Open Source learning development community will grow exponentially.”

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Top Ten AntiSpyware Apps from CNET | Main | Semi-Daily Quote/Lyric/Words of Others » March 26, 2008 "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine) ( LINK ) "This article investigates the use of social software applications indigital library environments.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Prism for Firefox: Run Web Sites/Apps w/out a whole big browser getting in the way.

Mark Oehlert

Excerpt from the Ars article: "Prism makes it possible to launch web sites from the desktop and loadthem into a simple browser window without all of the extra features andfunctionality of a regular browser.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Big Basket of Stuff #3.the last for today.and short

Mark Oehlert

Main | The World Continues to Get Spikier, not Flatter » March 05, 2008 Big Basket of Stuff #3.the last for today.and short Adobes Kevin Lynch on AIRs Open-Source Road to the Desktop (WIRED):"This week, Adobe released version 1.0 Every conference call becomes a Facebook event complete with invites, attendees, calendar entry, reminders, plus SMS and moderation features.

stevenberlinjohnson.com: Games and the iPhone

Steven Berlin Johnson

stevenberlinjohnson.com « Brooks/Cheney | Main | The Silent Room Tone » Games and the iPhone Two quick thoughts on the iPhone announcement today: First, anopen question: does this mean the only way you can do over-the-airsyncing of calendar events and contacts (a feature I really, reallywant) is by connecting to an Exchange server? That would be prettyintense if Apple limited a crucial feature exclusively to users of aMicrosoft product.

leadership through cooperation

Harold Jarche

An open source approach to sharing research seems to be the optimal model for rapid knowledge transfer. Reinforce the power of scientific collaboration and the open-sourcing of global threats.

Learning Tools Directory 2011

Jane Hart

In terms of pricing, others have changed their pricing models, with some now only providing a “lite&# version for free with pricing plans for more functionality, whereas others are offering free, open source versions – notably a couple of the LMS vendors.

Reflections on Linux and Mainframes

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In my opinion, the most important part of the announcement is LinuxONE’s support of the advanced encryption features that have been built into the latest mainframes models, enabling them to support up to 8,000 highly secure Linux systems in one machine. .

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Hey buddy, can you spare $1600?

Mark Oehlert

"As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Seafood Selector from the Environmental Defense Fund | Main | Check out Spore on the iPhone!

[berkman] Dries Buytaert: Drupal and sustaining collaborative efforts

David Weinberger

Drupal is an open source content manager, Dries says. Today he’s going to talk about: history, open source, community, the evolution of software, and how to grow and sustain it. as open source, as “a full-featured content management/discussion engine…suitable to setup a news-driven comunity or portal site similar to kuro5hin.org and slashdot.org” (as it said in the original annoucement). Open Source.

Drupal 146

Moodle Course Conversion

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Moodle is an open source course management system with a wide following. The Open University in the UK uses it to support 200,000 distance learners. My friends at CV&A in Spain have implemented Moodle to support informal learning in numerous corporations.

Course 117

Top 10 Tools for Learning

Harold Jarche

The live Hangouts feature is a killer app, in my opinion. I like the feature that automatically creates images in multiple sizes. 7: Gimp : An open source (free) image manipulation tool is very helpful for presentations and papers.

Tools 218

From “learning technologies” to “social technologies”

Jane Hart

With the growing interest in “social business”, an increasing number of organisations are replacing (or upgrading their existing intranets) with new social and collaboration platforms, with key features like.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Kindle.The Universal Textbook?

Mark Oehlert

Not a bad feature list. Again this is first gen and just like with the iPhone, I'm sure there is a software/firmware upgrade path to add some of this features.

The Future of Learning Management Systems: Development, Innovation and Change

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But over time the LMS companies began adding features, sometimes of questionable value. But these are features that are ‘bolted on’. Feldstein’s law: over time any ed tech application adds features and looks like a poorly designed LMS. Comment: has there been less feature bloat?

System 192

From learning to working technologies

Harold Jarche

They are purchasing one of their first learning management systems (LMS) and are focused on features & functions, which is usually a large shopping list provided by a variety of constituents. Some are considering open source (OS) as an option to their costly systems.

This kids, is why hallucinogenics and the internet don’t mix

George Siemens

I had to do a quick double take on this article (first, to determine if it was April 1, anywhere in the world): Evolution Unbound: Blackboard embraces open source. This is what I imagine the experience would be like if one dropped hallucinogenics and browsed the web – a feeling of incredulity and weird confusion that can only come from time and reality being featured in a will it blend video. I’m not surprised that Blackboard is interested in openness.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Recent Podcasts from Harvard and Wesley Freyer on Innovation, Learning Orgs and IP

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « The World Continues to Get Spikier, not Flatter | Main | Netvibes Ginger - Promote on Blog Feature test » March 06, 2008 Recent Podcasts from Harvard and Wesley Freyer on Innovation, Learning Orgs and IP HBR IdeaCast 80: Where Does Strategic Innovation Come From?

