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Martian Dougiamas on Moodle

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

progressive: communication based pedagogies, comment developed modules, drag and drop UIs, mobile platfors, innovative workflows, integration media, etc. The approach now is for Moodle HQ to focus on a platform, such that other people can build modules on top of it. There is still a need for some very detailed features that are not available for free around the internet.

Module 186

Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services - Day 1

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

SD - it seems ridiculous to be talking about the 'similarity' of concepts absent any sort of context - similarity depends entirely on salience - because Bhavsar, by using taxonomy trees to measure similarity, is using a 'distance' measure of similarity he is unable to account for salience - see Amos Tversky, Features of Similarity). Thus we can develop a workflow ontology in OWL. So ontology modules can be efficiently interchanged. Diagram of 'requirements' module).

Module 100