Knowledge is the network

David Weinberger

If anyone notices and thinks the feature is a good idea, they’ll re-write my bit from the ground up.* Without the “show source&# button on browsers, the ability to create HTML pages would have been left in the hands of HTML Professionals.

Is the Blockchain Now Reaching a Tipping Point?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The WEF report compared the blockchain to the Internet, noting that “Like the Internet, the blockchain is an open, global infrastructure upon which other technologies and applications can be built.

Tips 207

Serverless Computing - An Innovative Approach to Software Development

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

There’s also an open-source serverless platform, Apache OpenWhisk , on which IBM’s offerings are based, as well as those from other vendors. I n October of 2008, The Economist published a special report on a then relatively new, rapidly growing IT development, - cloud computing.

Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Drupal & Hosted Drupal Newspapers Running on Drupal This is a demo site showcasing newspapers running on Drupal, a popular open source content management system. CMS, templates, classifieds, and cloud hosting, among other features. The usual stories, classifieds, layout editor, user management and discussion list, RSS support, and sections, no indication of social features.

Technology Stewardship in Action

Nancy White

Joyce has matched activities a teacher might want to support with the various tools and features of Moodle. It shows both deep knowledge and subtlety of use of Moodle. ( [link] – an open source learning/classroom platform).

A twisty path to Chrome in the enterprise

David Weinberger

A couple of days I heard a speech by Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra at the Open Government Innovations conference (#ogi to your Twitter buffs). The very first item on his list of priorities might be moon-sized when it comes to enterprise IT: Support open standards. So, suppose the government requires contractors and employees to use applications that save content in open standards. Vivek Kundra switched tens of thousands of DC employees to open source apps for this reason.)

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Developing iWitness

Adaptive Path

Over the course of three days, we agreed to domain language, identified key concepts for the project, drew wireframes, and pulled together a set of features that were essential to verifying the intended direction of the project.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

The open source WordPress software is also available to download and install on company servers. For example, Intelpedia was set up using the open source MediaWiki software that is used to power Wikipedia itself.

Tools 279

Why Blockchains Could Transform How the Economy Works

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The October 31 issue of The Economist featured the blockchain in its cover : “The Trust Machine: How the technology behind Bitcoin could change the world.” Everyone was using the same standards, including open source implementations of key protocols.

Issues 253

February Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

Nancy White

Best of Mobile Learning February 1, 2010 to February 28, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

List 130

Platforms Are Not Created Equal: Harnessing the Full Potential of Platforms

John Hagel

  Here, we can think about open source software platforms like Linux or Apache.    But, in that example, the individual fax machine is a static resource – its features and functions are a given and don’t change as the number of fax machines multiplies.   What if each fax machine acquired more features and functions as it connected with more fax machines? What if its features multiplied at a faster rate as more fax machines joined the network?

Custom LMS Anymore?

Tony Karrer

What are some features that they might not be thinking about that people will be asking for in the near future? Is it a good idea to start with an open source LMS ? Are there any open source LMS on those technologies? Happy new year. I took some time off from blogging over the holidays. I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. To help me get moving, I just posted Storyboard Templates and iPhones – Best of December 2009 over on eLearning Learning.

Taking sides with Droid: Hippies vs. Geeks

David Weinberger

Droid is Motorola’s competitor to the iPhone, based on Google’s open source Android operating system. But Droid isn’t just going against iPhone’s features. For example, at Verizon’s “ Droid Does &# page, if you click on “Open Development,&# the message is: Droid doesn’t judge app makers. I’m finding the cultural politics of Droid ’s marketing to be fascinating.

Showing the World

Clark Quinn

the architectural or engineering features of a building or structure. The systems exist: Layar commercially, ARIS in the open source space (with different capabilities). One of the positive results of investigations into making work more effective has been the notion of transparency, which manifests as either working and learning ‘ out loud ‘, or in calls to Show Your Work.

On cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all that

Doc Searls

It was released as open-source software in 2009. “An open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements.

How a Hosted LMS Promotes Online Corporate Learning


These include open-source, proprietary, cloud-based, and fully hosted. Various fully hosted LMS features help company leaders assign learners to specific courses. These features also track learners’ progress throughout the duration of a course.

Instant private micro-sharing

Harold Jarche

Status.net , based on open source software, offers a range of options, some free and some fee. Status.net – I like it; though I haven’t figured out the automatic URL shortening feature yet.

Yammer 180

A treasure hunt for the mysteries of mind and brain

Mind Hacks

Next we tell you about the treasure – some surprising or interesting feature of the mind and brain which is the core experience of the book. Science is naturally an open-source phenomenon, so it feels good to be doing some open source science writing.

eBook 68

Learning Electron - Part 2

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Integrating Frameworks One of the features that attracted me to Electron was the possibility of working with application frameworks I already knew, and in particular, jQuery and Bootstrap. It also has a lot of interactivity, doing things like opening tabs and launching modal windows.

Module 221